Let’s make fool of that Uncle. …that who used to talk on phone. Who’s fatty..
– Let’s go. Yay…. Who will go from us? Me?
– NO! Can I?
– You are too small for this. I’ll go. Hey, how are you man. These kids are making me angry by bursting crackers.. Go fast. He’s coming. Don’t scare me. Let me do it. You fools!! Take this. Aaah.. Don’t burst crackers.
– We didn’t do anything, Uncle. How are you, bro? I am fine man. We have to ask you something.
– What? Where do we buy crackers? Those which are burst on Diwali?
– Yes! When you’ll go there will be three lanes. Not in 1st. nor in 2nd. go in 3rd. Then there will be three apartments. Not in 1st. nor in 2nd. go in 3rd. Then there will be three floors. Not in 1st. nor in 2nd. go in 3rd. Then there will be three rooms.
– Not in 1st. but in 2nd. not in 3rd. Then there will be three cupboards.
Not in 1st. nor in 2nd. go in 3rd. In that there will be three photos. Not in 1st. nor in 2nd. go in 3rd. In the third photo, there will be my mother. I swear my mom that I don’t know
where crackers are sold. Forgive me.. Strange!! This also. Aah..
– Why are you so scared? Are you mad or what? I have been there since half an hour. Aah.. Now-a-days crackers are useless. What I’ll do? Thread is very small now. Coward!! Ahh.. Idea. He should do this. That’s right! I’ll get time to run away. Hey listen! Please burn this cracker. I have to go far away from this. Okay! No problem. You are scared of this? Now go! Okay now go.. Ohh… it’s burning. Help me! Why are you beating me dad?
– What are you doing? What’s this?
– Dad, it’s Granny Chapter 2. Why?? Sorry dad. Where is you brother?
– I don’t know. Go and wake him. Fast. Why me always!! Wake up.. What bro? Get up fast.. Let me sleep.
– Why? Papa has called you..
Now get up fast. Awake now?? Yes papa! One slap more? Get to the work, Diwali is coming. Get out in the first time! Okay! Awake!
– Yes. He sat again!
– NO… Let’s go home now. We played so much. Alright! Let’s take a video. Alexa Stop! What will happen to you, huh!! Viral! NO.. Instagram. Social Media. Snapchat server will get high. Whatsapp. Youtube. And you say… What you’ll say I will do it. Let’s buy crackers.
– Okay! Let’s go. Hello everyone!! We welcome you all to Diwali Pe Dhamaka News. We’ll meet a very special person
named “Pappu Chatwala” He’ll tell us that what had happened
to him in previous Diwali. .Namaste Ji. You have seen that…. …..special person is arrived. So what happened
to you that day It was very dark night. That dark which I haven’t seen. Hey listen. So black! I haven’t seen that. I was on my street…. …and selling chat. Then someone said, “Look Back”. If you’ll see then…. …..you’ll get free VIP Ticket. I said, “Which one?” He said, “IPL Match”. Okay! Okay! When I looked back, there was no one. Then I saw a kid coming…. ….from back. He scared me so much. Hey you small child give me the mic. You saw that…. ….by listening his sad story no one has got tears. So like, share and subscribe our channel. And also to make us popular Hey, you scare him and I’ll scare him. I have bullet bomb. What do you have? Matchstick!
– Match’s stick. Let’s go and scare them. Aaaa… Aahh.. No. No. No. No. Get out Pakore… …in the first time. There is no need of yours. Sorry! Now you go. Get out in the second time. Youu!!! Bomb! You are scaring kids…. ….scare our Boss.
– Let’s go. Let’s see who is he. C’mon man. Can we help you something, huh? I am the boss of all. Hello Guys, if you love this video then… Like. Comment. Share. Subscribe. From our whole… MAD Vines Team. We wish you all a ‘Happy Diwali”. Enjoy!

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