EPIC Pinball Marble Elimination Tournament (Season 8 Finale)

welcome back ladies and gentlemen to
another marble race here on M&H racing
today we’re bringing back the ultra rare
Galt Pinball Racer while 12 marbles will
be competing in a elimination tournament
for first place
and here are marbles
which one do you think will win we have
Hade’s Eye, Blue Fantasy, Yellow Wings as
well as many other marbles competing in
this tournament special thanks to the
fans for giving out the names for each
and every one of them and our first race
now in a way both of them down that
starting grid boy does it excite path
and now all them join the first funnel
that’s already extremely intense folks
and Yellow Wings gets the lead and one
by one all marbles now entering the
second funnel and it looks like Blue
Fancy had to lead there but was pushed
out by the other marbles Yellow Winks
out keeping the lead Blue Fantasy almost
had it there but it’s just too intense
all marbles now making it to funnel number
three the last funnel before the
extremely unpredictable pinball dish and
Earthworm makes it first down to the
pinball dish will he get it down and no
he doesn’t Yellow Wings looks to be in
the lead and he finishes the course
first Candy Pop coming in at second
followed by Cocktail
we still have some tight battles in that
pinball dish and coming down now we
have Deep Forest, White Light and
Bumblebee and you definitely don’t want
to be the last three funnels finishing
or else you’ll be eliminated and it
looks like Earthworm Grasshopper and
Blue Fantasy are our three marbles
eliminated our nine remaining
competitors will finish based on how
they finished last race here we go our
second matchup who’s gonna take it and
we’re off once again down the winding path and into the first funnel
and round and round they go Cocktail had
the lead there but Hade’s Eye seem to have it
but Cocktail gets it back into the first
funnel Hypnotizer coming in a second
followed by White Light but it’s once
again a tight competition as we move
into that second funnel Yellow Winks
seems stuck up there after starting the
grid first I don’t know how this has
happened but he’s way far behind my gosh
boys he’s definitely gonna have to catch
up if he wants to stay in and back in
front looks like Candy Puff gets in the
pinball dish first and it looks like the
Hypnotizer finishing first Oh in its a
photo finish between Hypnotizer
and Candy Pop good but the good news for
both of them is that they will both be
in the next round. Deep Forest and Hade’s Eye
come in at fourth and fifth followed by
Mystery Swirl and unfortunately it looks
like White light, Yellow Wings and
Cocktail our three marbles eliminated
from that round and with that only six
marbles remain who’s gonna take it and
the six models are off down the first
track down the slithery path and into
the first funnel all marbles trying to
cut through one another and looks like
Grasshopper now has the inside corner
but Candy Pop once again takes the lead but
he gets a nice hit by Hade’s Eye
Mr. Swirl coming in further behind and now looks
like the Hypnotizer is stuck up there
will he be able to get it back guys
meanwhile back in front Hade’s Eye and Bumblebee
were fighting neck and neck but Bumblebee
puts a nice hit on him and they both go
one-on-one once again and they’re not
alone with Candy Pop and Mystery Swirl
joining the fun and Hade’s Eye gets the lead
into the pinball dish doing the pinball dish
no problem down the Plinko
maze and finishing first. Candy Pop
following behind finishing second. Candy
Pop certainly had a solid game so far
Bumblebee now coming down at third
followed by Mystery Swirl and Bumblebee
gets the win Mystery Swirl looked to a
beating him there let’s get a look at
the replay and it looks like Mystery
Swirl with a slight lead there but Bumblebee
just had a bit more stamina and
unfortunately looks like Mystery Swirl
will be eliminated while Bumblebee
advances and only three marbles remain
only one Marvel will be eliminated from
this round
the final two will battle it out in a
one-on-one all three marbles now making
it down with the first funnel it’s a
neck-and-neck between Hade’s Eye and Bumblebee
and Bumblebee gets a first to the second
funnel and it looks like Candy Pop is
now struggling Hade’s Eye and Bumblebee certainly
have some healthy competition here
Bumblebee now making it down will he be
able to catch up? Looks like Bumblebee has
a slight edge and yes he does into the
third funnel and Hade’s beats Candy Pop
into the second funnel
He almost had him there oh what a nice
hit on Hade’s Eye now looks like Bumblebee has a
solid edge while Candy Pop
and Hade’s Eye battle it out
now we have Bumblebee in the pinball
dish will he be able survive
oh no he gets stuck and looks like Candy Pop
will have to free him this is his opportunity
to get revenge and yes he does! Candy Pop
gets him first. Hade’s Eye placing second
and bumblebee losing his race long lead
oh my goodness guys what a major
disappointment for him anyways guys back
to the competitions now our finals we
have Hade’s Eye and Candy Pop
Hade’s Eye has good lead down to the first funnel but
anything can certainly happen from now
to the finish line looks like Hade’s Eye has
the slight edge there ooh! Candy Pop
cutting in there but Hade’s Eye counters it
right away into the second funnel
neck-and-neck guys once again who’s
gonna make the first move Hade’s Eye gets
the inside corner and Cotton Candy
counters it this time makes it first
down to the third funnel what will Hade’s Eye do to get his lead back? we’ll only
have to find out there we see Hade’s Eye
trying to read Candy Pop’s next move
just skimming him there for a second but
Candy Pop still has the lead and
Candy Pop makes it first to the pinball dish
will he make it down?? Oooh struggling
there yes he does
candy pop makes it down the zigzag and
he will win the Galt Pinball Elimination
Tournament!!! Good game to Hade’s Eye as
well for trying his very best from start
till the very end of the tournament and
our final results are now in Candy Pop
finishing first Hade’s Eye second and
Bumblebee placing third be sure to
follow all of our social medias for more
M&H Racing and also subscribe and smack
that Bell icon so you don’t miss a
future race happy racing as for me I’m
signing off

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