Football-Stars – Introducing our STRYKZ Token to Transform Fantasy Sports

Football-Stars –  Introducing our STRYKZ Token to Transform Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports turns the passion supporters feel for their sport into online engagement
and with our new STRYKZ
we present you a new way to benefit from this passion
In Football-Stars, a thrilling and diversified gaming experience on web and mobile
football fans can play challenges by picking their dream team of real players
from dozens of upcoming real matches from all of the top European leagues every day
Once the real life game has been played, the results are calculated,
based on actual players’ real-life performance data
Whoever has the combination of players with the best stats wins
A white-label partnership with the German digital pay-TV station sportdigital
is live with competitions like the Chinese Super League, Japanese J-League and many more
To further enhance the Football-Stars platform, STRYKZ, a new crypto-currency token, will be introduced
The token will be used to reward users who actively contribute to the growth of the platform
by generating their own challenges, bringing in new users and creating exciting content
The users can also spend STRYKZ to enter the VIP club,
get early access to new features, or see exclusive content
We will team up with many more partners who will also offer
a great experience for football fans to further distribute the token
All of this will help to extend Football-Stars into a constantly growing community
driven platform for football fans around the globe and thus increase the demand for the token
Don’t miss out on this opportunity
Join us now:

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