100 Comments on “GM Praggnanandhaa (India) – IM Savitskiy (Russia)”

  1. It was a tie for those who dont know the result..
    Well.. how did i know ?… i just found that out from other comments 😌

  2. Not surprising….INDIAN KIDS r born talented in this game…..this game is in our DNA…..invented also in INDIA by the name of SHATRANJ

  3. Ya había ganado la partida el niño lo llevaba por tiempo le hubiera cambiado una pieza por ese peón que iba coronar y perdía el chavo por tiempo

  4. They move randomly…..
    And feel like highest accuracy is within them…damn !
    They just think google is small than them

  5. هذي الي يطقطقو فيها ساعه الوقت ؟؟؟ شغلتها شغله … أقول يازين الشطرنج على النت

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  7. @9:21 black to move..Rxf3+ and if white take…Kxf3,then Bc6+ and next move black takes on b7..0-1. But in severe time trouble,even at that level the blunders are inevitable.

  8. can you tell me this says how call so the tree knocs chess. chess et mat et pat the second and the last when rest four or more see five for him on the chess table. Only one piece and that the winner d ont catch this of your s or he s sparing partenaire tranning chess match.
    And can you tell us how can play when the party chess match go at the end of the subit death. For play the average of the king. With this knoc you can wine or over. Or over or wine the chess party. But not sure for you or you sparing partenaire chess . you match this rulle is in the french chess book of Louis the xlv of name . who go of xvll siecle.

  9. but you can sacrifice your queen for wine the party if you have a good plan but afer of play this know you do engage after this the average king how this your adversary d ont sure of wine the cup or the price of the over the top of chess party time.

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