High School Football – King vs Norco

from cake bull it’s the Riverside TV
game of the week the wolves hosting the
Norco Cougars in the big 8 League opener
for both programs hi again everyone a
very pleasant good evening to you
wherever you may be it’s John rainey
back with you alongside my friend and
broadcast partner Jeff Gorham for the
King wolves the home team they’re
seeking their first win of the season
they have started the year oh and 5 but
they’ve been closed in three of those
five losses last time out they dropped
one at home to shadow hills of Indio
that was a 5628 final score back on the
20th of September the Wolves enjoyed a
bye week last week Jeff Gorham so two
weeks to prepare for this one tonight
against Norco and it’s always good to
have a bye week I feel going into League
play because you get everybody healthy
and I’ll tell you what there are a
couple games in this conference the big
eight one of the toughest leagues in the
entire Southern California I think King
can walk away with a couple victories
against a very very tough schedule
meanwhile the visiting team in Norco
Cougars that’s a stark contrast to the
home King wolves noriko started the year
for now before falling at home 6335 last
week to Rancho Verde Norco head coach
Chuck Chastain used the phrase humble
pie when we were talking to him earlier
yeah and I’ll tell you what it’s kind of
nice when you can get that snake bite
game out of the way early and I’ll tell
you what a very good Ranch over team was
very fast and they just weren’t prepared
he said his guys weren’t prepared to
play that day let’s hope they are
tonight because guess what they have 34
straight playoff appearances the best in
state in the state of California they
want to continue that streak tonight a
beautiful golden sunset in view beyond
the Western sideline and we are ready
for football here in the Inland Empire
68 degrees winds at nine miles an hour
out of the west-northwest clear breezy
beautiful Southern California autumnal
conditions for this one as the home team
wolves in the red jerseys red helmets
white numerals white pants set to kick
it away to the visiting
couger is with the blue helmets white
jerseys blue pants and the choice of
silver numerals on the white jerseys
which we will do our best to identify
those numerous Pike numerals despite the
lack of contrast here is the run-up and
the kick is a low squibber to the near
sideline when the up man slips and falls
but Corral’s it at the 23 yard line
Ethan May pouncing on that one for the
Cougars first in 10 Norco at their 23
yard line just underway here at King
high school
the Riverside TV game of the week the
Norco offense
Shane Illingworth the six-six senior
quarterback he is already very groomed
and anticipated at the next level and
all eyes on number 16 in white yeah he’s
definitely has a cannon of an arm he’ll
be playing next fall for the Oklahoma
State Cowboys Fernando Chavez is the
running back behind Illingworth and the
pistol offset eye on first down
ellingsworth has time and he goes long
he’s going to the right sideline he’s
got a man wide open that’s marquise
Ashley taking it in touch down Norco 15
seconds into the affair a flag is down
but unofficially a 77 yard touchdown
strike to get this one underway I think
he has an arm and he threw up deep and
in fact we were told they were gonna do
this to first play the game and it
worked perfectly by coach Chastain and
the Cougars referee is wrong way the
foul coming after the score the
touchdown is on the board it is six
nothing Norco as our friend Vin Scully
would say before the chairs are warm but
it was a very warm day today so that’s
not technically true
meanwhile p84 the Cougars after you
scoring on the first snap from scrimmage
Carson Irvin the junior 15 seconds into
this one looking to put Norco up
7-nothing snap is a bit off center but
it is spotted the kick is up the kick is
7 nothing Norco as a 77-yard touchdown
strike from Illingworth the quarterback
to marquise Ashley the senior wide
receiver that did not take very long
no I don’t say what if you can have
ellingsworth and Ashley all night long
is that open it’s gonna be a quick game
here at King but now we’re gonna get a
chance to see the King offense so Norco
set to kickoff after their opening drive
takes 15 seconds it’s one play at 77
yards and it’s 7 nothing deep to receive
for King not a the ingot oh he is joined
around that 5-yard line by Donovan
Brady’s the foul on the play
the scoring play assessed on the kickoff
and it’s against King so Norco kicks off
from the Kings side of midfield kickoff
coming from the 45 yard line of the
Wolves instead of the 40 yard line of
Norco Carson with the run up and he
bangs this one way over the back line of
