what is going on guys it is your boy
Yogge here today I’m reading as a brand new fortnite video as you all know the
new season came out a new battle passes out so many new things are out right now
the game is so much fun to play so before I gonna start the video if you’re
new subscribe hit that notification bell boy and I go live a lot on this game is
so much fun and yeah basically guys I’m gonna show you guys the new umbrella you
unlock when you get it win if you don’t know yet basically the four night
tradition so far is that when a new season comes out basically if you get a
win or your first one you get an either solo squad or duos you get an umbrella
so a first one onto the season you get an umbrella and then Berlin this game
looks clean so if you guys make sure that’s the to delivery but first we
gotta roll that in trouble alright guys so getting straight to it
this is how the umbrella looks like it’s Chinese New Year themes I don’t know
what they’re going for really for this season for the battle plans they went
for like astronaut space vibes and then for like the updates and stuff they’re
going for you know the shrines like Chinese New Year type I don’t know what
they’re that I guess they’re doing a mix of both or something but yeah guys this
is a free umbrella you can get in the game as a glider this is the cleanest
one they’ve ever came out with the snowflake looked alright but the new
Paper Parasol one oh my god is this looks so clean guys it has a nice texture to it
and all that you can like see its defined and it just looks really really
clean in my opinion right now it’s the best glider I have and my little glider
section for my gliders to choose from but again I don’t have that much like I
didn’t get to battle pass last season I buy anything last season so we’ll see if
I get some better ones this season but man this umbrella looks pretty pretty
clean I’m not gonna lie to you guys so hey guys that’s basically I mean I don’t
know what else to say yeah if you have any questions tell me in the comments
down below and try to answer as best as I can but oh yeah again make sure you
guys if you’re new subscribe a notification button come join my streams
and uh but I guess I guess it’ll be for all this time if you guys enjoy me share
subscribe and stay healthy you know yeah I’ll see you guys on the next one she
said do you love me I don’t only partly I only love my bed
mom I’m sorry 50 dove I even got it at it on me
81 they’ll bring the crusher to the party
hey you know me Turner Oh – into the O 3 without 40 Ally Debbie know me
imagine if I never met the broski’s guys plan

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