Ladies and gentlemen, I Feel so good right now. I don’t know what it is. I wanted to premise this video with just letting you know that Everything’s going great, and then the Sun is out again It’s crazy how much the weather affects my mood the fact that it’s already becoming springtime It’s just around the corner. I can feel that juicy sweet Sun in heat. Oh Oh sir meows alot is just fantastic today. We’re playing Escape the bowling alley in roblox. I don’t really know what’s going on here I personally quite enjoy bowling alleys so why would anybody ever want to escape why don’t we ask this guy right here? The boss has gone mad and locked all the customers in the bowling alley to find a way to escape oh But wait a second if we were locked in the bowling alley isn’t that fine because then we can just play bowling For the rest of our life, huh that wouldn’t be so bad. You know bowling is fun people go to bowling alleys for birthday parties Well, it’s a if anything you should be looking forward to being in the bowling alley. What’s all this stuff. Oh my goodness What’s why am I huge hello? Okay, I was not expecting that and then why was to me this Sir meows alot, pinchy you’re huge! Pinchy that was terrifying please never do that again okay? How do we get back to normal? We’re just hopping around now all right? Hold on This guy’s names is prock oll poop, prock oll poop what, oh no no no its prock loop i thought it was prock oll poop And why does my camera keep falling down yeah, all right? Anyways though fine. We’re locked inside the bowling alley I’ll humor it and we’ll try to escape And we need to escape use the bowling ball to get to them to the next area. Hey, man Can you talk alright is everything? Okay? Do you need some sort of speech therapy? And you use the bowling ball to get to the next area. How does that work Wow? We’re the bowling ball, huh? Scrag baby – what I’m talking about right there Is this the behind-the-scenes of bowling alleys I didn’t realize they just had Piles of pins like this that doesn’t seem very efficient at all Okay, but if we come in here whoa This is the pins factory watch out for this lava Okay, I don’t know why I don’t know why there would be lava in the back End of the the bowling alley none of this ever makes any sense why can’t we get some realism? Yeah, it’s about time. We have some real awesome. This is realistic roblox game modes. Don’t you say stream a lot? I think so at least it’s ok 360 Ok I promise, I will never 360 ever again if I do you can unsubscribe Please don’t though See I don’t even need to 360. I’m just terrible alright. We’re gonna focus now everything’s gonna be fine Do we have to jump on these that’s pretty interesting Apparently not all we’re supposed to come this way okay alright fine fine. I suppose we could do that oh Okay, I don’t know why I’m doing so garbage right now Focus tennis focus alright guys I’m not going to die until We’re on stage three right now. Let’s say. I’m not allowed to die until stage Seven okay, so that’s four stages in a row that I absolutely have to survive 100% and if I fail well oh come on what was that what do what they do whoa whoa? Why did I die there? There was some invisible? Wall? I don’t think that should count at all Something was very very off there, and I really don’t know what oh Oh, oh, oh never mind this thing is spinning So whenever I hopped onto it it probably no. That’s not it at all what? Well, how could me why did I fall then whenever that was weird I? Really feel like I didn’t just miss it unless I did No, you know that guy down there tried taking a shortcut Okay, but now I won’t die until stage seven okay guys actually half of this since I died there I won’t die until stage eight do we got a deal okay? They’re shooting little poops out of here, then once those come through whoa what? It killed me a dad is ridiculous I don’t even know how to control this like how am I supposed to avoid that okay? There you go no I like it since when are there poop splitters. Why do you ever need a machine that splits poop into two eyes? I guess you don’t clog the giant toilet That’s where it all goes right there These platforms look rusty, I would make your jumps quick, okay good Do they actually disappear though? Oh they do? Whoa Nice nice nice. I do like that. Okay. What was jump like this? much Easier this way there. We go oh That drip there scared me, okay fine. Oh, wait a second stage eight we did it Congratulations everybody Especially me all right. We can do this now now that I know where the drips go yeah, okay, so I know there’s one like right here somewhere, and I would write dirt I Was pretty lucky not gonna lie okay? Italy go hello This is the borrowed room the bowling ball room tinier jumps carefully Okay That’s okay, though because there’s always attempt numeral two Yeah Yeah, okay. I’m gonna wait for that one, and then you got to make it quick oh Oh, we had plenty time that was good. We’re too fast for our own good Can I actually saf myself, Oh what? Okay, come on mr.. Bowling ball. I’m going towards you this time. Oh, that’s fine. We’re still we had plenty of time No worries whatsoever? Okay Yeah, I don’t know where we are now, this is the same no I Was gonna ask if it was the same room we were in earlier that had those piles of bowling pins Which is clearly not the case because it definitely wasn’t this large and didn’t have so much death involved, okay? Here we go don’t miss Does anyone ever question why Roblox characters survive falls like that or do we just accept it also lets the safe. No admittance authorized personnel only uh-oh Okay wait hold on This is the abandoned bowling alley watch out for that giant, uh wall oh, it’s like escape them That came dangerously close. It’s like the escape the the speeding wall Game not the RB like it’s the game But then they play isn’t the same guy the same guy make the two game modes Maybe I don’t know probably not maybe just a little Easter Egg as well as right here a subscribe to Dennis oh Thank you. Thanks sploshy. I appreciate that I don’t ask for these things guys trust me It’s not like I have some sort of partnership here. They just throw it in so that’s sweet awesome Thank you so much. Okay. I don’t know what to do here though. Oh, there’s actually a hole over there Hello me I’m gonna have to go now though. Okay, and Wait sorry hold on sir males lots of nudging Nudging the side of my face, what is it sir