the southern Enzo automatic touch back
and first and ten for King as they’ll
look to rebut the scoring strike on the
1st place from scrimmage well you know
we’ve had King twice for during this
season and we’ve seen big improvements
from the offensive side of the football
they’ve changed we’re going spread
they’ve gone to more of a double wing
power offense at times and it’s really
helped him it almost got them to warrant
win versus Riverside Poly where they
lost 20 to 17
in week four NOLA brown is the
quarterback Brown hands it off on the
first play and plunging ahead for two
yards second down and eight upcoming
that’s Johnny Gardner the junior running
back five eight hundred and forty pound
ball carrier second down and eight
upcoming for the King wolves in speaking
to the Norco head coach Chuck Chastain
he used the term tempo which we hear a
lot from coaches at all levels of
football but he wanted his defense to
play with tempo and that’s not something
you often hear tempo associated with
defense on second down and eight and
Brown hands off once again Gardner’s
straight in between the hash marks has
one more yard he gets to the 23 yard
and third down and seven coming up for
the Lord and Norco has always been a
defensive minded program they’ve got
great offensive line great defensive
line but I’ll tell you what when you get
big feet 62 32 a rancher bird a team
you’ve got to change it up somehow and I
can see why the tempo can mean so much
defensively meanwhile King going through
the traditional huddle after two running
plays it’s third and seven from the 23
slot on the left side 1 receivers split
to the right offset pistol i formation
Brown hands off Gardner bounces outside
left pulled down from behind he got to
the 26 he needed the 34th and for
upcoming Jaden Navarrete with the tackle
from behind for the Cougars as Johnny
Gardner gets three touches on three
snaps fourth and four at the 26 yard
line here’s the punt unit for King in
the red jerseys
single safety for narco standing at the
40-yard line of the Cougars
a good snap and the kick is away
the ball bounces once at the 45 yard
line touches Norco and is loose at the
45 and we may have a punt return
turnover and we do it is king with a
take away at the 45 yard line of the
Wolves a short punt and the white
jerseys did not clear out of the way
yeah that’s a mental mistake that you
cannot be happy with your coach Chastain
and the Cougars that is something you
learn right away the first time you walk
on the field for special teams get out
of the way from the short kick you don’t
want the ball touching you anywhere near
and you got to be aware at the ball hit
you you got a dive on it and you think
about the Wolves
Owen five so a wounded animal right
dangerous hungry and the league opener
at home and the ball takes a bounce in
the home team’s direction and suddenly
maybe a chance to seize momentum slot on
the right side offset pistol eye to the
right backing out of a blitz now coming
back with a blitz is Norco a four-man
front on first down little pass it in
the air side is over the head of Drake
Dustin on a swing pattern to the right
flat incomplete out of the hand of Noah
brown the quarterback incompletion stops
the clock at 9:23 first quarter second
down in ten for king at their own 45
yeah Drake Dustin I will say this my
favorite name in high school football
Drake Dustin is the number one target
for the Wolves look for him his number
being called a lot tonight
Gardner is the tailback and the pistol
behind Brown on second and 10 Brady
split to the right side now Brady goes
in motion sets up as a wing right under
center is Brown here’s a misdirection
handoff and flags and whistles spinning
around was Brady behind the line of the
grasp of Navarrete but a procedure
penalty goes against King to
short-circuit the play at 9:22 first
quarter 7 nothing Norco the visitors and
a five-yard infraction moves
to scrimmage back at the 40-yard line as
king looks to take advantage of the
game’s first turnover a fumble on the
punt return by Norco recovered by the
punting team King and now a penalty
second and 15 at their own 40-yard line
they need the 45 of the Cougars Brown is
under Center sweep on the jet sweep to
Brady going around the left side trying
to pick his way and in a crowd he’s back
to the line of scrimmage but no more
coming up no gain on the Brady carry
Isaac Mendoza is falling safety up to
make the tackle for Norco I’ll tell you
what Norco so quick defensively on the
outside King they’re virtually gonna
force came to go inside every time
because they have great speed on the
edge infraction on the plate declined
third down and 15 to the 40 yard line
for King even if the Wolves do not
manufacture a first down just the
