Hamstring Catch – Freestyle Football Skills & Street Soccer Tricks Panna groundmoves

Hello, It is Guido from Football Tricks Online and Today we will learn the following trick !
Okey we are going to start juggling and as you feel ready just hit the ball a bit harder to get it to waist level more or less
Try to hit it so the ball lands to the side of your waist a bit
It obviously has to land to the side of your waist so we can then catch it between your heel and leg
You go to lift your leg to the side a bit in a way you got visual contact with your leg and the ball
This way you can see when you catch the ball and you also make some kind of hole for the ball to fall in
If you lift the leg too straight there will be no “Hole” for the ball to fall in
So just open your leg to the side a bit to make a hole for the ball
When the ball is falling is not just using the “Hole” technique because it will not work…you got to use it correctly
So to make it work you got to do the following
Put you let in the right position and when the ball is falling calculate correctly and grab it in the correct moment!
So it is a very precise movement where you got to concentrate and practice a lot
Finally to place the ball down just perform a small jump as you lift your leg, like this…
As you do it just control the ball and keep juggling quickly
At first its complex but as you practice you will gain speed and be able to control it… like this
Okey here is a tip
If you are just starting with this trick you need to warm up good
because you need to flex and do much strength with your muscles and you will feel it
You will also need balance, so its recommended to do some warm up or get a bit active before you do this
This way you will be a bit more flexible, balanced and also prevent injuries
I hope you enjoyed the video, practice a lot ! and if you need anything just leave a comment 🙂
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