Giant snail race 416 16 April 2 Pinball

Racerx Gullwing: Welcome to the Giant Snail
(The crowd goes wild)
Hello, And welcome to the giant snail races
I’m Racerx Gullwing and its pinball today
Pinball Wizard day
And next to me is
Oh hi Loopy
Mae Best: Did we lose Tindy
Racerx Gullwing: Tindy looks like she is still
Hey Mae do you want to say Hi
Mae Best: Hydi ho and welcome to the Giant
Snail Races
Racerx Gullwing: And Tindy say hi
Tindy: HI Tindy
Racerx Gullwing: And that’s got to be Shayna
Shayna: Yes it’s me
Hello everyone and welcome to the giant snail
Racerx Gullwing: and Oodle mi, you’re wearing
another…What is this? Why do you have Frankenstein
on your shirt?
Oodle mi: It’s not Frankenstein its Lurch
Everyone: No it’s Frankenstein
Racerx Gullwing: He is a well-known pinball
player is that right?
Oodle mi: It’s all true this is lurch
Racerx Gullwing: And driving the balloon today
It’s Randal
Say Hi to Randal
Randal: Hey I’m Randal Shady’s real life
I’m going to be flying this thing as fast
as I can
And now we are going down to RacerX and recap
Racerx Gullwing: Close enough
Ok so here we are in season 2
The fifth week the final race today
And we have five races so far and so far we
Queenie Promise in 1st with 38 points
In second place we have Lobbie Riggles
Abby Black and Lulee Babenco tied for 3rd
with 26 points
Dynamite Steve in fifth with 14points
Baby Pea in 6th with 11 points
Caleb kit at seventh with 8 points
And that’s it
And now we go down the rabbit hole to the
first race of the day
Crowd screams in horror
Shayna: Nobody got to see my lovely underwear
Mae Best: Who didn’t wear their underwear
RacerX Gullwing: So we made it
Let’s go over to the seats and get this
next first race started
So over here
Look at this great audience we have over here
Thanks for coming everybody
I hope you all win best in show
Oodle mi Noodle: Can’t all win
RacerX Gullwing: I just like them
Tindallia Soothsayer: They are all winners
RacerX Gullwing: They are all winners in my
Ran Dal: The only way to win is not to play
No wait that’s backwards
RacerX Gullwing: Lulee you’re in the purple
Over here in the purple scarf is Lulee Babenco
Ran Dal: We are counting on you!
RacerX Gullwing: Abby Black in the red scarf
Tindy: RUN
Lobby Riggles in the blue scarf
And in the green scarf is baby pea
Woo hoo
And Queenie Promise in the Cyan scarf
And we are ready to go
Hit the button there Tindy
Tindy: Hitting the button
RacerX: Always like to make a note
That you can put money into that thermometer
thing will go straight into our sim and make
us last another month
You can do that any time in a week
You don’t have to do it today
While you are here would make it the best
time wouldn’t it?
That means that the cow is almost in the air
Here it comes
Thank you
Thank you so much for putting money in that
Did the cow fire?
Oodle mi Noodle: Cow has exploded against
the wall
There it is
And they are off
Oodle mi Noodle: Hamburger
Ran Dal: I want a Hamburger now
Shayna: Hey that is my line
Mae Best: You stepped all over her line
Oh and they just stepped all over the sheep
RacerX: Baby Peas is stuck at the beginning
Ran Dal: Starting at the beginning is a good
Oodle mi: Start over
Tindy: She stepped on a sheep mine
RacerX: wait a minute, Baby Pea did not have
her HUD on I think
Oodle mi: Just go!
