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As a child I remember
the Elton John Captain Fantastic machine
as being one of my favorites and so that
was the first one that I decided to
restore for myself.
Since then it kinda exploded now I’m
doing machines for people all over the
I’m Jeff Miller and I buy, service, and
restore classic pinball machines.
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I got into playing pinball machines at around eight
and now that I’m older I decided to buy a few
and then it turned into restoring them and
now it’s become a business.
Once you buy the machine, it’s a complete tear-down to the screw.
Hardware gets polished. Rust dipped.
Wood gets sanded down. Probably about 150 to 200 hours till it’s finished.
There’s a lot of details and touch up and
little things that I do
that the normal customer would never even
see. I take a lot of pride in my
My grandfather instilled a detailed work
ethic in me at a very young age
and I think I carry that over into my
restoration process.
I use eBay lot for selling pinball
decals, mods,
rare parts. A few years back I restored a
1979 Bally Harlem Globetrotters
pinball machine and the ad was on eBay
and it actually sold to a gentleman in
I used to go into town every Saturday
morning with my mom
to play the pinball machines in the
front of the Danners five and dime store.
I’d always check the coin returns for
extra quarters
and if I couldn’t find any, I would run
straight back to the model kits.
And today I kind of see these pinball
machines as big model kits that,
once I’m finished restoring them, I can
actually play with them rather than set
them on a shelf.
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