Disney Frozen Elsa & Anna Magiclip Disney Princess Glitter Glider Castle Adventure – Kinder Playtime

Welcome to Kinder Playtime! Aurora: And then I said to Prince Philip, why can’t I wear green? Why does it always have to be pink or blue? Snow White: Oh, I think Merriweather would just be all about that! Aurora: I know, right? I mean, look at me. I can do any color. Snow White: You’re so right. Aurora: What’s that!? Snow White: They look like… girls! Aurora: They look like… princesses! Snow White: What’s wrong with them? Aurora: Says here they’re frozen. Snow White: Well, should… should we thaw them? Or do we need to wait for a prince? Aurora: I don’t know… but they have some really cool accessories! …We should probably open them. Snow White: You’re probably right! Elsa: Wow! It was so stuffy in there! Aurora: Hi! I’m Princess Aurora! Elsa: Well, thank you, Princess Aurora. My name is Elsa. I’m Queen Elsa of Arendelle. Aurora: My pleasure to meet you! Anna: Oh, that was terrible in there! …Who are you? Snow White: My name is Snow White! Anna: Well, Snow White, thanks for getting me out of there! It was really cramped! Snow White: Oh, you’re welcome! And what’s your name? Anna: Oh, sorry. My name is Anna! Anna of Arendelle. Snow White: Oh, wow! It is such a pleasure to meet another princess! Anna: Thanks! Elsa: Oh, Anna! Are you alright? Anna: Ya, I’m fine, Elsa. It’s ok! I’ve been in worse situations. Elsa: I just don’t know how that happened – but I’m thankful for you two for getting us out. Anna: Ya! Thanks a ton! Snow White: No problem at all! Aurora: It was just fine, we didn’t mind at all! Elsa: Well, anyway… we should probably be off, but… well… Anna: We don’t really know where we are! Aurora: You should just come with us! We were on our way to Cinderella’s castle. Snow White: Ya! We can send some of our servants to pick up all your… furniture… Snow White: That’s kind of weird that it was stuck with you. Elsa: Don’t ask. It was a weird situation. Anna: Ya… let’s just go to your party! Aurora: Ok, let’s go! All: Hey! Ho! Party at Cinderella’s! Ariel: Wooo! Oh look! Who’s here? Aurora: It’s just me girls! Aurora! Snow White: And Snow White! All: Oh, it’s about time you guys showed up! Aurora: We brought some friends! Tiana: Friends!? I love making new friends! Elsa: Queen Elsa of Arendelle. Anna: And Anna of Arendelle! Pleased to meet you! Belle: Aw, new princesses! Rapunzel: I just love making new friends! Ariel: Me, too! So! How’d you end up here? Anna: Don’t ask. Ariel: Ok, well then we won’t! We should probably tell Cinderella you’re here. Cinderella!!! Cinderella: Yeeeees? Aurora: We’ve brought some new friends to make your acquaintance! Cinderella: I’m coming! Weeee! Oh! Sorry Snow White! Snow White: It’s ok! Cinderella: So! Where are my new friends? All: They’re back there! Cinderella: Excuse me! Excuse me! Pardon me! Excuse me! Excuse me! Cinderella: Oh, I’m sorry, Aurora! Sorry Tiana! Cinderella: Woo! New friends! Excuse me Ariel. Cinderella: Hi! I’m Cinderella! Welcome to my castle! Elsa: Oh, hi, Cinderella. I’m Queen Elsa. Anna: And I’m Princess Anna! Cinderella: Queen! Your Majesty! Oops. Sorry Rapunzel! Cinderella: It is such a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Cinderella: Please, feel free to make my palace your palace! Elsa: Thank you! I really appreciate it. Anna: Me, too! Is it alright if we hang out for a little while and relax? Elsa: Ya, we were kind of cooped up for… a long time. Cinderella: Absolutely! I don’t think there’s any better way to get un-cooped up than dancing! Cinderella: Let’s dance! All: Ok! Aurora: Sorry. Me and Snow White are kind of tired from the day. Elsa: Totally understandable. You only saved our lives. Anna: Ya. We really appreciate it. Belle: So! Queen Elsa, huh? Elsa: That’s me! Belle: I couldn’t help but notice your glorious cape and beautiful gown. Elsa: Oh, why thank you! It’s in my kingdom’s colors. Belle: Oh, I just love it! The teal and the purple – it’s beautiful! Belle: Do you… think I could try it on? Elsa: That’s a little strange… Belle: No it’s not! It – it’s really not. It’s not strange at all. We do it all the time! Elsa: Ok, if you insist… Belle: I love it! Don’t I look gorgeous!? Elsa: You do! And you know what? I actually really like the way I look in gold! Plus it matches my shoes. Belle: You look stunning, Queen Elsa! Elsa: Why thank you! Cinderella: Oh, this party is so glorious! Ahahaha! Anna: So, you’re Cinderella, right? Cinderella: That’s me! I hope you find everything satisfactory. Anna: Oh! You’ve been more than hospitable. But, there is one thing I’d like to ask… Cinderella: Oh, anything for you! Anna: I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful your glittery glidey dress is… Do you mind if I try it on? Cinderella: Absolutely! Only if I can try on your dress, too, though. I have never seen that style before! Anna: Sure! Sounds like an even trade! Cinderella: Let’s do this thing. Anna: I love it! It’s so glidey and shiny and sparkly! Anna: I don’t usually wear things like this! I think Kristoff would love it! Cinderella: Oh, and I just love your green! I don’t think I’ve ever tried green on before! Anna: I think you look fab! Cinderella: Oh, thank you! Anna: Do you mind if I glide down the glitter glider slide? Cinderella: It’s so fun. You have to try it. Anna: Ok, here I go! Weeee! Oops! Sorry Ariel! Ariel: It’s ok! All: You look fabulous, Anna! Elsa: Look at me! Anna: Sister, you look so good in gold! Elsa: I know, right? Belle: It was my idea! Snow White: You have to try my gooseberry pie before you leave! Oh, let me go get it! Anna: What’s a gooseberry pie? Elsa: Must be a special dish from her land. Ariel: Ya. You kind of have to try it. Aurora: She’ll be upset if you don’t. Elsa: Ok, I’m up for anything. All: Oh, that is such a fun party! Anna: Ya, thank you for having us over! Cinderella: No problem. You can come back anytime. Elsa: We are pretty exhausted from today, though. We should probably get going. Elsa: Thanks for having us over! Aurora and Snow White, thank you for saving us. Elsa: And Snow White, thank you for the gooseberry pie. It was… a new experience. Snow White: Oh, you’re welcome! I’ll have several of them sent over to your palace right away! Anna: …Thanks… Elsa: Well, we should go now! All: Ok, bye! Bye everybody! Aurora: I told you I would look good in green. Snow White: You totally do! Anna: Um, can I have my dress back, please? Emily: Ooooh, pretty! Mom: Are those cool rings? Emily: Ya! I wanna take it off. Mom: Ok. Emily: I love Frozen!!! Don’t forget to like and “sumscribe”!

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