Mae Best: We will watch you
We will figure it out
RacerX: The scoreboard still knows what is
going on
We just can’t see which check point your
Oh there goes one under the water there
Another one goes into the water
Mae Best: OOOH Lulee
Watch out for those sharks
And the electronics in the water…Buzz
Tindy: Abby is in first
Queenie is in Second
Lobby is in third
RacerX: The Red bench is in the lead
Our old friend Bed Time is back on the red
Tindy: Coming to the mushrooms
Mae: Lobbie is in front
Lobbie Riggles followed by Lulee Babenco
Ran Dal: Go Lulee
Tindy: She just got a very high hop
Queenie has taken over first place
Followed by Abby in second
Shayna: Too fast I can’t type it
Tindy: Lulee is third
Ran Dal: Go Lulee
Tindy: they were neck and neck
And going out of the ice cream first is Queenie
Ran Dal: Snails have necks?
Tindy: Second out of the ice cream is lobby
Mae: They are all neck
Tindy: Followed close by Lulee
Oodles: The neck is between their head and
their body
Ran Dal: But I think that is the body
Shayna: It kind of blends
Ran Dal: Does it blend?
Oh look there are pinballs coming down
Everyone: Multi-ball
RacerX: It was made for this originally, the
multi ball
Ran Dal: Leeluu Multiball
Tindy: Queenie has quite a big lead
Oodle: Queenie is taking off
Tindy: Queenie is first
Lulee is second
Third is a tree
RacerX: I would love to
(Obviously Racer is in IM with a snail bunny)
Oh now Baby Pea’s HUD is working
Tindy: She put it on
Oodle: That is why she stopped
RacerX: It figured it out
Tindy: It is smart
RacerX: I didn’t know you could add the
HUD and still have it work like this during
the race
Tindy: Going through check point two
Oodle: We are on Second lap
RacerX: Lap Two
Tindy: Abby is
in fourth
Coming down hard the balls
Lulee is in first?
Queenie is a close second
Shayna: Hey Racer did you hear that music?
RacerX: No, what music?
Shayna: Ok good
The theme to rocky
RacerX: Touch my hat, I heard that
Francis touched my hat
Thank you
Ran Dal: Touch my hat?
Tindy: Lulee is first
RacerX: Don’t touch my hat
Well touch my hat if you want, I don’t care
Leave a trail of fireworks back there behind
Tindy: Hey guys what is happening during the
RacerX: It is close between Queenie and Lulee
Very close
Enough with the hat talk
Oodle: Let’s see if the sharks can stop
one of them
Tindy: They are friendly Sharks, snails on
the other hand
Ran Dal: Maybe they are only working on minimal
RacerX: They stop after about 30 feet in the
air for some reason
That is technology we are working on
Ran Dal: Half life
Tindy: Queenie is reaching the mushrooms
Still in first place
Ran Dal: Go Lulee
Tindy: who is now in the mushrooms in second
Ran Dal: Push on Push on
Tindy: Queenie is past the mushrooms
RacerX: Oh look at the logo on the board back
Good place for that
Here we are for the final lap
The finish
Ran Dal: I am still amazed that this sim still
works with all this stuff going on
Do you think they plan at Linden labs on Saturdays
to watch this sim?
RacerX: Keep an eye on the sim
We had to get a Linden assigned to us
Oodle: We crashed out sim again
RacerX: It’s not coming back
Queenie pops up into the sky
Tindy: Run run run
And queenie comes in first
After a big super hop
RacerX: And then comes Lulee
Ran Dal: I jumped up In the middle of the
air with my cheer
RacerX: Abby black coming in third
And in fourth place is Lobbie Riggles
And fifth place they are all here
We can do the recap
So in first place we had Queenie Promise
And ah it sort of stuck there, oh there we
go it got bigger
Now go back where you belong
And in Second place is Lulee Babenco
Not getting bigger either
Tindy: You broke it
Oodles: You killed it
RacerX: Filming camera is not seeing that
Three little abs came in third
Fourth place is Lobbie Riggles
And fifth was baby pea
That’s fun
Next we go up to
Mae Best and the best in show
Alright Mae tell us about the best in show
Hydi ho and welcome to the Best in Show! Today’s
theme is Pinball
I didn’t hear the audience members cheering
Let’s do that one again
Coin Operated Pinball which was based originally
on a a
tabletop ball game using a spring launcher
which was actually banned in most large American
cities until the mid-70’s because pinball
was seen as gambling. To be fair, pinball
did not involve a lot of skill in the early
years and was in actuality a game of chance.