recovery on the fumble on the previous
punt improves the field position
situation dramatically yes it does I
tell you what except momentum changes
can be big and right now the game is
just seven nothing let’s see if King can
capitalize here Oh third and long balls
pointed on two ends it bounces funny
sometimes it’s an oblong spheroids right
throat in 15 and the play has blocked
dead before the snap
yeah those oblong steroids they bounce
funny King did not get the snap off in
time play clock goes to zero third and
20 bag of the 35 yard line
trips on the right side for the red clad
wools three-man front for the visiting
Cougars in the white jerseys Brown has
along the backfield slot left trips
right back he goes racing away from
pressure coming hard and he throws in
the grass of the tackler incomplete it
was that side of the tackle box
Darius Ward coming on the backside to
apply the hit to the quarterback no
around third and 20 turns to fourth and
20 and a punting situation for King 8
minute mark first quarter 7 nothing
Cougars I’ll tell you what Brown
defensively really got after it they
funneled him right to the middle of the
field but they’re just so fast up front
that could be a problem for King all
night long
narcho has ricky morrison deep to return
the punt King has Gavin Blume doll back
to punt first punt was high and short
and hit one of the up man allowing King
to recover a live ball here’s a good
snap back to bloom doll this one is
lofted and spiraling a better kick
bounces at the 38 of Norco takes a king
bounce to the 35 and runs out of
momentum at the 35 yard line so a
successful punt on the second punt of
the evening for King one drive to punt
and now Norco takes over at their own
35-yard line leading 7 nothing 747 first
quarter Riverside TV game of the week
the big 8 League opener here at King
high school do you think the special
teams coach said get away from it this
time yeah I reckon they were reminded
you know usually there’s a call like
fire or spire is but that is the I can
tell you that is the the universal word
for get out of the way of the pump
Chavez is the pistol running back behind
Illingworth for the Cougars on first and
ten at their own 35 King as a three-man
front now they come with the linebacker
blitz Illingworth stands a field throws
complete on the near side dancing into
King territory once again he is marquise
Ashley who scored the 77 yard touchdown
pass earlier in the ballgame he’s got a
good gain into King territory here first
intent of the Wolves 42 North Coast
because Chuck – Dane said did he call
them dynamic you said that’s a pretty
darn good way to categorize that young
man 23 yard reception on first down a
handoff Chaidez rumbling left sideline
to the 20 staggering inside the 15 so a
23 yard completion followed by another
big gaining run but a marker is down to
the 21 yard line way the referee we’ve
seen some flags in the early going and
this run is coming back it’s a holding
infraction against the Cougars at 7:23
1st quarter a great play offensively on
the run so far down the field Holdings
20 yards down the field that’s a mental
mistake as well penalty assessed from
the spot of the foul first intended the
32 yard line so still a 10 yard for
nearly 10 yard advancement it’s second
down in inches just outside of the 32
for Norco Illingworth rolling right
looks and throws on the move he’s
completed the 20 yard line to the 10
yard line and down to this
six yard line from Norco goes jason
Bostick well we can really see the
Armani only to work he throws Rockets a
lot of people who have compared his arm
to Brett Favre just kind of throws it as
hard as you can every time down with the
rope first and goal mark it at the 7
yard line for Norco handoff going
straight ahead Chaidez barreling into
the endzone touchdown Cougars at 6:58
here in the first quarter 13 nothing
Norco which I res really a power back
with some good speed there we saw on
that play the ball game is 5 minutes and
2 seconds old and Norco has touchdown
scoring drives of 77 and 65 yards that’s
a pretty good start offensive leak a
good snap on the p80 the kick is up the
kick is good tack seven more on the
board it’s 14 nothing Norco at 6:58 in
quarter number one as Carson Irvin the
place kicker converts his second PA to
so 77 yards from Illingworth to Ashley
and a 7 yard plunge from Fernando
Chaidez for the second Norco score it’s
a nice night here at King high school
its Hall of Fame weekend here at Martin
Luther King ahead two inductees this
this week I’ll tell you a little bit
about both of them throughout the
one of them being a local legendary
basketball player is that right yeah
Marvin Lee went on to play his college
ball at Pepperdine was an all-conference
