Filipina bikini photoshoot | Del Maro Resort Part 1

Filipina bikini photoshoot | Del Maro Resort Part 1

Sam, sam, be careful
Why they are in adult pool?
Just stay here
Stay here

The video is on
The video is on
Did you bring the rice cooker cord extension?
We did not bring rice
Bombom said dont bring the cord
Youre pointing finger at me, i dont know anything about it
Rico, you want to eat first?
Later, but I did not pay the entrance fee

Where’s the fork and spoon?

You can have this Rico
So you can leave
Dont pass by there
Let me set this far so you can all pass by

I thought I want to break free

But Sarina is still there?
Yes, they stopped by in Leveriza to get food
So its ok now? I thought I have so send some food to Rico
Should I get a to-go?
You get a togo
So they already got food, its ok now
Come eat first
But they will cook rice
They only got food for
They got some rice for Karl
I want the bony parts
Just a little

Louella did you bring your swimsuit?
Did you bring your swimsuit?
View is good there, later we will go there
Youre getting a to-go?
I will get a to-go

Im on the camera
How’s the taste?
Its delicious
Its ok. The rice is soft.
Youre not allowed to eat there lance.
Read it
If there’s a lot of people, they dont care anymore.
Its good to have good tasting and very cold cocacola
Go and buy there
I think they are still close
Where is the change from entrance fee?
They will open now

Im finding something

Like fox, smelling
TJ you swim this area

its cold!

Why they are wearing shorts?
Let yanyan paddle her own using her hand
Ok let’s go to the other side
Stand up, stand!
But there’s CCTV here so it’s the same!
That’s it! that’s it! That’s it!
There, like a beauty queen

There’s stretch marks!
Let’s go to the other parts, there!
It’s sexy
Not there, we are done there!

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  1. Looks like a great resort Charmie! Nice to see so many beautiful women too! Added my usual massive like too! πŸ‘β€πŸ€˜

  2. lovely place for bikini photoshoot, wonderful swimming pool, lovely girls, glad you had a lovely time with family sis, great food, with a full view always.

  3. Thank you for sharing my old friend waiting for you at my house to visit as usual πŸ’— πŸ’ πŸ’— 🏑 πŸ” 🏑 😊 🌸 😊 🌸 😊 🌸 😊 🌸 😊 🌸 😊 🌸 😊 🌸 😊 🌸 😊 🌸 😊 🌸 😊 🌸 😊 🌸 😊 🌸 😊 🌸 😊 🌸 😊 🌸

  4. oh lala i love the booty so so gorgeous i saw you stop by to my channel i appreciate it sissy. your gorgeous and whole family having fun in the pool alot of foods to eat. hey be careful bikini beach body is on dont eat much lol.. i like how you edit all of these so creative. drone is so cool too

  5. Ang gaganda NAman ng Mga model nyo Heheeh. Any way have fun enjoy the moments.thaks for sharing new friends is here stay conn god blessed

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