males a lot Mayo mill mill mill mill? You want to have a word with that other sir me a lot? Okay Hey, man. How’s uh? How’s it going Gnomeo? So my sir man’s law wants to talk to to you Other sir miles law okay, sir meows ah what do you have to say? No You can’t say that sir meows a lot, that’s so rude He’s thought an impersonator faker phoney noob. What an awful choice of words I’m sorry about that guys. I’m gonna leave you be all right. He’s a little bit on edge right now. He gets very jealous Okay, come on It’s coming it’s coming Huh, okay, we’re good, and then that is past was bad to make our way over here, please Please don’t don’t do this. Don’t do this don’t do this Okay come on come on right into the okay diagonals are a bad idea That’s how you travel the longest distance if you’re in a square like this Yeah This distance is longer Than this distance or this distance, but if you add these two distances together It’s longer than just going diagonally if that makes sense That was the bath the bath of today’s video there you go. You don’t have to go to math class tomorrow You got it all right on this channel. You see Sir me a lot We we are the school That kids need they don’t need to go to school anymore if they’re subscribed to our Channel just kidding. I’m kidding Parents watching this video that was a joke Kids try hard in school get your homework done study hard if you haven’t done your homework yet Make sure you do that first and then come back watch this video there you go parents. Just did you they’re? Okay We have made it into the giant storage room make your way to the crane machine Why why we they don’t explain any of this stuff and also why is that why isn’t another portal underneath us? Huh are we gonna go to Satan’s domain later hmm? That was definitely not the jump let’s uh we’re gonna climb up here yeah there we go yeah That’s uh that was probably that should have been more obvious here. We go jump Over here around this whatever. This is this pink goop Do cotton candy maybe paint? Could be a lot of things It did subscribe to Baba juice Hey look at that does God. Did you see them make robots videos anymore? I don’t know. I really have no idea Whoa okay into the coin slot. We can we can calm down now we made it oh Why would we want to leave the bowling alley when we now have the riches of the claw machine? I don’t know someone needs to explain this because otherwise that’s a big plot hole in the in the story of escape the bowling alley We’re in the crane machine this pot looks tricky Yeah, I don’t know is it Didn’t seem tricky But I’m not entirely too sure why I died there unless I just done hit dud done hit that blue blue bit good Yeah, does it really look tricky though. Huh does it look tricky? No, not for us. This pad will boost your speed make your way up to the top. Huh all right. We’re not supposed to And then immediately after reading that I just try jumping over it here. We go speed run huh, and then a little 360? Come on guys how how do so many of you hate when I do these 360s It’s so worth it because you think it did you see risk factor involved and so that whenever you make it through Unbelievable, what is a life without risks? You know what I’m saying here we go We’re actually at the very top of the claw machine now So what are we supposed to do do we jump down into the candy? I don’t understand oh no I was supposed to jump into the where did they put the candy right right right? So this is one of those candy claw machines I actually do really like those ones especially the ones we play til you win. That’s fantastic here. We go yeah There’s if you’ve never seen one of those before I’m telling you right now there is play pay no pay paid not pay to win play to win play tell you and Play till you win candy machines So it’s like it doesn’t matter how many tries you take You’ll eventually get candy which is awesome and then sometimes it doesn’t even register That you put candy into the winners box so then you get to go again even though you already got candy. Love it. Love it I Also, remember I would shake the machines, and hope the candy would pour out Don’t do that very dangerous, and I would always get into trouble for it, but sometimes it worked sometimes I doubt they make machines like that anymore. I don’t know they probably got some fancy high-tech touchscreen candy machines Wouldn’t you say so sir meows a lot? I don’t know we’ve been around for a while now. We’re getting pretty old It’s always funny whenever like a 20 year old says that they they feel old so yeah come on Yeah, I still get called a baby sometimes Don’t call me a baby. I don’t We’re in the Attic of the bowling alley hmm could there be a way to turn the fire off Maybe just maybe but why’d we turn the fire off like what’s the point Oh to go through the chimney? I see I see I see well. There’s this button right here Go ahead and press that maybe it’s on little timer some Hmm well there you go. We did it ladies and gentlemen did we escape What is this real gamer craft one one one one one is playing the time trial Who’s real gamer craft one one one one one one? So what one one one one one? I? Don’t know we’ll go ahead and check that out real quick, but what’s this right here? So that’s the badge? And what’s going on over here? Are the pure usual guys we got to go ahead and get the blue path oh? Wow, who we we yes. We made it you take the badge now you can beat the time trail and find this this secret badge Yeah, schewe. I mean no we’re not gonna do that we’re ending the video here We beat the havi butts that is actually really fun. I do like how Spy training aw B We already played this ah be on the channel no no no no no no no no no no no no no Absolutely not how dare you how dare you keep providing me with all these free fun. Ah B’s. I’m leaving ladies and gentlemen That was the escape of the bowling alley It’s a great artist ik v well-made so huge Huge props to platinum falls as always our boy. We love them so much guys on that note I would like it Thank you so much for joining me for you know the roblox adventure if you enjoyed please remember leave the video would like Maybe even subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and don’t forget to check out the survey ocelot plushie Available at dennis daily comm link in the description below, but other than that. I will see you guys next time You


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