player for Pepperdine he was also his
CIF Player of the Year and here’s a
little bit of trivia for you King high
school opened the school they won the
state championship in basketball year
one first team to ever do it in the
State Cup Wow and he was led by our they
were led by King anga makes a leaping
grab of the five here it comes between
the hashes find some daylight guards up
the middle being a part of the 40
hurdles and he’s up to the 45 and out to
the 47 yard line on that day mingi the
senior with a fine return game King once
again with good field position want a
special teams flag a great play there a
great hurl by that young man I’ll tell
you what that is showing some promise
hear the crowd waking up again first in
ten for the Wolves at their own 47 yard
line after the dynamic returns from oh
not a mingi foe we took it from the
five-yard line after the 47 yard line
42-yard kick return kept it really tight
didn’t go outside right up the middle of
the field like you’re supposed to
that’s some great blocking from his
fellow wolves power formation on first
and ten to the 47 pitch it to the deep
man and Gardner is written down near the
line of scrimmage no gain on the play
backside tackle from Brandon vos and
second down in ten is Johnny Gardner
could not get outside left in and now no
injury just a momentary pause as Gardner
was adjusting his shoe and this is kind
of what changed the season a little bit
for King they got it going offensive ly
by going to this power formation that’s
a full house i formation a capital I
toss it to the deep man straight ahead
on a plunging run to midfield for Drake
Dustin a fizzle to run right in the
heart of the defense of Norco the ball
three yards through down and seven
can high school wearing the red and a
great strategy if you’re King you run
down that that clock down to his bare
minimum and you run this power formation
offense it can cause problems for us for
the deep man here on third down and
seven but nothing there no gain on the
play in a late flag
again Nava ret whose number we’ve called
a couple of times leading the charge
defensively but a marker as well so it’s
either fourth down and seven or it’s not
we’ll wait for the indication personal
foul and a facemask going against the
defense so King has a first down on a
Norco infraction and for the first time
tonight the Wolves matriculate territory
and really the only thing that has hurt
Norco tonight is Norco fate they made
some mental mistakes and that’s one
after a play can’t grab my guys facemask
especially when you have such a tough
lead the gate with Corona Centennial
Santiago King it’s a tough tough leak
can’t make these mistakes power
formation on first down and the rugby
scrum pushes forward for three yards
although Norco thinks the ball is out
and it ends up in the arms of one of the
white shirts but it’s a three yard carry
second down and seven at the 32 yard
line for King and what a critical
possession this is right here for the
Wolves often when we talk about the
balance of the game it’s a second half
scenario but based on the potency
displayed so far by the Norco attack for
King to have a sustained Drive here that
yields seven points really changes the
tenor of the affair it does I mean North
Hills got sports so quickly but King has
really mastered the clock so far here in
this first quarter
Gardner is popped after about a half a
yard carry third down in six and a half
upcoming for the Wolves
but there is a rather signature
offensive scenario here with a two lead
men on the Capitol I formation
toss it to the deep man and gardener
just trying to pick his way not much
there but locked down to four minutes
here in the first quarter and King
effectively playing keep-away which
right now might be the best defense
against the Norco attack third and seven
for the red shirts again the power i
formation toss to the deep man Gardner
was angling right this time but
procedure penalty and the play is
stopped so back it up five yards third
down in 12 now here for the King wolves
you know and this power offense really
came into effect because coach Pat
McCarthy was under Ken bat Dorf staff at
Nord of his high school three years ago
when they went to the CIF championship
and coach backdoor came over earlier
this season came over to a couple
practices put in a little double wing
that i-formation offense like I said it
really changed the complexity of the
game versus Riverside Paulo
third and 12 here for the Wolves in a
traditional huddle with the turning
clock now at 335 in the first quarter
third and 12 of the 37 line to gain is
the 25 in Norco toss to the demon
Gardner’s stutter step in the hole moves
this strong back towards the original
line of scrimmage he’s inside the 35 not
