ECU Women’s Club Rugby

In the rugby community, everyone’s best friends,
so you can go from hating someone and wanting to light them up and right after the game
you know you go over and hug them and like, “You did awesome today, like did you see
that tackle I made on you? That’s right.” My hit. Probably my favorite part of the sport is
definitely the tackling. We teach people how to get tackled, as silly
as that sounds. It’s something we take a lot of time into
because you don’t want that person to get hurt. We know a lot of people come to college, especially
down here, not knowing how to play rugby. o we teach everyone how to play everything. We teach them what a ruck is, what a lineout
is, how to tackle, when to tackle, how to pass the ball. I’ve been on the team for a semester and a
half. When I first started I didn’t know anything
about the sport and I grew up playing soccer and basketball my whole life, so it’s been
really fun. I’ve made a lot of friends. I’m learning a new sport. I’m just having a great time. If you’re kind of bored with your sports,
you’re bored with like the whole like regular soccer, basketball and you just want to look
for something new, interesting with a lot of like, a lot of fun girls, really. We just all get along really well. There’s a lot of good, like, chemistry on
the team and we all just get along really well. You know freshman year I didn’t really know
anyone and sounds kind of crazy, but these are my only friends at ECU. Always have been. They are a whole-time commitment, like, in
the best of ways. We’re always hanging out together, and that’s
honestly what I’m going to miss the most is these girls. When you get to travel as a team, I think
everyone who’s ever been on the team they just know, like, the best thing about being
on team is when you’re traveling with the team, so it’s a great time. It’s a great time. We love to have fun on the rugby team. If you think rugby is totally insane, it is. But, it’s totally worth it and at the end
of the day you get to say, “Yeah, I play an insane sport,” and when someone’s playing
rugby on TV you’re like, “I do that.” It’s cool.

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