Gotta See It: Jagr turns back the clock, scores incredible goal on Gibson

Gotta See It: Jagr turns back the clock, scores incredible goal on Gibson

Panthers finish changes. Oh, here’s a steal by Jagr alone in front. Scores! He stripped Josh Manson, and still took his time to give the Panthers the lead. The grey beard still has a trick or two up his sleeve. Yes he does. He still has those powerful forearms and wrists that come into play on this goal. And he has got some pretty good patience too, doesn’t he? He had all kinds of time, he had Gibson at his mercy and that big reach of Jaromir Jagr. Watch him shield the puck – see the way he sticks his rear end out? So that Josh Manson can’t get anywhere near that puck. The Ducks turn it over and the Panthers convert.

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  1. I'll never understand why goalies don't take the HASEK approach in tight, poke check or sprawl out to cover the net, he cant do much if you legit make him hesitate quickly. You're not going to stop a player in that tight with good hands trying to wait the player out. Look how in tight he is lol and you're just watching him make 5 moves. By the way mullet is the man, JAGR should just play until he's 55 and use a Cane, he would still produce.

  2. That was Jagr's 135th game winning goal. He leads in that category with Phil Esposito sitting in second place with 118 game winning goals.

  3. Czech icon in the sport, what it can do incredible 45 years. is the best … But for five years abroad and the NHL strike would have been farther than Gretzky

  4. First looked amazing. Then you replay it and see Jagr chops at Manson's stick and broke it; which isn't a legal steal in my view.

  5. 0:24 Lucic goes below the belt on Manning and it's world news. Jagr goes below the belt and it's an amazing play, no one even notices.

  6. 1 Wayne Gretzky 2,857
    2 JAROMIR JAGR 1,901

    The more I think about it, the more my mind gets blown,
    almost 1000 more points than 2nd!

    1 Wayne Gretzky 894
    2 Gordie Howe 801
    3 JAROMIR JAGR 760

    134 goals to go, if he plays until 55 (highly doubtful) he could break that record..
    but really he'd have to do it in 37 years what the Great One did in 20!

  7. I like how they refer to him as "greybeard" as if it's some affliction… as he scores on a team half his age. Like a boss.

  8. Wish I woulda seen it live!!
    Jagr, you beast… Keeping his speed, violence and momentum. Truly a slick daddy. I'm proud to say my mother met him before I was born, back in pitt.
    Come back to pitt!

  9. I cant believe Jagr is still going strong. Im close to 30 now and I remember watching him in elementary school

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