Dryer Repair- Replacing the Cycling Thermostat (Whirlpool Part #3387134)

Dryer Repair- Replacing the Cycling Thermostat (Whirlpool Part #3387134)

Hi, it’s Steve from Partselect. Today we’re
going to show you how to change the cycling thermostat on you dryer. It’s a pretty easy
job, all you need is a quarter inch nut driver and a pair of needle nose pliers. The very first thing that we need to do is
disconnect the power to the dryer. If it has a plug merely remove that from the socket.
If it’s a hard-wired dryer we need to find the source and disconnect the power there. The second thing that we need to do is remove
the dryer vent. We need to pull the appliance out because all of this repair is going to
be done from the back. Now we need to remove all of the screws holding
the back panel on. On this model there are nine quarter inch screws. With the back panel removed we now have access
to our cycling thermostat. The first step would be to remove the wires
and the one quarter inch hex-head screw that
holds the thermostat in place. The thermostat will pivot out of the hole. Take our new thermostat and press one tab
into the opening. Line up the other opening with the screw. Attach that and reconnect
our wires. The last thing we need to do is put our back
panel in place. That really was an easy repair, wasn’t it?
Good luck with your repair and thanks for watching.

21 Comments on “Dryer Repair- Replacing the Cycling Thermostat (Whirlpool Part #3387134)”

  1. can you please help im losing my mind i replaced the dryer drum belt on my G E dryer and but it back together it works but is running counter clock wise i did not do wires at all is there any reason the belt would be on wrong but still work only going other way ? im so tired of taking it apart and putting it back together ..help please

  2. LDG8904AAE Maytag gas dryer. It works only in 'time mode' and no heat at all in 'electronic mode'. It does get hot to touch on the top in 'time mode' though. What [art could be the issue. I need electronic mode to be working back. Thanks

  3. this was awesome thank you for the explanation on how you know its bad. my dryer is runnig but no heat, hopefully this is the fix.

  4. New cycling thermostat purchased whirlpool OEM but no way to tell on new thermostat which is "top" large post and which is "bottom" large post with respect to orientation for reconnecting red wire and red with white stripe wire. (original faulty thermostat had red on top; red with white stripe on bottom) The thermostat is symmetric and there is a mounting screw hole on each side (left/right). How can I tell which is top or bottom or does it matter?

  5. Mine is a gas dryer. Do I also need to disconnect the gas line in order to pull the dryer out to get to the back?
    Not sure about that…

  6. thanks for all the tips, I had the problem of the timer not advancing when on auto dry. Checked all the continuity on every thermostat, all looked ok. It ended up being one contact inside the timer that was dirty (the white-blue to orange wires terminals, which are used to run the timer motor. They were reading 30 ohms between each other which is way too much for a simple contact. After cleaning the blade contacts, it was reading 001 which is pretty good). Cleaned it up and tested the dryer, it work just fine again.

  7. My Dryer (WP #LER8648LWO) WON'T START…R&R'd the Thermal fuse and starter switch, the door switch works fine as light goes on and off when pressed… should I R&R the Thermostat, Internal-Bias now?

  8. I bought dryer a few weeks ago love the stainless steel drum the quiet operation▫▫▫▫>allmy.tips/FrigidaireDryer?j36     Its smaller design is nice also.

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