Flippers were not invented until 1947.
This game was believed by the Supreme Court
to be a mafia run racket…so I guess that
makes our Bunny a racketeer and a true gangster…which
only goes to prove… real gangsters pull
their pants up and wear a belt.
Today we have 9 snails dressed and eligible
for prizes.
Oodle mi Noodle you have won 8th runner up
with your traditional Oods Spikes and rebellious
attitude. Oods gave me some fun trivia just
before the show and told me that because pinball
was illegal for so long it was seen it be
a symbol of youth and rebellion. If you watched
a movie or a TV show, and it portrayed to
the audience that a particular character was
a rebel. For example, The Fonz from the popular
hit series Happy Days was often seen playing
He was a bad bad boy
He was… oh…Wasn’t he though
Whispering wind, yay,
Whisper a part of team ferret, you have won
7th runner up with your matching token to
Catten Carter I was surprised that Whisper
did not do a playboy bunny version of pinball.
Hugh Heffner posed for 3 pinball back boards.
Whisper how many times would have made our
play boy bunny pose?
Moving on to
Babypea you have won 6th runner up with your
snail shell decked out in the bright pinball
style showing us that you play to win and
you are launching your way to the win in style
Lobbie Riggles Lobbie you have won 5th runner
up with your snail shell ready for some serious
flipper action as you prepare to get ready
to shoot your snail to a winning success.
Your snail looks like it is designed to flip
around the track, good luck out there Lobbie
Catten Carter, part of team ferret, you have
won 4th runner up with your snailed out version
of a pinball token, but Catten is no Token
racer and he is big competition out there,
good luck out there today Catten.
Go team ferret
Alden Cortes you have won 3rd runner up with
your snail dressed to bump off the competition
and tilt the other players as she leaves them
in her electronic dust. Good luck at the next
race Alden.
Queenie Promise you have won 2nd runner up
with your snail decked out in gumball err
pinball style … now I want gum… Queenie’s
shell is telling us GAME OVER, and she can
say so, she has been doing great in the first
races. Yay Queenie
Lulee Babenco Lulee is the princess of Ragland
you have won 1st runner up with your snail
dressed in neon splendor and look at those
high scores…scores are up HERE gentlemen
up here. Lulee did a great job in that 1st
Tindallia Soothsay you have won Best in Show
with your pinball wizard. Tindy is the true
sorceress of the track and keeps us in awe
with the magic that she delivers each week
through hard work and imagination. Thank you
for all you do for us Tindy. This is indeed
yet another masterpiece. Good luck in the
next race.
Alden Cortez you have won honorable mention-
with her snail that shows us, sometimes you
tilt and sometimes you’re special. Good
job on your shell Alden and best of luck in
the next race.
And so we before we get ready for our second
race a little pinball trivia… the most popular
pinball game was The Adams Family. hence my
Wednesday appearance on a Saturday race.
The Who’s pinball wizard opera was actually
a tribute to being young and rebellious rather
than a quirky teen, this fact was lost on
many viewers as by then pinball was mostly
legally in 1971.
A special Thank you to our audience members
today and for those who did not yet vote for
your favorite dressed to theme member send
that vote to Shayna who is dancing in front
of the audience.
Thank you to the sponsors of our show, Kerhops
innovations, Treet TV, you tube where you
can subscribe to our show, don’t forget
to like us, share us on Facebook. And a special
thank you for those who contribute to our
island tier, your contributions keep our snails
Now back to the pinball wizard of OUR sim,
Racerx Gullwing and snail dude
RacerX: That is the wrong keyboard, hang on
Hello this is RacerX Gullwing
I am here with my favorite little friend here
Snail dude
Our dare devil snail
That is you snail dude
Get right into that Cannon
Should be a lot of fun
Get right in that cannon
Cuz I don’t have all day
There he is in there
Good Deal
Prepare to be astonished
Mae Best: I’m amazed
Tindy: I’m astonished
RacerX: I’m prepared
Ran Dal: How does it work?
