Cycling Through U.S. Army Base // Ep.4 Unicycling Across America

Cycling Through U.S. Army Base // Ep.4 Unicycling Across America

Last time, Corbin joined me to ride a section of the West Coast, to a harbor called Moss Landing. We headed out sailing on his boat, and came within a few hundred meters of some whales. Southwards, I followed the coast for a few more miles, before cutting inland over a 2700 foot pass, towards Bakersfield. It was on the other side of this pass, where I started to consider where I was gonna sleep that night. I’d been informed that Fort Hunter Liggett Military Facility was up ahead, and at the road I was following bizarrely, pass straight through it. Really not wanting to get caught out in the middle of some late night live-fire training session, I decided that the sensible thing to do was stop a mile or so before the entrance, and make my way into the woods to camp. Not wanting to get spotted, I moved as fast as I could through the brambles. Ed: Bugger! 🎵I’m riding on a one man wheel powered custom built analog custom built 36″ unicycle across the🎵 🎵U S A🎵 🎵I never know what the hell I’m gonna get myself into to todaaaaaaaaaaaaa🎵 My name’s Ed, and I’m riding a unicycle around the world. Join me on this series, as I attempt to cycle 4,000 miles across the United States of America. *intro* Ed: I’m okay! Don’t worry! Ed: Cheers man! Ed: Cheers dude! Ed: You too! Relieved that he haven’t come to tell me off, I carried on down to the river, and discovered this amazing place to camp. Oh dear! Wow! Looking back, I realized just how special this campsite was. Frequently while cycle touring, you just have to settle for somewhere unideal to camp, just to get some rest. This is something special! heh So, it’s certainly not every evening that you stumble across an area as perfect as this. Wow! Oh. I think I’ve got to uh, Whoooa! Yea, that’ll do. That’ll do. It was a warm evening, so I was certainly in no rush to get to bed. I quietly cooked up my pestering carrots, sat down in the porch of my tent, Switched off my torch, and settled in for the starry light show above. The next morning I pushed on to the military base. The road through it only ended up being about two miles. And apart from seeing an assault course, A helicopter, and a few armored vehicles, it was all pretty uneventful. After exiting the base, I decided to make the most of the quiet road I was on, to attempt a little drone flying, unicycle riding, multitasking. Having not yet tried out the automatic tracking, I took the Spark up, and began a quick test. This first attempt left quite a lot to be desired, Even with me riding at a crawl, the drone didn’t seem to be able to keep up, and the footage was super jittery due to The auto tracking trying to keep me in center frame. I concluded that to get usable shots in the future, I’d need to fly it manually; operating the drone and trying not to fall off my unicycle at the same time. But due to the limited battery life and flight time, this test would have to wait. Onwards, I passed through the tiny town of Lockwood, and visited the local store to restock with bread, butter, and cheese. It was surprisingly expensive, at twelve dollars for the lot. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get the little bit of food from these small little places, and it’s always more expensive. But whatever, you know, I need to eat. I’m burning a lot of calories doing this! And I’m not paying for accommodation, I’m just camping out. And I don’t plan to pay for accommodation for my whole trip across America either. I’m just gonna either stay with people, or camp. That’s the plan. So I’ve got a little bit of extra pocket money for food, which is a good thing. Anyway, Very much enjoying it out here. *intro* I just want to quickly interrupt this video, and thank everyone that’s currently supporting me on Patreon. if you didn’t know, you can go over there and you can watch my videos a week early! And I want to say a particularly big Thank You to Kentaro Sekino, Andrew Thomas, Kelli Jackson, Mark Parris, and Elijah LeJander. You’re supporting me on the third tier level, which means that I say your name in this last segment. So thank you very much. Whoooo! All right. Dark now obviously, just turned up a place called Hames Valley Grange Hall, And I just phoned up the owner and asked if I could camp here, he said yeah, so I’m gonna camp here. It’s getting pretty chilly! There has been a development, Greg just called, and he said that I can camp in the hall. So that’s really nice of him. Thank you Greg, if you’re ever watching this. Means I get a bit of a warmer night because I’m actually pretty surprised how cold it is outside. I mean, I know it’s February, but it hasn’t been that cold yet. So I guess I’m entering colder weather- I mean, I’ve climbed up quite high, So I mean, that’s probably why. But there we are! Warmer night in a hall tonight! Greg also invited me to use the hall’s washing machine. What a great guy! After bunging in all my rags, I made the most of the evening by sitting down to stitch up a small hole in my pannier. Don’t know if you can see that, just there. I’ll do a close up. But yeah, I mean, all my equipment is just starting to fall apart, my tent zips are starting to fail, my bags are ripping, It’s got to a point now, where it’s really not- I mean it’s only six months of the trip left, if that. Maybe