Ghutka Ka Karobar Kesa Hai ? | (English Subtitle) Mas’alah # 203

Ghutka Ka Karobar Kesa Hai ? | (English Subtitle) Mas’alah # 203

Ask Mufti Tariq Masood How is it to conduct business in “gutka” (chewing tobacco)? Is it permissible to sell it or not? Sohail from Maharashtra asks the question. I have recorded an answer to a question on this channel… …with regards to cigarette and tobacco. So the ruling with regards to the use of “gutka” is more strict than the use of cigarettes and tobacco. Because the harmful effects of cigarettes are not as bad as that of “gutka” There are a lot incidents … and the use of “gutka” has an immediately adverse effect on health. And this is why, I feel that conducting trading (business) in “gutka”… … cannot be stated as permissible. Consuming “gutka” is not allowed and conducted business is also not allowed, because the harmful effects are immediate and there are many side effects. Cancer being one of them. We have seen our friends, in their youth, dying from cancer due to consuming “gutka” . And some of them had their mouths closed; they could not open their mouth. We have not seen such harmful side effects in the use of cigarettes. So, this is why you cannot use the same logic as that of cigarettes and tobacco. However, it is not as unlawful or haram as compared to alcohol. Nevertheless, it is still not permissible to conduct business in “gutka”. And it definitely is harmful and its side effects are clear… …and it can be seen. Also, it has a very bad smell. The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) stopped us from going to the mosque after eating raw onions. So, the smell of cigarette and tobacco can be quickly removed. But the smell of “gutka” cannot be quickly removed and visually it is very unappealing. Whereas, anything that harms other Muslims is also not allowed. The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) used to take extreme care in the cleanliness of teeth. So, making teeth so unclean as if they appear that someone has eaten something dirty. Similar to how the teeth of “gutka” eaters appear, especially when you see them while they’re eating “gutka”. A person feels like vomiting. So, doing something that harms another Muslim is also not permissible. Therefore, we understand that conducting business in “gutka” is not permissible. However, you can also contact other scholars with regards to his matter. You can also refer to them. Ask Mufti Tariq Masood

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  1. Saaf-saaf kaha jae k ye kaam haram hai, isse cancer hota hai aur insaano ki jaane jaati hai, families tabah Hoti hai, daant aese hote hai jaise gutter k paani ka rang hmesha k lye chad gya ho daanto pr.

  2. Allah mujhe aur sabko bachaye aise burai se..ameen..
    Je mufti sahab bilkul sahe..
    Itni badbu ohh mujhe tu vomit feel hota hai aisi badbu se…..
    Allah ka shukar hai Allah ne bacha rakha hai

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