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Whoa! Look!
We are at a playground.
Look, it’s a yellow slide.
Stay here, I’ll go up there,
and then come down.
Here I go!
Wow, I’ll do it again!

Here I go.
Wow! Oh, look!
It’s something yellow again.
This speenie-weenie.
Woohoo! Hello down there.
Whoa, it’s really high, really high.
Ok, here I go.
Whoa, look at this!
Wow, it’s another yellow toy
at the playground.

Whoa, that’s cool.
Ok, I’ll go inside.
Wow, wow, wow.
Yeah, I did it! Come on!
[funny noises]
Oh, look at this.
I’ll go up and top
and then I’ll slide down it
like a fire fighter.
Alright, here I go.
Whoa! I’ll do it again!
[imitating bell sound]
Oh, the fire!
Yeah! Did you see that?
That’s really cool.
Oh, let’s go over here.

These are rings.
I wonder what you do with these.
Maybe, just maybe,
I can swin across them.
Funny noises
That was really fun.
Oh, a speenie slide!
Look, do you see it?
Wow! Come on.

I’m going go up the slide
and then come down.
And I’m going to spin!
[funny noises]
Alright, here I come!
Wow! Do you wan to try?
Yeah, I think you should come.
Come on.
Here, you go first.

Good job!
Ok, I’ll come up.
[funny noises]
Yeah, ok. Turn around,
now it’s your turn
to go down the slide.
Woohoo! Good job! Wasn’t that fun?
Wee! Haha.
That was so much fun
going down this yellow slide!
Woohoo! Look! It’s another playground.
Woo! Let’s go!

Uh, look, blue handle bars.
Yeap, those are blue.
And then the green slides.
Wow, this is going to be fun!
[funny noises]
Woohoo! I’m to the top.
Oh, wow! Perfect dance floor.

Ok, I’m going to go down this slide.
Here I go.
I’m going to do it again.
Whoa! Woohoo!
Whoa! Woohoo!
Look on the other side!
There’s another slide
on the other side.
Uh, look at that green slide.
Ok, you stay down here.
That’s slide was really fun.
Let’s find another playground!
Look at what it is!
It’s a playground!
This is going to be fun!
Come on!

Uh, look at this.
These are nets.
Whoa. Whoa.
Whoa, I’m really far off the ground.
These nets are so much fun.
Oh, I’m stuck.
It’s like I’m caught in a spiderweb.
It’s a speenie-roo.
Speenie-roo, speenie-roo,
speenie, speenie, speenie,
Watch this.
[funny noises]
Look at how high in the sky I am!
Hello down there.
Ok, I’m going to get down.
Whoa, come on!

Oh, what’s this?
Whoa, that was fun!
Let me try it again.
This time I’ll use two hands.
We did it.
Oh, what are these things?
These, these are the color purple.
Ha, I wonder if I can go
all the way across
without touching the ground.
This is really fun.
Whoa, yeah, this, watch this.
Ready? I spin this.

Wow! That’s so cool!
Ok, now I’ll bring it back.

Yeah! Here we go!
Wee, that was fun!
Oh, a couple of platforms.
This is wood.
Wood’s awesome to dance on.

Come on!
So cool! Look!
It’s a tunnel.
Alright, watch this.
Whoa. Ok, I’ll come back to you.
Wee! Hey!
Oh, wow, that was really fun!
Ok, your turn, come on!
Wow, yeah, good job!
Wow, and look at where we’re at.
Wow, right where we started.
These are the nets.
Remember when I stood on the nets?
And a slide, a tunnel slide.
Oh, this is going to be fun.
Ok, I’ll go first.
Here I go!
That was fast!
Ok, do you want to go?
You should go.
Oh, you don’t want to go?
How about if I hold your hand.
Do you want to hold my hand
and I’ll go with you?
Ok, here.
Here we go. I’ll hold your hand.
Ok, here we go.
Wow, good job!
Yeah! Wasn’t that slide
and playground so much fun?
Let’s go find another playground.
Hey! Whoa, where am I?
Hey, hello!
[funny noises]
Wow! That’s so cool!
[funny noises]
Look at this over here.
What is this? Wow!
Look at this red thing, it just spins!
I wonder what will happen
if I sat on it.
Now it’s a good time to find out.
Ready? Here we go.

I’m so dizzy.
Wow, that was really fun.
Wow, what’s this?
Here, follow me.
This is the color blue.
[funny noises]
Oh, no!
Wow, did you see that?
That was funny.
Oh, look.
This is the color red.
That’s the thing that holds up
the color blue.
Wow, look at this!
Here, come over on this side.
This is like a giant spider web.
Yeah, come over here.
Look at it.
I wonder what you do on this thing.
You must climb up.
Maybe we should climb up.
Here I go.
It’s like I’m a monkey.
[imitating monkey sound]
Here I go,
all the way to the top!
I am really high in the air!
[Bell sound]

[funny noises]
Ok, I’m going to get down.
Oh no, I’m stuck.
It’s like I’m in a spider web.
Oh no, here comes the spider.
Ok, I’m not stuck anymore.

Yeah, I made it!
Alright, that was so much fun.
Look at what it is!
It’s a playground, come on!
This is going to be fun!
Uh, look at this playground.
There is a bunch of rocks.
[funny noises]
Come here, look at this!
Oh, spirals.
Wow, alright here I go!
[funny noises]
Wow! Look at how high I am!
!Wow, it’s really high!
Ok, I’m coming down now.
[funny noises]
Come on!

Oh, look!
Yeah! It’s a slide!
Watch this.
Wow, I’ll do it again!
Watch from right there.
Wow, that was fun.
Do you want to try?
Yeah, come on!
You go down the slide.
Hey! Ok, your turn, look.
Whoa! Yeah! Good job!
Come on.
Monkey bars!
Look, come check up here.
These are the monkey bars,
and they are the color green.
Ok, I’ll go across.

It’s really cold.
[funny noises]
Ok, let’s go up here.
Look at the ground.
Yeah, it’s really brown. Yeap.
I bumped my head.
Good thing it’s nice and soft.
And look right here,
there is spiral things again.
Ok, now I’ll go down from the top.
Ok, bye, bye.
Hey! Ok, I’ll come back up.

Wow, I’m really high.
Got to be careful.
There is two more slides.
Look at this one!
Should I go down it?
Yeah, I think I should.
Alright, here I go.
Watch this.
That’s fun.
Here, come down here.
I’ll go down it again.
Have some snow and ice
on the bottom
so I’ve got to be careful.
Ok, watch me from the bottom.
Here I go!
Look, look in there.
I’ll go one more time.
Alright, here I go!
Whoa! That was fun!
And there is one more slide.
Come on!
Oh, wait.
That one is really wet.
Ok, I don’t want to go on that one.
I’ll go down-
Hey, I have an idea.
How about I take you
for a ride down here.
Alright, here we go!
Oh, that playground was really fun!

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