RacerX: He’s off
There he goes
Get ready to scream
C’mon you guys
Here he comes here he comes will he make it
to the water
C’mon out take a bow snail dude
Here he comes
Woo hoo
And the tinies show their displeasure
RacerX: Multi ball got him
Some of the multi balls are getting stuck
in the audience
Catten Carter: Those Bastards they killed
Snail Dude!
RacerX: Oh yeah there he is
That’s so sad
Tindy: Game Over
Catten Carter: Evil bunny
Woo hoo
RacerX: Yeah look at the audience
Oods: It’s like a skittles commercial
RacerX: Feel the rainbow
Let’s go to the Stats for the Second race
of the day
Let’s go over and do that
Oods: Racer is using his cheat sheet
Shayna: Finally
RacerX: So here we are in the pro race with
season two fifth week
There is one more race to go
So far we have
Tindallia Soothsayer in the lead with 44 points
Second Place Oodle Mi Noodle with 34 points
Alden Cortez in third with 24 points
Whispering Wind in fourth with 16 points
Catten Carter in fifth with 15 points
Queenie Promise in sixth with 11 points
And the rest
Dynamite Steve in seventh with 9 points
Lobbie Riggles in eighth with 8 points
Abby Black in ninth with 5 points
Lulee Babenco Tied with Baby pea for tenth
with 4 points
And now we go and see who is out there for
the final race of the day
And out here in the second race here
In the Purple scarf is Lulee Babenco
In the red scarf is Abby black
Oodle mi noodle in the blue scarf
In the green scarf Alden Cortes
Queenie promise in the cyan scarf
Tindallia Soothsayer in the yellow scarf
And Catten Carter in the orange scarf
And over here
is Whispering Wind in the pink
Close enough
Alright now we go over here to Shayna and
the button
Go ahead Shayna
Shayna: Hello everyone I guess I am going
to press that button
Ran Dal: Press the button
Shayna: Here we go
Tindy: Do it
Shayna: I’m doing it
Ran Dal: It isn’t working
Shayna: It will, Gotta dance first, as always
Oods: It’s a race
Kitty in the shark’s mouth: Meow Meow 3
meow meow 2-1 ME OW!
Oods: Did you push the button yet
Tindy: I would think so
Ran Dal: here we go, the beginning of the
race And there it goes
Oods: I hope these flippers don’t work
RacerX: The flippers are solid
Tindy: Racer put them in so…
Shayna: Ouch Ouch Ouch
Oods: OMG
Ran Dal: Balls!
Oods: Multi ball
Ran Dal: BALLS!
Shayna: Gold balls falling from the sky
Ran Dal: That is what everyone wants
RacerX: I don’t know why I am not getting
any of that
Baby Abs… Baby Abs
I am mixing two names together
Abby Black
Tindy takes the lead
Oodle mi is in second
Whispering Wind in third
And Lulee Babenco is in fourth
And the rest are in that pile there
Tindy: And the Rest.
Ran Dal: Its being amazing time
RacerX: Indians call it corn
Tindy: It never gets old
RacerX: It never gets old that joke I tell
And another one shoots over the maze
Oodle mi you have to get four go back for
Oods: I’m going I’m going
Tindy: Run Run, Run Run!
RacerX: Everyone goes over the maze except
for…whoever those two are
That was helpful info right?
Lulee is stuck in the maze
Ran Dal: Turn right turn right
Tindy: No your other right
RacerX: Abby Black has to go through the maze
Where are our leaders again?
Are they coming through the gates already?
There they are
Bouncing across the shark tank
Ran Dal: They might fall in
RacerX: Oodle mi in third and the other one,
whispering in fourth
Shayna: No the other way around
Ran Dal: The Giant Pan in space
RacerX: Stuff in the sky now
Oods: I wouldn’t say I am catching up to
Tindy though
Shayna: You were more behind a minute ago
RacerX: You it is close between you and whispering
Oods: Whispering is right up my *bleep*
RacerX: You have to come in first Oodle mi
is that right?
