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  1. Quick question: I have a baby chinchilla. Would sugar gliders interact with chinchillas well? Of course they would be in separate cages. Just asking 🙂

  2. @Cece Marie so true it looked like the girl was feeding him skittles . Oh and sorry if you not the right Cece marie there were a lot to choose from .😀😊

  3. Why are you fu*king giving it skittles last video you told the world to not give them junk food well you are giving it junk food learn how to go with what you say

  4. Listen, I have a glider and they aren't that hard to take care of. To be honest the only thing that annoys me about having a glider is that they pee and poop where ever they want and they stay awake all night because they are nocturnal.


  6. I am searching around the internet because for my bday I'm getting a pet. And can someone suggest a pet besides a dog and a cat that can follow these rules thx

    Not a lot of pooping. Trust me my school has a hamster and it poops a lot

    No rabies

    Yeah that's it can someone suggest a pet that good that follows these rules

  7. Please everyone do your research first! I raised 4 for over 13 years. Sugar Gliders are highly social animals. They live in pods of up to 20 in the wild. They need companionship or they will become depressed and they can actually go senial. They sleep when we are awake, so you do not count as a companion. You must get at least 2. They are very intelligent and can/will become depressed if they are not mentally stimulated, meaning they're alone, with nothing to do and no one to interact with. They are tree dwellers and like to have room to roam, climb and jump. They cannot be kept in a small cage all night. They are very small and vulnerable, so they are very scared when you first get them, and the bonding process can take awhile before they trust you, I'm talking weeks unless your glider was handled heavily by humans prior to adopting. They also require a very balanced diet consisting of a staple food, a protein based meal, some type of fruit or vegetable that is safe for them (please look up or reach out for more info) and a vitamin and calcium supplement. They are also considered an exotic pet, so if they become sick, you're looking at a very high bill. They cannot be potty trained and will go whenever and wherever they please. Look up sugar glider rescues if you are still interested. There are so many that need homes, because once most people realize how messy they are and how much care they need (way more than a dog or cat), they are given away to rescue shelters.

  8. What about biting. I bought a sugar glider from a friend and it’s gotten alittle more used to me, but it’s always just wanting to bite me and idk how to get her over that.

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