GTA Online Best Vehicle Discounts (21st November 2019) – GTA 5 Weekly Car Sales Guide #13

Hello everyone I’m Broughy1322 and in this
video I’ll be going over the various vehicle discounts that are now active in GTA Online
as of Thursday 21st November 2019. All of these are gonna be available for 1 week until
Thursday 28th November. So first of all the nothing Mk.II was released
today. While a little quicker than the original nothing from last week it’s also slightly
more expensive at just over 0 dollars. But yes once again if you’re waiting for the Peyote
Gasser it’s not happening this week. I’m starting to wonder now if we’ll ever see it. The podium vehicle this week is the Krieger,
which can be won by spinning the Lucky Wheel in the Casino. It’s in the Supers class and
is probably the best car we’ve had the chance to win so far. With it being the most expensive
regular car in the entire game, if you already own one you’ll get a nice profit for selling
it and using the one you win instead. Also, if you don’t already own one now is the time
to get it. The Krieger sits alongside the Emerus at the very top of the supers class
when it comes to lap time and races, and is the easier to drive of the two. The Premium Race this week is Route 68, which
is an old style point to point race for the muscle class. With it basically being a completely
full throttle straight-ish line race from one side of the map to the other, I recommend
the Pisswasser Dominator for this one, although if you play the slipstream game right a wide
variety of cars will get you the win. Also, the Regular Time Trial this week is Raton
Canyon, with the RC Time Trial being Little Seoul Park. In terms of regular vehicle discounts, it’s
an interesting concept this week. We’ve got 35% off pretty much all Pegassi brand cars
and bikes, including the Tezeract (which used to be the most expensive regular car in the
game) bringing its price down from from 2.8 million dollars to 1.8. There’s a number of
great quick cars from Pegassi such as the Osiris, Tempesta, and Zentorno, as well as
absolute classics like the Infernus, Vacca, and Monroe but none of them, Tezeract included,
are able to compete at the top of their classes for racing despite being nice to drive. Except
of course for the Toros which is the easy number one for the SUVs class and has a much
improved driving experience after the advanced handling flag changes. You can get that for
just over 300,000 dollars now instead of 500,000. Oh and the two versions of the Bati 801 still
have competitive top speeds but having a discount on a bike that only costs 15,000 dollars seems
redundant. For weaponised vehicles there’s just the original Oppressor this week, again
made my Pegassi, that now costs 1.7 million dollars instead of 2.7. The only Pegassi vehicles
not on sale are the new Zorusso supercar, Speeder boat, Esskey, Faggio, and Vortex bikes,
and of course the Oppressor Mk II. I actually think it’s pretty cool to have sales for specific
brands like this and I hope it’s a trend that continues. You can of course find out the
lap times and top speeds of all of the vehicles that I’ve mentioned here by checking out the
playlist links in the description and the pinned comment. In terms of discounts specifically for Twitch
Prime members who’ve linked their Rockstar Social Club accounts, it doesn’t seem like
there’s anything else beyond the extra 10% off the regular discounts I mentioned earlier
this week (at least not that I can see) which would be the first time we haven’t seen a
big 70 to 80% discount on two vehicles for prime members. The extra 10% is there as usual
though, saving you an extra 300k on the Tezeract and 250k on the Oppressor for example, while
making the best in class Toros cost just 275k. Also if you do have Twitch Prime and you haven’t
already make sure you’re giving your free subscription to a Twitch streamer each month
as well. It doesn’t have to be me, but make sure you’re giving it to someone as you’re
basically supporting them with a $2.50 donation without any extra cost to you. I’ll be back with another video just like
this next Thursday, the 28th November, where the new vehicle will either be the Peyote
Gasser Muscle car, or (as was the case these last two weeks) nothing, as we reach the end
of the Casino DLC drip-feed, and we’ll go through everything that has changed (after
I’ve done the testing videos of course). Feel free to subscribe and turn on notifications
so you don’t miss it. Thanks a lot for watching everyone, and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Quick Note

    The big 70-80% Twitch Prime discount this week is actually 60% off the Terrorbyte and that's all. I didn't see it in game because I already own it.

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  2. You’re late on testing. We still haven’t gotten lap times and top speed from the Nothing Mk I and the Nothing Mk II is out.

  3. I am really confuesed right now. I just want to know what cars are fasters lap time in sports classic, sports and super, please

  4. they are really dragging out this DLC till December. Anyone know the bonuses on missions, like whats double money and RP this week?

  5. I wonder if the Peyote Gasser became the new Jester Classic and will be pushed back to getting released next month with the December DLC?

  6. (In Jeremy Clarkson's voice) This week in GTA they've finally released the Nothing……Mark 2. It is now the fastest car…… the game. With top speeds so high… even beats….anything…….with a rocket. And what's more…it may not be a JAAAAGGG……but its still completely free… it's just as good as stealing…..when you own………..a JJAAAAGGG.

  7. I guess peyote gasser will be added for the next dlc update.
    That reminds me 2018 when rockstar didn't added jester classic. Until it didn't added on night club dlc update

  8. I love the sarcasm on the price at $0 for a no show car it looks really fast haha.. TBH I think rockstar are waiting for there Christmas bonus from the fools who buy shark cards 😂

  9. Useless video. I prefer checking myself newswire for having business boosts too that are not here. We can check in game for this informations. Dont waste your time broughy ☝️

  10. So things I’m buying this week:

    Oppressor MK I

    Cars I will be getting for Free

    Kreiger 🙂

  11. Oh good grief. The Nothing MK2 is already out? It'll make the Oppressor MK2 as useful as a Rhino tank now. Griefers beware.

  12. Great, hit the car on the wheel twice last week so i guess i sure wont win the krieger.
    Terrorbyte 60% is the twitch only discount this week btw.

  13. The dripfeed is stupid to begin with when PC gamers can mod the cars in day 1, and then they pull stuff like this. it's not fair.

  14. Peyote gasser will be the Christmas gift – that's my call. But, I'd like to see some lap time testing for Nothing and the Nothing Mk II sooner rather than later. Are they affected by the advanced handling flags?

  15. Looks like they’re waiting a lot to release the last car, but I don’t get why…don’t wanna be rude or whatever but it’s not great at all, it’s just a hyper modified peyote. I would have got the concept of these weeks of waiting for a car like the emerus or the Krieger, but this one is just useless waiting.

  16. I feel like Rockstar will do some bullshit. I feel like they are holding that gasser back to make a whole gasser DLC. And if they do it, theyll make you go through Benny’s to make the car into a gasser. Would be nice but it will end up costing people a lot of money on upgrades.

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