And then Tindy needs to come in last in order
for you to win this season?
Oods: I don’t think it’s going to happen
RacerX: Naah I think Tindy got this sewn up
Oods: Especially now
As I did a fail launch over the maze
RacerX: Where are you going Tindy?
Oods: Where you going Tindy?
RacerX: Maybe I crashed I don’t know it
looks like you are heading off
Ran Dal: I am watching the sky now for some
RacerX Did the sim Crash?
Oods: No, I hope so
RacerX: I am watching Tindy walk off into
the distance
Tindy: YOU might be watching Tindy walk into
the distance
RacerX: Did you finish the race?
Mae Best: Tindy just went underground for
RacerX: yea, she is back on the course for
Tindy: I don’t know what’s wrong with
you people
I’m still going
RacerX: Just ignore us, just pretend you are
Tindy: Thank you I will
Mae Best: We are easy to ignore
Racerx: Look at this, Tindy is now half a
lap ahead these two
Ran Dal: Lulee is trying to cross checkpoints
out of order
Oods: We lost Whispering but now Catten is
RacerX: Lulee needs four
Shayna: Who is behind Oods right now?
Oods: Whispering is not gone, she’s not
gone she is in the maze
RacerX: Whispering is right behind
Oods: NO that is Catten
I have my rear view mirror on
I have eyes on top of my stalks
RacerX: The only difference between Catten
and Whispering is
Mae Best: Of course
Tindy: Tindy is coming up to check point five
Tindy is going through the start gate
(RacerX misses the win as he ogles the Boobies)
Mae Best: Queenie’s got glasses on, it just
kills me
RacerX: There goes a snail over the maze
And Tindy won it back there a while back
Tindy: YES!
RacerX: Good that is very good
Tindy: At least somebody was commenting on
RacerX: Oh so somebody did say something?
Tindy: Yeah me
RacerX: Looks like Catten is coming second
And there it is
Catten for second
Tindy: Yay Catten
RacerX: Bad time to switch hands on the fly
I was trying to do the fly cam left handed
Not good
Tindy: Oods is coming in
Oods is coming in for third
RacerX: Oh Oh queenie has to go back up the
ramp again she has fallen through
Tindy: Oh I hate it when that happens
RacerX: We have a third place, Oodle mi came
in third
That was a while ago
Tindy: Use the spring
Racerx: Here we go fourth place, no, that
one has to go around again
Lulee do one more lap around the course
Tindy: Queenie is coming down
RacerX: Fourth place is queenie
Alden takes fifth
Ran Dal: Alden is fifth
Tindy: Whispering is trying for the spring
but it is not working for her
Oods: Abby passed her
Tindy: Abby just went up the ramp
Mae Best: What happened to Alden?
Tindy: Alden came in 5th
Mae Best: Oh sorry my bad
Oods: Lulee is on the back straight
RacerX: And we know where Lulee is coming
in last place
I keep hearing myself
Ran Dal: Something local, local audio
RacerX: In first place was Tindallia Soothsayer
The winner of this season, season 2
Catten Carter came in second
Oodle Mi noodle came in third
Fourth place queenie promise
Fifth place Alden Cortes
And in sixth place is Little Abs, Abby black
Seventh is Whispering Wind
8th will be Lulee Babenco when she gets here
Oods: Lulee is here
Here comes Lulee
RacerX: Here she comes huh?
And now is the time on snail racing when we
Igotta is doing his own dance out there
Tindy: Randal is excited
Mae: I think Randal is a little jazzed
RacerX: Time to pull out all your gestures
here, go for it
And the audience down here
Mae: What is our theme next week Tindy?
Tindy: Save your quarters
we are going to have Video games Theme
Ran Dal: So there won’t be a lot of changes
Tindy: Oh there WILL be a lot of changes
I will keep the coins
Everyone: Bye
Shayna: See you next time on the giant snail
Don’t forget to wear your best costume for
best audience and best snail

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