now I don’t know what you guys did during recess at school but one of my absolute favorite thing was to play with balls specifically tennis balls you see this ball isn’t just used for playing tennis nope it’s much more than that you can use it to play soccer catch piggy in the middle wall ball and of course handball and if you don’t know what handball is then you never had a child could just kidding it’s where you use a tennis ball or a bouncy ball and use your hands to hit the ball and make it bounce onto another player’s square we played 2 square foursquare and even 6 squared i remember during class we would always stare at the clock and as soon as class ended we all rushed over to the handball court and had so much fun until until one until their one moment when somebody miss hits the ball by using their risk and not their hand and the ball goes flying across the playground bounces a couple of times and slowly but surely it always ends up with the bully well look at tennis ball looks like this belongs to those kids playing handle I should probably give it back haha just kidding I can’t do that I’m a bully and I have a reputation to uphold I must assert my dominance by throwing this ball over the fence here I go in the Barkers over the fence bounces and lands on the other side of the road and without a ball you can’t really play handball really not only that but the owner of the ball has to now purchase a new tenant sport which aren’t cheap by the way they’re like two dollars each the same price as a bottle of water from a school canteen law anyways the owner would then usually walk up to the fence and stand there for about 10 minutes waiting for somebody to walk pass and retrieve the ball however what ends up happening is this huh excuse me sir sorry to bother you but can you please get my ball it’s just across the road so why are you staring at me like that so can you please just turn around and get the ball for me please hello so can you hear me no sir please don’t walk away please i need to help some so No Oh and that concludes my presentation on why I think school fences should be raised higher hello everyone my name is Jeffery and my presentation is about respect that’s it Benjamin you have interrupted the cloth for the last time you want to go to principal Pelton’s office right now ok

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  1. I always play four square with my friends and only six square when there are lots of people in line, sometimes the line has like 15 people in it, that's how fun it is

  2. Omg the same thing always happened to me in Primary School except the bully would chuck it in a different direction so you would have to run even more. Also when I played soccer with my friends we would accidently kick it over the fence and it would land on the other side of the road and 5 seconds later me and like 10 of my friends are leaning over the fence calling out to strangers to get the ball.

  3. Handball….I am going to be playing it in gym. I hate gym. I hate all the strangers I’m playing with and the teachers. I am gonna stink at this game….it seems so hard. I don’t wanna play!!!!!! I’m scared

  4. that's exactly what i do , i wait for the clock because i'm bored , and then we are the first ones to get the squares

  5. Im in hand ball team,this just no,hand ball didn't mine that.hand ball is a ball game like foot ball but is not foot ball is use your foot have goalkeeper usually is 11vs 11 but hand ball also have goldkeeper but is 6 vs 6

  6. bruh in our school we're able to do 9 square or even 24 square which we've done once because of the layout of our school grounds lmao

  7. The best ball to play handball with is those small rubber balls, pretty high bouncing. Not too big or small. It’s the size of a tennis ball and it’s the best. In my school we play 8-12 square on Mondays and Fridays. We play team battles, our school made it up. A team has 4 people, it’s like elimination. Like our normal handballs we do instant death. Back to team battles, you can bounce it to any square in your team. If you save your team and accidentally kill the person you’re saving, you’re out. Saving is saving a person but it has to hit his square first or go near his square or else it’s not a save and you full. The person who fulls or doubles or doesn’t play against the rules, their out, we have a voting system with a substitute game. If you only have 3 members then the person who dies doesn’t die for that time. Sometimes our PE teacher plays too. He is normally a team of one. On Tuesdays we vote.

  8. when it got thrown that was me having a meltdown when i lost mine and was crying so hard i couldnt get it now but tommorow morning at 8:00 am i was stupid 5 mins ago oh did i forget to mention that im so dumb i threw a tissue in the washing machine and a hanky in the bin

  9. i did not know that 6 square was a thing , me and my friends would always play 2 square and occasionaly 4 square

  10. I only played 2 or 4 square because the six square court would always be locked before my friends would get there

  11. Handball at my school:
    Me/friends Ace,Kings,Queens,Jax “no I was in jacks” “I bagsed it first
    Game: you did a fall “no I didn’t that was lines”
    My not taking it friend: FINE!!!🤬😤😡
    Me: OMG my friend just said a swear word

    So that kids is how me and my friends play handball

  12. I play with my friends at school and I hate it when the ball goes next to the bullies that play handball themselves and then they kick our ball way high and it goes to a different spot where we are playing and they do it on purpose. Yesterday there were two people that played with them and they got our handball and gave it to their friend and told him to kick it the other side to bully us. My friends were mad and I was silent but mad and one of the two people gave a high five to the other bully that keeps kicking our handball. At least though the ball doesn't go over the fences but there's always a chance that it will go on top of the big buildings since it's a high school.

    People can be cowards can they? And I shouldn't have missed hitting the ball with my hand because that's why those two cowards got the ball and gave it to the other coward to tell him to kick out ball. And this video and some of the comments tell me that this is common when playing handball

  13. in my school any year 3s who saw the ball would kick the ball as far as they could or into the schools demountables

  14. It might just be me but in my school we called this four square and handball was soccer but you used your hands that’s basically it.

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