Familjen flyger! VLOGG

Familjen flyger! VLOGG

Hey, hey! – We are on our way to…
– Dalarna! – We are going on a little adventure.
– Yes. And you are coming along, of course. What will we do there? We are going for a ride in a sailplane! – Exactly. Will it be exciting?
– Yes. Are you nervous? – Yes.
– No. Harry doesn’t seem nervous. – That’s good.
– This will be so fun and cool. We will have fun. I will be like… We left Stockholm an hour ago. I took the exit to Enköping. We need to eat lunch and charge the car
because we want to continue to drive eco friendly. “In 0.3 miles, turn…” She is talking to me. It’s hard to not giggle at you. You look like the neighbor
from the TV-show Beck wearing that neck support. – “Do you want a drink?”
– Is flying in a glider really a smart idea for you? I’m thinking that flying in a glider
is a super smooth and wonderful experience. This is from when daddy Axel injured his neck
at the trampoline park, if you didn’t know. – It has been a month now, right?
– Yes. Good! It’s charging. – Time to eat lunch.
– To charge ourselves. Yes, exactly. The Vesuvio over there. Oh, they look so good. Thank you. – Mommy, I don’t want one with pineapple.
– But that’s what you ordered. No, no, no. – You ordered a pizza Hawaii.
– You could have ordered this one, Vesuvio. Yes, it has only ham and cheese.
I will take your pineapple, it’s fine. – Are you all full and satisfied?
– Yes! – Is the car full and satisfied?
– Yes, it seems so. I’m ending the charging session. BORLÄNGE AERO CLUB – Hello, hello!
– Hi! – Welcome!
– Thank you. – Alma.
– My name is Ingemar. – Hello. Ingemar.
– Hussein. – Harry.
– Hello. Ingemar. That’s the plane. – Do you dare to fly in it?
– Yes. Really? But we will fly in that one over there.
You will fly in this one, you adults. It’s really small
so you will have to duck. This is what it looks like.
Can I pick you up and put you in the seat? Ooh. – Let me help you up.
– Mm. Sit down and put your feet up,
your legs are so short… there you go. This is the control stick.
You are a bit short. Can you reach it? Thats how you steer.
You can also move it sideways. You can see that
the back part moves. You have to move it carefully when you are flying.
It will be a very unpleasant ride if you move it too hard. – Are the wings moving?
– No, the rudders on top of the wings are moving. Look at that wing, can you see
something moving on the end of the wing? The airspeed indicator here shows how fast you’re flying.
I will fly at 190 km/h with your parents. (118 mph) – Is that fast?
– Very fast. Oh. This meter shows how high up we are.
We will fly at 1100 m. above the ground. (0.7 miles) – Let’s put this on you.
– Yes. Mommy! Let’s close it in the front. – So this is the parachute?
– Make it tighter. – Is this the parachute?
– Yes. It’s so windy. They have given us a rundown. This is my safety. Hold it down. Put your hand there, yes. Mommy… what if you have to parachute? – Well, then…
– No, your mom isn’t going to parachute. – Bye bye, honey.
– Bye bye. I’m a little nervous. I can’t kiss you. – Bye bye, mommy!
– Bye bye, mommy! – Are you nervous?
– Yes, a little bit. Harry, do you think that
mommy will need to parachute? – Yes.
– You do? – I think she will land somewhere over here, or over there.
– Oh. I’m waiting for it to fly fast enough
for us to go higher. – Are you comfortable?
– Yes. I’m strapping you in. – Okay, let’s make a loop.
– Yes. Oh my God! I mean… that was so cool. Incredible. So much fun! Awesome! I understand why people do this.
It was the coolest thing I have done in a long time. You are now 55 lessons away
from getting a glider pilot certificate. This is what Borlänge Aero Club stands for. Having fun in a safe way. I’m going to fly! – What will you be flying in?
– In that one. You have to be at least 15 years old to fly in a sailplane.
Alma and Harry will fly in this motor glider. Alma first. – I’m nervous.
– You don’t have to be. – It will be a little scary.
– Where’s the parachute? There is no parachute.