to the 34 yard line
fourth down and nine and a half here and
this feels like four down territory Jeff
yeah I mean I think they’re they’re
gonna go for it
they have to I mean would be about a
52-yard field goal from here
fourth and nine and a half for the
Wolves Brown on his right knee the
quarterback brings the team to the line
five-man front for Norco power I give it
to the deep man
Gardner trying to make positive yardage
he does inside the 35 but he is not to
the first down marker so it turnover on
downs at the 33 yard line
King runs out of downs and nor go takes
over at their own 33 two minutes 33
seconds to go first quarter and no go 14
Martin Luther King high school nothing
well if you’re Martin Luther King high
school even got to be happy with one
thing so far it’s not the score but it’s
the way you’ve handled the game clock
here in the first quarter
two-possession so far for the Norco
offense is 77 yards scoring drive in a
65 yard scoring drive now the third
possession Illingworth
pump fake in the pocket rolls to his
left the big man hit from behind throws
for our side completed the 40-yard line
stutter step on the right side and out
of bounds near midfield a flag comes in
late another completion of marquise
Ashley how about the big man Illingworth
at 66 225 able to stand in knowing the
punishment is coming oh he took it he
knew the shot was coming but likes it
when you’re 66 that large you’re an
imposing figure on this field but took a
shot to his favorite receiver threw
across the field
Ron Wade sorting this out
all the way back to the 34-yard light a
personal foul shot block is that what he
indicated that’s what he did
I’m the scrimmage all the way back to
the 34 colored second and nine line to
gain as the 43 yard line Norco with a
ball visiting team wearing the white
jerseys leading 14 nothing at King
handoff goes straight up the middle he’s
got a lot of room between the hash is
accelerating inside the 30-yard line of
King which I res who already has a score
in this game bursting through for
another huge game I’ll tell you what
when you have an offensive line that you
can run with and kind of be taken care
of that’s a pretty darn good running
back which I rest and ellingsworth in
the pocket very tough to stop here
offensively 36 yard carry sets up first
in ten to the 30th king for Norco Aras
Lyons is the running back but
Illingworth wants to throw he’s hit from
behind and he will be brought down for a
sack a three-yard loss on the play
brought down by the king favorite Joshua
Huerta and Nolan Reynolds as part of
that we heard about those guys for the
game Nolan Reynolds the leader of this
team he didn’t recruited by a lot of
teams also a 4.4 GPA part of the
engineering program here at Martin
Luther King high school and a floor RA
field general according to coach Pat
McCarthy second down at thirteen
Illingworth after the sack completes it
on the near side Ashley Ashley is popped
out of the 26 yard line Ashley the
favorite target as we talked about
tackle made by Tyler Smith for King and
third down third down line of scrimmage
he is the 26 yard line line to gain is
the 21 thing Norco has not had to deal
with a lot tonight his third down so a
chance for a stop here for the King
defense third and six Ashley motion
right Illingworth swing it out to Ashley
right side a lot of red shirts there
Ashley cutback breaks a tackle darts for
the first down marker far sideline he
may have it he’s out of bounds near the
20 and it’s a first down King had that
strung out well but Ashley very elusive
makes a play yes the great spin move
we’ve only called three names all night
Billingsworth Ashley and shy res that’s
it offensively for Norco but very very
cagey on that way 20 seconds remaining
first quarter Cougars on the March
leading 14 nothing on the road at King
lingmerth handoff Chaidez
straight ahead inside the 15 hero adds
to the 10 and he’s buried there with
another Norco first down first and goal
for the Cougars at the 9 yard line of
King first and goal looking at that last
stat there it was North Coast throwing
the ball three
pretty good number he’s worked for you
for seven touchdowns and back-to-back
games earlier this season perhaps the
last snap of the quarter Illingworth
comps flag down throw to the end zone
that is complete let’s see about the
marker reception for Norco from Kylie
Crump and maybe the end of the first
quarter but let’s see not crime excuse
Matz Isiah wolf Norco guilty of a hold
zeros on the game clock so this will be
resolved and shall resume in the second
it was Isaiah Wolfe who caught the
reception in the end zone but that was
waived off and apologies to Crum the
backup quarterback trips on the left
side first and goal from inside the 20
