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  1. You were the pilot in command and you refer to ground effect as magical. You know downdrafts and micro bursts are just angels farting.

  2. Thank you. I wasn't looking for this kind of video but it was a random pop up in my feed and was very enjoyable to watch. I am now looking for a glider flight near me.

  3. good thing you're in gliders because if you cant understand something as simple as ground effect you dont need to be in the air at all

  4. Ok since everyone is explaining what ground effect is, let me unexplain it. GE or ground effect is the perceived effect that the ground has on your wings through the air. It also effects ground squirrels and other ground animals and insects. Similar to ground beef, ground effect is delicious and nutritious. Unlike chemical based effects, ground effect is non GMO and gluten free. Relating to aeroplanes in general, the ground effect is very important because without the ground, there's not many places to go really. I mean water looks like water everywhere you go. Also the ground holds the air on top of it. The downside of ground however is that it is often very hard and dusty.

    A really real comment… I love the look of the cockpit.

  5. Soviet Union build huge aircraft on this effect, as far as I remember, they fly in 10-30m above ground or sea and lift amazing amounts of cargo.

  6. Or because Air gets compressed between the lower surface of the wing and the ground. In affect a cushion. That’s ground affect or it could be leprechauns.

  7. That happened to me on my first glider lesson. I am big. When it came time to land we couldn't pull back on the lever that raises the spoilers. The instructor angled the nose down a lot stepper than in the video. This was to get us down but I am also extra weight. We landed without spoilers with only a couple hundred feet to the end of the runway. We seemed to glide forever over the runway below. We didn't glide near as far as the guy in the video because of the extra weight but it was still a woah moment. That was my first and last glider lesson. I am just too big.

  8. ,,, Seems as if no one is taking into account that the runway is quite a bit darker than the immediate surroundings, possibly creating an otherwise undetectable thermal. Or a thermal that's just about undetectable anyplace other than the narrow confines of the space below a lifting body .

  9. Mate, stumbled across this and must say I thoroughly enjoyed the banter, tho most of all, nothing on a 2D screen has EVER made me feel that feeling, like I was Landing again.

    Thank you

  10. Cool video, Bruno, thanks! Gliders, so quiet, no vibration, don't have to yell 'Clear!' before take off. BTW, some people claim that Howard Hughes' 'Spruce Goose' never flew above ground effect during it's one flight.

  11. Ha, that's the second airport I ever landed at. It's also the millionth time I've ended a sentence with a preposition.

  12. A 747 jumbo jet can not land unless doing less than 180mph, because of trapped air under the wings.

    But somehow the jet that flew into the pentagon , flew at over 500 mph , only 6' off the ground.

    After all no wings were found at pentagon, or engines. Matter of fact not one piece of luggage was found at impact, nor did any of the 1000's of security cameras manage to pick up a jumbo jet crash landing into the most secure building in the world.

    2 planes
    3 buildings

  13. This is why some birds species fly very close to the sea, they cover the same distance using less energy

  14. I fly RC airplanes ,n that fun no doubt,but this has to be the shit ,,id be terrified but i can dream lol.

  15. Would have been much more impressive if you had extended downwind and done all that ground effect flying heading back to the runway and landed on or near the touchdown zone instead of the other end of a very long runway. That would be a proper demonstration of ground effect. But I don’t think you had the confidence in yourself to try it. As we saw, your safety factor was a bit overdone. That’s all fine but I don’t believe I’d put myself on Y/T and announce I’m giving you a demonstration with the ending so ridiculous.

  16. He says NEVER to adjust flaps and pull spoilers when in ground effect.
    Then does it ( do as i say, Not as i do ).
    I'd put small wing-tip wheels on to prevent dragging the wings during the end of the landing …

  17. Sorry guys, unfortunately I am not a pilot, what should we see… ?. I understand what is ground effect, but saw nothing… !

  18. You sir are a cowboy…forgets call sign… wayyyy to close to the boundary fence…. dangerous procedures… as a pilot with a CPL i am so disappointed in you

  19. I was recommended this because I watched a gyroscopes video, I was recommended the gyroscopes video because I looked up a gyroscope mod on youtube for Space Engineers.
    I am very intrigued by both videos either way.

  20. I tried this in a sf25c scheibe falke aaaaand, it's nothing like that at all, i whish it was tho. It's glide ratio isn't that bad

  21. Wow! That's insane. I've been soaring for the last 3 years and first learned about the theory of ground effect in ground school. But without setting up and experiencing my own real-life attempt I never would've known it's that real. When I do my check flights starting next season I'm going try to work that scenario in (with instructor), in some way.

  22. Glider pilots paradise, mountains for slope soaring and when you f*** something up you have almost no trees and whole lot of flat ground to land on. Actually it's safer to land on dat grass during emergency than to land normally on a runway, at least if you land on grass you don't risk hitting the fence 😉

  23. Wind speed decreases as you get closer to the ground, because of friction. Characteristic property of convective currents.

  24. You can skip off of the ground like a flat rock on water, or in space travel, like aerodynamic landing modules that enter the atmosphere of a planet and need time to shed airspeed.

  25. So if a pilot is on final, and figured his/her standard glide path to the touchdown point will come up short, is it better to continue the current glide path, or dive for the ground, get in ground effect, to be able to fly further to possibly make the runway?

  26. Can enough speed be gained from ground effect to launch up and keep flying even if just to do ground effect over and over?

  27. methinks any "chaffcutter" engine powered aircraft pilot should take note.
    Firstly – there is no "go around" option.
    While yes, the "glide angle" differs … Learn to bring any aircraft to a safe stop on whatever,any flat ground within the glide angle.

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