Cycling Without Age – Bikes for the World

Cycling Without Age – Bikes for the World

Hi, I’m Ole Kassow, and I am the founder of Cycling Without Age and I’m out cycling with Thorkild, my
friend, who is 97 I met Thorkild two and a half years
ago when I was cycling to work and I saw him sitting on a bench and I
thought he would probably enjoy cycling and he probably did when he was
a young man and so one day I hired a rickshaw and I started taking
the residents from a local nursing home out for rides and it was such a joy both for me and
for the residents we kept doing it and it inspired lots of
people around Copenhagen and then very soon in cities all around Denmark. In just
two and a half years after that first ride with Thorkild, Cycling Without Age has spread from one pilot and one bike to
300 locations in 2000 volunteer pilots in Denmark and Norway which means that
twenty thousand elderly people now have the opportunity to strike up
new friendships and once again be part of their local
community. Now we need your help to bring Cycling Without Age to your city. Because now that Ole Kassow has started this project with rickshaws then now we suddenly get a completely
different life because we are being counted. When
you’re an old person and you are put into nursing home and
perhaps even lost your relatives or your spouse, this is going to have a
negative effect very often on your mental health. The
most important thing is to bring young people and old people together. the first time I tried biking in a rickshaw I didn’t… I had no idea what I was doing,
but afterwards I just felt so energetic. I biked with a man who lost his wife some months ago, and he was looking for his wife all the
time. He was very sad. And then we went for a ride, him and his daughter and me, and then all of a sudden his daughter just looks at her father and she says: “Oh my God, Dad, this is the first time you smile since Mom died. Those are very very, yeah, touching experiences. Cycling Without Age is about more than just cycling It’s also about getting to know each other You develop friendships, actually. We’re now in the workshop where these wonderful highly specialized machines are being built and being shipped off to cities across
Denmark but it’s not just about the bikes. It’s
also about educating people, locals around the country, to get the
most out of the bikes. We received hundreds of emails from
people around the world, which is amazing and totally
surprising and many of whom are actually now getting involved in setting up chapters of Cycling Without Age in their
cities. I’m Ditte from Aquitaine, France. I’m from Fairfield, Iowa, USA From Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Gerard Bodalski from Lutheran Homes of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA In Singapore the people who are ageing now are called pioneers. That’s because they built Singapore out of nothing. In Cycling Without Age we want to take the pioneers out to sense and feel the pulse of the place they started exactly 50 years ago. We have great nature and beautiful parks and I would love for the senior
citizens here in West Hartford to be able to experience all that and to get wind in their hair. We want less cars and more cyclists for every age. Yeah. That’s true greatness. You heard from them and you heard from me. Now we’re asking for your help to raise money for bicycles like these and know-how to be sent around the world to cities and countries where people, passionate people, locals
are looking to implement this in their local community to help improve the lives of the elderly. Please help us reach the campaign target. Thank you very much.

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  1. We are considering this at our retirement community in D.C. I wonder about seniors getting in and out of the pedicabs – could you post some video of that? Important consideration!

  2. What a great idea. My wife can't ride a bike for a number of reasons but I would love to be able to take her out and these machines are perfect! How much do they cost? Are they available in the UK?

  3. Thank you Ole for your brilliance and compassion! I recently learned about your organization and connect 150% with your vision and mission. I will be attending a volunteer information session this week and cannot wait to start sharing my cycling passion with one of our local senior communities and providing "Wind Therapy" for some new found friends.

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