DON’T GET CAUGHT! – Roblox Flee the Facility

DON’T GET CAUGHT! – Roblox Flee the Facility

Get the brand-new limited-edition pals holiday package available at the pals merch .com Here we go start hacking away Hey everybody welcome to another roblox adventure today, we’re in flee the facility we’ve played this before I thiiiiink I don’t know about this channel definitely on the PALS channel though and Yeah, it’s pretty cool. I’m just trying to remember if we actually did or not though Just in case if you don’t know what this game is we’re gonna be putting the facility in exactly 29 9 to 18 seconds and then We will either be chosen as the the scary man The the Beast Boy, I don’t know what it’s actually called the man that kills everybody Or will be the person that needs to hack into the computers and escape in the facility hence the name Escape the facility if you don’t know about this game It’s one of the top games on roblox right now, so you should definitely go ahead and check it out very very fun But I do remember very Vividly that the last time I played this game my teammates did absolutely Nothing, they literally didn’t hack a single computer and so it was up to me to hack all five and I obviously failed because that’s impossible so we’re gonna try again and This time I have some pretty high hopes. I think that you know with enough positivity and team chemistry We might be alright See look at that look how happy they all are they’re having a great time if we come back to Two back to where we were back here we can go ahead and do this obby because I was attempting to do it as I was explaining myself And then I failed horribly hopefully you guys weren’t really paying much attention But here we are Little secrets or anything up here. I don’t think I’d be that actually be pretty crazy If there was something really spooky here that person looks godlike But yeah I don’t know This could use a spook Easter Egg right here because it’s like a very happy kind of innocent little starting area But the real game ohh it get’s real dark Picture literally the scariest thing you could think of it’s this but ten times Trust me trust me. You’ll see in exactly five four three two Voting facility zero who are they’re actually different Maps? I thought there was just the one map I could be wrong I Remember Lee playing oh no I remember playing two maps so nevermind I suppose There are okay hide from the beasts so the person is called the Beast so in this you can also you can crouch down Hack the computers and then escape the facility so you crouch down and that’s how you get away from the beast you go under these Little little vents and then because the thing is to open doors it takes a little bit of time So you want to use that to your advantage if the Beast is approaching, and if the Beast is approaching. Oh my goodness He’s right there. You’ll hear heartbeats. You’ll see red lights and It’s very very spooky, so And the Beast is probably going towards the person who is doing a terrible job of hacking that computer Let’s come over here. You essentially just got to go around find the computers. I don’t remember if there’s any in this room I don’t think so no not in here, but if you do manage to find the computer. That’s when you get hacking okay It’s being very careful Please beast all any in here no no computers in here. Where do we go? That computer scared me okay, and here. Where are the oh no. No. No. I hear the beast oh Oh, oh, he’s right there. No no no no very bad very bad Oh no no no no no no no. I’m gonna go this way I want to hide I want to hide oh, I’m gonna hide in here What what is this? Who’s hiding in some what where am I is? This some sort of hospital? oh
Don’t come in here In here spooky music when he’s walking by – from what it sounds like every all my other teammates are trying to hack computers Right now which is good. I’m just trying to find one. I can’t even find a computer, and I’m moving around a lot It’s not like I’m not trying at all Okay, you might go through here There’s got to be a computer in here come on come on. Please just give me a computer already. This is just some maze Here we can start hacking away And then I got to be ready though because a little thing he’s gonna pop up, and it’s gonna go like You got to wait till the little red thingy Goes over the white and when you press e Then it means you can continue hacking if you don’t manage to do that then the computer crashes And that’s what those icons are up. There is those are no Explaining it okay So that means you just got to keep hacking so the problem is whenever whenever you fail and the computer crashes then everyone can see Throughout the whole map I believe the beast as well will see the icon pop up and that means that he knows where people are That means he knows that people are at those computers, so you can choose to leave the computer if you accidentally crashed it and if you want to remain stealth like then You just get you hacks right you know what I’m saying after this I’m gonna head