five. And it’s just got to the point where this just- it’s not worth replacing stuff anymore. I’m just having to really just patch it and just jerry-rig stuff to get me back home, but it’s not a big deal. But yeah, this is a thing that, if I leave it It’s just gonna get worse and worse and that’s gonna be a bigger job when I eventually do get around to doing it. Before I left on this trip like over three years- Well, yeah Probably about three years ago now, I got in touch with a guy called Cary Grey and he lives in the US, I think he’s from Baltimore, and he had done a lot of unicycle touring, and still is doing a lot of unicycle touring. And I got in touch with him, because on his website He said he might be able to build some custom unicycle bags, and these ones were really good, he sent them in the post, They’re just fabric bags exactly like these ones, and They lasted me until Kyrgyzstan, and they were still okay, but they were start to fall apart a little bit like these ones are, So I got them replaced, I found a little old lady in in Bishkek, in Osh Bazaar in Bishkek, and She made me some new ones, so I got the material, and she made me some new ones to the exact same design. But the original design that Carrie made, they’re brilliant. And I hope to meet him! I mean, I’m in the US, He’s in the US, so hopefully at some point in the next four months, we’ll cross paths. But I know he’s kind of moving around a bit and, It might not work out, but it’d be great to meet him and kind of talk unicycle touring. Cause as far as I know, me and him probably done, You know, the most unicycle touring out of anyone in the world, so that’s quite exciting. So it’d be nice to be able meet him. Anyway, but that’s where I got my bags originally, that’s where the design came from, So get in touch with him if you want unicycle bags. I know that’s a very niche market, but I’m sure there’s a few people out there That are thinking of unicycle touring, and if you’re thinking about it, You should do it. And you should get in touch with him and he can make you some bags. Mad! Right, okay, let’s get these stitched! Revitalized from the toasty night in the hall, I carried on southeast across California. Initially following Highway 101, But soon became bored of the constant dinner of the trucks, so opted for a much more peaceful route across ranch land. Traveling on loose tracks over the hills, was of course much tougher going. But I’ll take the trade-off of zero traffic and gorgeous scenery any day of the week. Bobby: Oh my goodness! Ed: I gotta film this. How’s it going man? Bobby: Yeah, when it’s the first time I meet you, I just feel you’re a kind of familiar person to me. Ed: A what person? Bobby: Familiar. Ed: Familiar? Oh okay! Bobby: You’re familiar. You’re from England, you’re traveled across and you know, Europe, East Europe, and China, and Australia, and New Zealand, and finally made it over here! Bobby: I just cannot believe it! Ed: Bobby have been following my journey online, and amazingly had driven all the way out from LA just to find me. Bobby: US is very different than Europe. Bobby: So this is what you’ll see here. Ed: Ah, it’s fantastic! With these- this road is amazing. Bobby: Yeah! I have a bicycle here. Ed: Yea. Bobby: I’d like to find a place I can park my car. Ed: Yeah. Bobby: I will ride with you for a while. Ed: Yeah! Bobby: Okay? Ed: Let’s do it! Ed: While we pedaled together along Petroleum Highway, Bobby, who’s ridden many miles in this part of the country, Ed: Gave me a few words of advice for my desert crossing ahead. Bobby: When you’re in Bakersfield, I’d like to offer you a hotel stay. Ed: Okay, that’s very kind of you. I can’t- I’m staying with somebody in Bakersfield. Bobby: Oh is that right?- I already Ed: But, Thank you, you know? Bobby: Okay, I’m just thinking you’ll probably need a place to get into the Internet, You probably need a place to wash, you’ll probably need a place to rest, and need a place to get yourself ready for Bobby: Going further east, because that is going to be tough and tough. Ed: Do you think so? Bobby: Yeah. Ed: But what do you think’s gonna be tough about it? Bobby: The tough about is you’re going through the desert. Ed: Hmm. Bobby: OK? Death Valley, Nevada, whatever, you’re gonna see miles and miles; nobody’s there! Bobby: Cold in the morning, potentially hot in the day, but it could also be windy, low humidity, Bobby: So its just, you know, you may have a battle. Bobby: So there’s all kinds of variables there. Ed: And with those lightly sobering words, This is where I’m leaving you for this installment. Tune in next time to see if Bobby’s predictions come to fruition. If you’re feeling impatient, and can’t wait for next week’s video, You’re in luck. Because the next episode is available right now on my Patreon. And if you’re feeling really Impatient, you can head over to Vimeo and watch the entire ‘Ed Unicycles the USA’ series from start to finish, Over there. Your support is greatly appreciated. 🎵Well, this old thing ain’t built for speed, but I love my trusty dusty steed🎵 🎵It’ll get me around the world soon, then I’ll try a full moon🎵 🎵I know my route is roundabout, but I sure as hell don’t have a doubt, It’ll get me where I’m going,🎵 🎵As the wind is blowing. I’m well aware of dangers out there, and it’s not that I don’t care…🎵

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