Hello friends welcome to my new video. Today im here in Orlando
and the reason I came is very curious
It’s because a lot resorts and amusement park wrote me
and they invited me to record for free
and i say of course
so here I am they invited me
and now i show you interesting things in Orlando and
the amusement etc
so come with me
in the next video of Fabio Torres
This is the hotel room and look is so awesome
is incredible is a luxury resort

is very nice
and look this tv with 3409584 channels
i have 2 beds
if i feel boring with my bed
i can jump to the other bed
i feel me so lucky
this travel was very good luck
Why is there a squirrel? explain me
look this breakfast
champions breakfast
these are all the calories I need in the day
you can take free food for your day
like bread, apple
and save money
i’m here in Aquatica the staff give me this glasses to look more sexy

this pleace is very nice, very big
i think is one of the better aquatic park that i visited
look at this paradisiacal place
i have the better work in the world
I appreciate the day I decided to be youtuber
this is the artificial beach is very nice and have waves

this watch shows how much time the waves have left

and it has sand, the first time I see an artificial beach with sand
I like artificial beaches because
you do not have the bad of the real beaches

how to swallow seawater
look this waves is so big
those girls can not stand
my float is the most xl

i find this frog in the pool
I think the frog is dead
I took it out to see if it lives.
these are true vacations!!! SHIT
Look this is a drying machine for humans

Like clothes dryers, but for humans.
something curious about the usa
is that the country is very big and everything is far away
then it is an obligation to use a car because osino one tires so much
at least in Orlando
today i come to bush garden tampa
is in Tampa
Many people told me that this park was very good and I could check it
I did fun things like trafficking lettuce to giraffes
I went up to many games especially to get wet because it was hot
look at this machine is for kids gamers
fortnite, roblox all you need is one that says minecraft
they are the happiest kids in the world getting wet
These squirrels are not part of the park, they are a plague in the USA
is like the rats here but are cute

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