towards those computers there and try to help do some hacking Because there’s only three computers left to escape which isn’t bad we still have 12 minutes They give us an absurd amount of time Okay, so that computer is hacked so now we can head over to everyone else unfortunately though We do have to be very careful of the beast being near those computers because where else is the beast gonna go Besides the computers I hear him Okay, there’s one over there that I can actually go towards okay here I can help her out Oh, no. No. I hear the Beast. I hear the Beast he like right there So I’m gonna come this way then oh I hear him. I hear em. I hear him. I’m gonna help you It’s okay just keep going keep going it hacks faster when I believe there’s multiple people doing it. Yeah almost done. Just one computer left There we go no no no he didn’t get it He didn’t get it no no no no I think the the beats just ran by oh oh oh Computer’s hacked we could escape there’s the doorway right there. Oh Go go go will we escape will we actually do it? I don’t think I’ve ever escaped before oh come on come on come on yes Oh, no somebody’s got captured or they just left I don’t know Go Go Go Yes We did it. Oh man. Good job team that was a great team effort right there. Oh That’s what I’m talking about right there and now though I would like to spectate so this man still hasn’t why isn’t he escaped yet? Oh, he’s waiting for his friends. So they may escape together oh no and the beast is right there ah He was teasing the Beast poor Beast everyone got away Well you know what he tryed he did all right, you know what I’m excited for the next game I want to see if there’s any chance that perhaps maybe Just maybe I’ll get chosen as the Beast I’ve never played as the beast before like you know that’s a lie I’m pretty sure I have I think I was with sketch or something I don’t fully remember But anyways game over and now we have okay 60 60 second intermission – good stuff good stuff I wonder if there are actually any secrets on this map because I wouldn’t be surprised to Say the least I don’t really know something over there something in that tunnel over there Maybe and he spooks back here, mmm those spooks back there spooks behind the waterfall Can you go behind the waterfall that is the question? There’s nothing back here? I’m convinced there are spooks. I just don’t know where this seems too innocent of a starting area Okay, well you know what maybe it is then maybe just we’re in an innocent little log cabin next thing You know we’re in a facility how did that even happen actually one? What is this here? Kristan Cove. I only have 10 seconds, but I want to see Crystal Cove huh go go go Oh What is this That’s cool There’s a little place to play around in here. It’s like you play a little spleef. We’re not spleef but like TNT run I think is what it was the main thing was in Minecraft at least pretty sure He was survived a hide from the Beast hack computers to unlock the exits, okay Well there was a computer in this room actually so I’m gonna. I’m gonna get hack and run away a little bit of hacking there you go 15-second Head Start as Walt man this computer is gonna be hacked in no time if Everybody finds a computer right away and just gets hacking You can pretty much get through like Quite quickly they give so much time I really don’t know if we need 15 whole minutes To hack five computers if the players actually know what they’re doing and they’re determined. Oh my goodness He’s right there, but he can’t he can’t get under there, so he’s gonna open that door oh Okay, we’re good. We could become good. Oh, okay? I Need to be watching out for that door right there on the very very edge of the screen if he goes through that door Then I know exactly when to escape Well that means I need to book it for that for that little vent right there. That would be a very close call though Okay, okay. Okay computer almost hacked. Just like that. Oh wow that person scared me Okay, whoo here we go almost done. Yes Thank you for a little bit of help always helps flow a bit of help always helps obviously Okay hello, I Don’t know if this one has a computer oh Man it’s always so intense Walking through this area Because the beast could be anywhere hello, oh This is creepy very very unsettling okay, you may be hello no no no no I know there is nothing in that server room as well as there is nothing in this I hear the Beast I Heard him like right there Hello, ah This is way too intense for me. I’m gonna go upstairs. I believe there’s a computer up here yes Okay, oh, and then he’s working on one over there too. Okay, sweet Susan as we Just get hacking we’re gonna two computers at once there are four players though And only one computer was hacked and was mean that on the guy, so The rest of our team kind of needs to pick it up a little bit. They’ve just thrown it out there Hopefully they are hacking a computer right now. I trust that they are that’s what they should be looking for Okay, here we go Oh, that was a close one and