You don’t need it in this one. – You need to wear this headset so that we can talk.
– Oh, cool! “Hello, hello?” – This was so much fun!
– Yes. – What do you think?
– Yes. – It was so cool.
– I give this experience a big thumbs up. Alma gave a spontaneous thumbs up. This was so cool!
Thumbs up for Borlänge Aero Club, right? – Indeed!
– And don’t forget to thumbs up our vlog. It isn’t over yet. If you happen to pass by here, do this.
It was so cool! – I liked the mischievous things.
– What was that? – He flew like this, and like this.
– Oh, he flew a little funny with you. The thing is that watching it on video
doesn’t give you that feeling. – No!
– You have to be in the plane to feel it. Hussein is right. You have to
experience it to feel how cool it is. – But we hope we can convey some feeling.
– Yes. – Our adventure here in Dalarna isn’t over yet.
– We will now drive to our hotel in Tällberg. – Do you recognize this place?
– Yes. – We have stayed here before.
– Yes, we have. – The weather wasn’t as good last time.
– It was snowing, there was snow. Yes, it was. – Oh, right. This is your room.
– Yes. – You go this way and we go that way.
– Oh! – Will Hussein have his own room?
– Yes. Ooh… Welcome. Oh… This is very small room. – But very cozy.
– Oh, yes. There’s a head on the wall, it’s green. – It will start speaking in the middle of the night.
– You are so mean! – 32.
– 32, there! Look, Harry… it’s so fluffy. – Wow!
– Wow, it’s so nice. Oh, how lovely! A fireplace. Look, an outdoor pool.
We missed it last time we were here. And this fantastic view. Oh, it’s so quiet. Did you know that
this lake is an old crater? – What’s a crater?
– A huge rock fell from space. – Oh, in the middle?
– Boom, and it’s now a huge lake. It’s a new day in Tällberg. The sun is out
and it’s warmer than I thought it would be. We were exhausted yesterday.
We ate dinner and went to bed. Yes. – And now…
– And now… Jinx! We will drive
to lake Siljan for a swim. – I have heard that the water is always freezing.
– Yes, but… I don’t think that’s true. I have a weak heart. – Here you go.
– Thank you. – Should I put my bag in the back?
– Hey! That’s my seat. Oh, what a luxury. Our incredibly large cargo space. I am very happy, well – we are very happy,
to be ambassadors for Mitsubishi. This Outlander is a great family car with lots of cargo
space. It has taken us all around Sweden this summer. Not only that, we are also able
to drive eco friendly, most of the time. We mostly drive on electricity, at least for about
50 km (30 miles) before the gas kicks in. You get very good at finding these…
charging stations. – Oh God, I sounded like I was about to vomit.
– It was really funny. Are you ready? – What?
– Are you ready? YES! Yes, a playground! Yes! Alma! – Hold your arms out like an airplane. Good.
– Alma! – Should we get in the water?
– Yes! Let’s go. One… – Nice, Harry!
– Is it cold? – It’s your turn.
– One, two… – I can’t even finish counting.
– I know. Oh… – Was it cold?
– Yes. – It’s very peaceful here.
– And beautiful. – And freezing.
– In the water. – Yes, it was a bit cold.
– You feel even colder when you get up. The sun will come out soon. Speaking of “peaceful”,
I have a Question of the Day. I saw that our hotel, Green Hotel, will have
a screen-free weekend for families in October. My question for you is:
Could you go a weekend without using screens? Yes. No iPad, no Nintendo, no TV… – No Hussein’s phone.
– Nope. Would you make it? – Yes.
– Good. Alma? No, never! – You wouldn’t?
– No. – God, that’s sad.
– Yes. – I think you would make it.
– Me too. It’s just to remove it and you will do great. – What about you?
– I would never make it. Today’s youth! – Snapchat, Instagram. You can’t turn those off.
– It’s a disaster. – You and I grew up without screens.
– Oh yes! I’m putting you on screen detox. – Could you go a weekend without using screens?
– Comment down below. Thank you for watching this video! Please leave a thumbs up, or down. Leave comments, ask questions
and take care. See you soon! Bye bye!

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