David Grech – Rugby League Star on George Negus – Inspirational Story

David Grech – Rugby League Star on George Negus – Inspirational Story

>>George Negus: Happy ending. Still ahead tonight, what’s an obscene four letter word starting with B and ending in K? Bank. They talk about tough footballers, wait till you meet this bloke.>>David Grech: Obviously I want to become
a star player.>>George Negus: In the relatively short life
of this program, 6:30’s Leanne West has done quite a few football
stories. League, AFL and yes the round ball as well. But none has quite touched us quite like this
one. You’re about to meet David Grech, a part-time player but a full-time inspiration.>>Leanne West: This is David Grech’s self-made
youtube video. The video that shows all the things he can
do. They’re things that doctors said he’d never
do after a medical emergency at birth left him
with Cerebral Palsy.>>David Grech’s Father: I think they gave
up on him to a certain degree. It was only due to the hard work of Joanne
with physio and she dragged him all over the place and once he started to walk there was no stopping
him.>>David Grech: You got to wipe out that you
got a disability and be hard on yourself.>>Leanne West: A 21-year old boxer, gym junkie and sprinter. Every meter hard earned.>>David Grech: Laying down is not going to
get me better at running, running’s gonna get me better at running so I just get up, keep running.>>David Grech’s Father: We always wanted
to push the envelope, you know, do things that people told him he
couldn’t do, I think if you told him that he couldn’t do
it he’d definitely try and do it.>>Leanne West: Like getting his driver’s
license. David’s car seat covers reveal his greatest
passion, Rugby League. His favorite player, the Dragon’s Goal-Kicking five-eigth Jamie
Soward.>>David Grech: I used to just watch it on
TV and go to bed and think about playing and if I had the chance how good I’d be, how hard I’d train.>>Leanne West: Enter George Tonna. George also has cerebral palsy. Like David he’s been a footy fanatic with
nowhere to play so he formed the New South wales Physical Disability Rugby League.>>George Tonna: The first game I felt like
a little kid again, actually that contact that I missed growing up as a kid because I was too small, I was disabled.>>Leanne West: David’s the most physically
challenged player in the League. He’s also the keenest.>>George Tonna: When I first saw him walking
down towards me to meet me I thought oh, okay we’ll give this
guy a go but after the first five minutes he sold himself.>>Leanne West: The League has played four
exhibition matches with a view to starting a four-team competition
in Sydney. Between those games David’s been improving
his skills with his local footy club.>>David Grech: I’d train all night, I wish it was every night.>>Leanne West: Two nights a week he’s on
the park, with the Mount Annan Currans Hill Knights.>>Mark Lonergan: He will have a go at anything. I mean he’ll work out a way to do it, to get it done.>>Leanne West: David came down here at the
start of the season and asked if he could train with the team. He hasn’t looked back and the Knights too are much richer for the
experience.>>John Trew: If some of the kids decide that
they’re going to stand back and have a bit of a bludge and everything, then they’d look around and see that Dave’s still doing it, it tends to give them the incentive to keep
going, to say well if he can do it, we can do it.>>Leanne West: It’s go hard or go home. But not before David’s best Jamie Soward impersonation.>>Mark Lonergan: You appreciate what you
got and make the best of what you got and to me that’s what David’s all about really.>>George Negus: How about that, straight
over the black.

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  1. This is a great story for those who are waiting for success to happen. This young man is truelly an inspiration for all. Thanks for your hard work and drive.

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