then the fact that I’m on this corner of the room And then the other person is on the other corner in the same room that means that we could pretty much have one computer being hacked at a time Guaranteed because if the monsters going from one person the other person just stays there hacking And then whenever the monster goes for the other person the other key keeps acting again. Okay, so it should be pretty straightforward Almost back to this one here and then Next thing you know oh, oh oh, it’s taking its sweet time. It’s almost there come on Yes, okay, three computers left. Okay, okay? I’m going to stick with this guy. Oh my goodness, okay The Beast just walked by, but we’re good. Why is it not doing? Anything it’s just stuck on red What I don’t understand is this ow ow ow ow? Not what I need right now. Oh? Here the Beast He’s right there. He’s right there. He’s gonna be going through that door. Why is it not? I don’t I don’t see like a bar or anything. I can’t tell if I’m helping at all or not I Feel like I should go for it. Oh another computer was hacked. Okay, sweet. I don’t understand is. This is this computer Just was it crashed too. Many times. Is that it is that what happened, dude? Did you crash it too many times Paul? Beast is somewhere really really close, and I just have no idea where it sounds like he’s literally right below me I’m on point great. Okay. Well I’m gonna get the other computers then Unless like after a certain amount of time its hackable again. Oh Maybe here, well. I’m actually gonna I’m gonna let the Beast open the door if he has to no we actually don’t need to be in here Oh, wait a second. That’s a computer right there Do the computers are the computers random do they have random locations every time that’s amazing? That is so good that that makes it much better than just the same the same place every time to computers left And there’s still four people I’ve we really should be able to have this We should be okay. Oh, I can hear them. I can hear them No Where is he? Where is he? Where is he? Where is he? Where is he? Oh? This is really bad? I? Don’t know if you can hear my typing. It would be very quiet to him Okay, uh Come on hack faster I can hear his beating oh My goodness he’s so close. He’s so close. He’s right underneath me this computer should be hacked there should be like dunzo right here Yes, okay, just need one more computer one more computer guys come on Where’s the three other teammates we need one computer hacked we can do it. I’m gonna have to go I’m gonna have to go find one then Babson yeah hello Any computers ah there is a computer in here, okay? Where are my teammates? What are they doing? I saw one other computer get hacked Meaning if I hack this one is that for computers was that three or four I’m not too sure It’s a lot though. I think this would be the fourth one it’s out of five computers I would have hacked four come on man. It’s for the greater good We can do it. I have no idea where the Beast is right now He was extremely close, and then I haven’t heard from in a while, so I guess I got pretty lucky I guess he just had no idea. I was right there Surely he would have checked all the rooms by now unless it’s just been working out Perfectly that I mean I haven’t even seen my other teammates really besides this this pokey pokey tiger I don’t really know the Bruins live but oh The beasts left, are you kidding me? The beasts left After all that I’ve done You failed to flee the facility three computers hacked I almost hacked four and I still got zero points because the Beast looked and I pretty much hacked for Computers, and what escaped I was this constant. Are you kidding me? That is so unfair Wow Wow well Wow I might as well just play the game solo at this point ladies and gentlemen Patent owns that was play the facility If you enjoyed please remember to leave the video will like maybe even subscribe To the channel if you haven’t already and don’t forget to check out the palace holiday package link in the description below It’s on early bird sale right now. I believe actually though today. Let’s me double check I think today is the last day of the early bird sale So if you want to get a cheap get it today guys link in the description below other than that though again Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you and that’s why

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  1. BTW you assume that the room with those colourful light thingies have no computer? I play flee the facility too and there IS a computer there SOMETIMES

  2. 3:01 u just passed the computer 😂 😂 😂 (if there is computer there, i always found a computer there)

  3. Flee the facility Masters be trolling and getting it wrong and jumping on the beasts head while Denis is yelling and trying to run away………… huh

  4. He probably already knows this but there is different areas where the computers are at each round, I played flee the facility a lot…. Nvm he noticed later in the vid

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