after the penalty Illingworth throws
over the middle crossing pattern he’s
got Wolfe at the 10 Wolfe is tackled
right at the 10 yard line good open
field tackle by Tyler Smith the senior
safety so Norco on the move as the first
12 minutes our history the Cougars with
a 14-nothing lead here on the river side
TV game of the week yeah in fact we’ve
got two going on right now we have
another game over at North Vista versus
Ramona Ramona is up with four minutes
left in the second quarter 14 nothing
over nervous to open Ramona and you know
what you know what this week is John
Ramey talk to me did you know what is
the long night of arts and innovation
well there’s two things I like its art
and innovation I’ll tell you what it’s a
long night of arts and innovation and
the City of Riverside is going to have
that this Thursday night next week
the long night of arts and innovation
think of it as a giant science fair with
music art science and engineering fun
for the entire family
do not forget both myself and pep
Fernandez we’re going to be hosting and
doing it in LA across the city Riverside
downtown we’re gonna be on from 5 to 10
p.m. check us out visit long night
Riverside comm for more information
October 10th in downtown Riverside it’s
a great time
hey what’s great wait so it’s part
engineering innovation
in downtown pool yes it’s like like for
man I’m gonna make that that’s great it
is fantastic great time look as we look
down on the field we can lead us to a
Hall of Fame
but yeah the arts of innovation I’d say
it’s fantastic how many interviews
everybody I’m gonna go walk around I’m
gonna be a man of the street mos man on
Street that’s News Talk I did that’s
news terminology everyone so Hall of
Fame weekend here at Martin Luther King
high school and celebration going on
between the first in the second quarter
California state champion great Marvin
Lee and it was in the first year of
existence here at King high school
there’s been some good players that have
played in Martin Luther King high school
one of them I think everybody at home
has heard of Kawhi Leonard have heard of
him okay and then there’s Tony Snell
another NBA player they were all in the
same high school team think of it that
way the team that won the state
championship was not the net weight they
had seven Division one players in that
game with the Y Leonard two of which are
in the NBA now they have a pac-12 Player
of the Year also on that team was a
point guard at the University of Utah
and the University of Colorado
his name is eluding me I will have it
here shortly what he was the pack
here they also had eric wise who is a
big West all Big West player out of UC
Irvine and plaiting listen any transfer
ladies se alright first play of the
second quarter Norco with Illingworth on
the move galloping at the five spinning
near the goal line the big man tumbles
into the end zone for the Cougars comes
down late
11:50 second quarter 20 to nothing
they only were shown a little mobility
there quite a few guys down with them
but I believe this is gonna be after the
for the place gonna be a personal foul
it’s nice work
personal fouls offsetting one for either
side touch now counts applying well the
one compounding factor right now with
the way king wants to play this game is
that if you play slow down keep away
ball it’s a more challenging endeavor
when you’re down multiple possession
yeah if you get down to that too far it
makes it very very hard to stay on this
dat good snap kick is up about the Hall
of Fame weekend here at King high school
there is another inductee Heidi Garrett
maybe you remember the name she’s a
great soccer player at UC Riverside but
she is famous for a number of things
here at Martin Luther King high school
she was the old CIF soccer player see I
have Player of the Year but here is the
best at
forty-eight today still holds he best
the longest kick in high school college
they can do that they can do that she
was amazing a great soccer player but at
the time the coach said still a world
record Jeff you and I have been
privileged to be around athletics for
both of our lives lives certainly
they’re just some people I need Garrett
is a gamer she was a big-time player for
UC Riverside as well
oh not a mingi father senior touchdown
kickoff return here in the second
holy smokes he’s been great tonight
kickoffs he had a 50-yarder in that one
and this one he took to the house
special teams has been special for King
tonight it’s been fun to watch us you
see I mean breakaway speed he he had
multiple Cooper’s 98 yards unofficially
on that kickoff return for a touchdown I
own not a neg if the senior he’s got a
hundred and forty eight yards
special teams tonight plumbed all p80
flag down yeah yet an outstanding return
