– Hey, hockey players. In this video I’m joined by
Steve from BK Hockey once again. This time he’s gonna show us
some stick handling drills to help us dangle like McDavid. Let’s get into it. – So first thing is, let’s just start stick
handling with the two pucks. So, keep your stay nice and low, stick handling will be tight. Okay, let’s go. This is stick handling with crossover. Two-step crossover with two pucks. This here is from Pavel Barber Let’s go. Hello, this is the stick handling
drill from Connor McDavid, Three pucks stick handling, Stay nice and low, control with the pucks. Let’s go! This drills for beginners,
advanced, good for everybody. Hockey’s a small area games, you know, so this is a very small space. So, we’re gonna stick handling low, middle, high. That’s the combination. So, if you have the time, if you have a little space on the ice. Let’s work. So, first ones, let’s
make a good hockey stance. So, we need the stick handling. Okay, if you make it tight, it lets you use the heel side, all right? So starting from here in the middle, so we go down, up, stick handling, stick
handling here in the middle, we can go. So, stick handling in the middle, you will keep your head up, up. Keep your head up. Keep your head up. Then you can shoot, yeah? Shoot the puck. So, if you wanna work toe
drags, back hand toe drags, lets you use this part. So, you have to use this kind of part. Now, you could work forehand toe drag and starting from here. So, we go. We go up, bring it inside, up, inside, and at last bring it around. So, starting from here, up, we go up, you’re gonna bring it here, yep. That’s it, eh? Yep, one, two. (puck hitting pole) Shoot. Yeah, so this drill will
be a inside edge control, little bit smooth to stopping, and bring the puck to the inside. Okay, keep your head up. Keep your stay nice and low. Okay, let’s go. (puck hitting pole) – Woo! – Yeah, this outsider will be a Nylander move, so
when you do one-on-one, small area, when you drive
the net, cutting the middle, you could easily get outside. So, first thing is you’re gonna work a lot of outside edge work, okay? Let’s go step by step. (puck hitting pole) – Woo! – So this stick handling drill’s working with the mohawk. Called the heel-to-heel Crosby. So, stay in the middle first, let’s do stick handling with a mohawk, and then we do one-on-one stick handling under the sticks. Okay? Let’s work hard. So, first we’re gonna
start it from here, yeah. So nice control. So, when you go here, this
side, we’re gonna open it, and then back. So, we’re going here, let’s go here. One, two. So, what you’re doing here, ready? Shoot the puck. Let’s go! Woo! – All right, thanks for
those awesome drills, Steve. Hey, if you enjoyed that
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25 Comments on “DANGLE LIKE MCDAVID 🔥”

  1. Thinking about doing another video with Steve on "The McDavid Move" from last week vs the Maple Leafs (on Reilly) with drills to help get that edge work down. Thoughts?

  2. Hi guys. I'm just 7, I'm from Russia. Welcome to my channel and you will find not worse stickhandling and drills

  3. I thought this would be more about drills at high speed since the title is "DANGLE LIKE MCDAVID" (Nice clickbait title), but nonetheless I like the drills in this video.

  4. These are some nice exercises and moves but they really aren’t very McDavid. Especially the Nylander move. Lol!

    McDavid if anything is known for speed and driving wide.

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