Handball 2017 – Lekker spelen

Handball 2017 – Lekker spelen

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for being here Today we’re going to play my favorite sport Video games Oh, we can pick our favorite team Peter Nederland O Nederland (Dutch song) I like that, it even says F.C. Barcelona Maybe we can put Messi in our team He is done with the hands rule We’re a chicken! Look how ugly, they didn’t even cut this PNG right yeah, I see a little bit of white between his arm and his head, pick him! Yes, we’re going to play with this Boom, oh it’s chicken versus chicken now They are all the exact same guys, I thought they made teams so they made the real people We’re just a team with six the exact same guys High fiving each other wow Everything is so stiff, everything moves all over the place Are we losing already? Yes we’re losing already How stiff is this? What is happening right now? Here I go, I’m going Peter Don’t go in the circle He does throw hard I have to say It’s already three to zero This game was forty Euros And I’m already done with it in the first halve What is this? I can.. They can’t even take the ball Did they not think about that with this sport? Oh I get a penalty when they hit me Yeah they tried to grab the ball, you had it right? Look I can fake it Oh misled It’s rest! The referee was just done with it you took too long with that penalty “It’s rest guys I’m done with it” Shoot at the goal We’re going to make that one Timon Yeah if we pull that off we’ll be in immortal That’s a beauty The keeper was in the wrong corner the ball went so fast he never saw it coming This is gonna be sick Peter Here we go What can he do? Backwards dude, throw it backwards Well… How is that not a goal? What happened with that ball? Take the shot! What a beauty! That was too high for the keeper Oh we lost Did we lose? 4 – 17 can happen sometimes But look at the logo Peter how can they do that? You seriously can’t do that when you release a game Maybe the pixel and that white part is a style choice I don’t think so Nope, not a style choice Well, the pixels a little bit on the side Well the white is not supposed to be there But are all the players of that team the exact same guys? Yeah that could be true Maybe it’s true, then it’s not their fault Literally no one has a beard Not a single guy has a beard, oh there’s one guy with a beard Oh yeah that’s him! That’s him, it does look like him Okay, we’re going to start a career That would be great Okay, let’s pick a name first Hans, last name Ball He’s born for this Timon, this is his destiny Just listen to this music He is 46 So it’s a now or never story It’s his last chance face/look, and there are 6 options 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Yeah, but you can choose your face, you have 7 options The face stays the same, but just his whole body changes Oh yeah, you’re right! His body just changes I want to change his face and his look No! I think eye colour is very important for this game Look, it’s changing, you can really tell You can choose between black, a little lighter black and black again A few more black options They do think eye colour is important While when you change the face, the whole body changes Just look at it, nothing’s changing Timon, here we go our first match It’s now or never, it’s gonna be a dramatic story Yeah, according to the music it’s gonna be intense No I mean dramatic as in a tragedy It looks like a fierce competition, 3 other teams 4 teams, it’s now or never for Hans Ball You can push people over with the ball! Ball is out for two minutes? I’m gonna strike everybody out Also two minutes out of the game 4 men left Nothing wrong, two minutes out Everybody is out there will be no one left in the field What just happened? I think we’re disqualified This game was only 6 minutes… Are we disqualified? … and we lost Are they hugging each other now? This is where Hans Balls epic destiny ends

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  1. Dit spel is momenteel gratis in de ps store, jullie hebben er 40 euro voor betaald, het is een kutspel, wel een leuke video

  2. wat een spartelend spel alweer jongetjes, die 40 eurotjes zijn zeer goed besteed! misschien volgende keer van wat verder schieten? zeer vochtig.

  3. ondanks dat dit waarschijnlijk een kut spel is, zou ik door jullie best dit spel willen spelen.
    Het einde is ook echt goud waard., trouwens eigenlijk heel de video.

  4. Hoe kunnen jullie nog niet Ark hebben gespeeld? Een wereld waar je dino's en mammoeten kan temmen, en zelfs bereiden! Kom op jongens…

  5. Man man man, handballen doe ik zelf ook maar dit spel haha. Ik hoop dat handball 2071 wel gewoon normaal functioneerd

  6. Op de een of andere maniet kan ik het live streampie van vandaag nu heelemaal kijken ik dacht echt wtf weer opnieuw maar is dus van een uur terug….

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