of it got over 45 yards earlier and then
a 98 yarder for a touchdown here that’s
a pretty good game
after the penalty the place-kicking unit
comes off on the conversion and now it
appears king will over to no brown the
quarterback around the power i formation
quarterback plunge straight ahead no
signal yet and the conversion fails so a
98-yard kickoff return by an attained a
younga foe to get MLK on the board 21 6
the conversion fails
11:36 2nd quarter I’ll tell you what if
you’re King you got to be happy with
what you’ve done so far we’ve controlled
the clocks the game is not out of hand
and special teams has been very very
good for you tonight so now it is a two
possession game
strange things happen turnovers this is
a much different ball game at 21 6th and
at 21 nothing to make an adjustment with
regard to kicking and that can impact
field position yeah definitely don’t
kick it to me it’s phenomenal tonight so
the plot thickened in here early second
quarter 21 to 6 as King high school
counter punches
squib kick bouncing off one of the up
man and wisely falling upon at the 33
yard line by the Cougars ball right at
the feet of the up man
Bryant limas and wisely not trying to do
too much with it so first in 10 Norco at
the 33 yard line trips on the right side
for the Cougars one man split to the
left change a quarterback Kyle Crum the
sophomore who was greatly heralded in
his own right handoff
Chyna is outside left has first down
yardage running hard across the 50 into
King territory to the 47 yard line so
the change at quarterback Kyle krama
sophomore six 270 pounds and in speaking
with Norco head coach Chuck Chastain he
said yes Shane Illingworth very special
very capable quarterback but he said
Kyle Crum was also a very capable
quarterback despite being a second
string player he said he was a great
they’re not gonna drop off at all when
he comes in tobogganing crumbs slinging
it down the sideline just over the head
of Ashley on the far sideline
incompletion stops the clock 1109 second
quarter second down and 10 at the 47
yard line
Norco just across midfield on the king
half of the pitch misfiring there but
lively armed on display from crumbling
yeah he said he’s a different kind of a
player you know only toward more of a
pocket passer can just throw the ball I
think he’s more of a playmaker able over
an RPO quarterback Crum keeps it himself
straight ahead as an opening angling
towards the 30-yard line and first down
yardage on just a street quarterback
and there’s the difference right there
we saw the fresh lakes of crime affair
if he can throw the ball I Killingsworth
and run like he’s just shown they’ve got
a two-headed monster which you gotta
like first intent of the king 30
four-man rush for the Red Shirts swing
pass right side is incomplete over the
head of the intended target second down
and 10 on the incompletion second down
and 10 at the 34 Norco king down 21
nothing earlier in this quarter got a 98
yard kickoff return for a touchdown from
a not dating a Inga fuh and now the
defense trying to hold the line at 21 to
Norco with the ball the lead on the move
on the road wearing the white handoff
left side turning the corner darting to
the 20 yard line shimmy move at the 15
cutting back inside of the 10 yard line
racing to the near side and scoring iris
Lyons flagged out of the goal line
touchdown counts 27-6 Norco at 10:30 for
what a dazzling improvisational really
creative run there from Aras lions boy
there are I mean it just seems like they
have weapons upon weapons their depth
chart isn’t just one two it’s three four
deep but it’s been that way for Norco
like I said thirty four straight playoff
appearances five see I have
Championships point after now for the
Cougars out of the hold of Skylar frou
Carson Irvin is good twenty-eight six
Norco in front 1034 second quarter fans
don’t forget dia de los muertos day of
the dead returning Saturday November 2nd
at white park in downtown Riverside
starts at one goes till 10:00 in the
afternoon 16th annual anniversary of the
traditional Mexican festival held to
celebrate with food art music dance and
most importantly the beautifully
decorated personalized altars honoring
loved ones that have passed for more
information call nine five one seventy
four thirty one eleven nine five one
seven eight four thirty one eleven or
visit Riverside Day of the Dead calm tea
at de los Muertos and it’s free it’s
family-friendly and I’ll tell you the
dance performances but I see I’m just
I’m always the food guy yeah it’s I show
up for the food and I’m I will be there
from one to ten and I’ll be eating all
the food I prefer to your de los Muertos
to Halloween myself you do see but you
can do both it’s not mutually exclusive
you don’t have a little Vegas into like
it are no no it’s not a Brady Montana
deal no it is not but you can do both
see you I have I have children you my
friend I do not have Julianne see you
did see the costume that I had young
Luke in coming up for Halloween Tiger
Wood Tiger one day yes it’s hard to
believe but my son three years old
obsessed with golf obsessed with Tiger
Woods named his fish
woods and now dresses for Sunday oh oh
that’s all for the up man and very
adroitly snared by the red shirts at the
42 of Norco that was Jason Cobbs
catching the carom make sure that the
live ball was not recovered by the
kicking team and that benefits King they
set up shop at the 42 of Norco 10:31
second quarter 28 6 Cougars but for the
Wolves they’ve got a short field now and
they get six here it’s a two possession
game and I’ll tell you what you I would
be very happy if I’m coach McCarthy
going into halftime thinking it
controlled the clock for the majority of
the half and he kept it close that’s
something you got to do because it’s a
very potent offense counter handoff and
backing his way for a few yards Drake
Dustin maybe half a yard official second
down nine and a half at the 42 yard
little counter action with the play
coming to the near side and Dustin going
the opposite direction second now nine
and a half all in between the hashes
King in red going right to left North to
South here the end quarter number two
the league opener for both sides Big
Eight competition underway here in early
October wing left and right motion right
and motion on the line the play is blown
Drake dust and out of that double wing
look in motion to the far side but
subsequent confusion and Ron Wade
signals need procedure penalty it will
be second down 14 and a half I have
scrimmage backed about the 47 watching
Ron Wade I have known Ron waiting my
entire life I told you some right there
and I think he’s been repping my entire
life when I a long time ago coach
basketball Ron Wade used to do a lot of
my games and gave me a lot of technical
fouls might have thrown me out but I
love them dearly
favorite of the right side from Drake
Dustin second out 14 roll out thrown
right side incomplete on the right side
flat Brown was looking on the right side
for Brady third down call it 15 up
coming for King to 28 6 Norco lead 919
2nd quarter now every basketball coach
I’ve ever asked about this he’s always
answered this one way of the technical
fouls that you received from Ron Wade
how many of them did you deserve all of
them all oh no I got him well I could
tell you’re no longer a coach Oh getting
thrown out of games how I never deserved
that well maybe one tight trips left
3950 to the 47 for King handoff Gardner
starting to the right side she was a 44
yard line
fourth down in 12 for King Gardner has
been the primary ball carrier he’s been
the deep man and that capital I power
running for me
and they’re in the double wing formation
as well fourth and 12
slot right slot left King goes for it on
fourth and 12 line to gain as the 32 of
Norco long throw right side over the
head of Brady Brown is incomplete and
King turns it over on downs at 8:30 to
help us see if Norco comes out with
ilion’s worth where they come back with
their from Kyle Crum who has playing
experience before tonight has seen
action he’s also very good basketball
player we saw that athleticism in the
last Drive an embarrassment of riches
for the Cougars great quarterback at
running back and defensively they’ve
tackled well in the open field and I
want you to think about this and this
team lost last week at home by 30 that’s
something never happened first and ten
for Norco at their own 44 yard line
crumby is the quarterback
Chad s is the running back behind him in
the pistol handled off Chara straight
ahead with a giant Gulf in the defense
he barrels his way inside the 48 near
the 47 of King that’s an eight and a
half yard carry on first down second
down and one and a half ball inside the
48 line to gain is that call it to
second and toon line the game is the 46
trips on the left side for the Cougars
from hands-off shadows bounces outside
turns corner first down flag down China
is still on his feet inside the 35 gang
tackled around the 32 multiple markers
down before the completion of the play
and the game clock stops at 750 second
quarter probably gonna be a hole here
walking all the way back
hold on the Cougars
well for Fernando Chavez he has a 7 yard
touchdown run but we’ve seen him in the
open field as well he’s been very
exciting running with speed and power
very muchly and you watch him and he
just he runs right behind those
offensive linemen and just picks and
chooses his holes he wants to go through
he’s very patient yeah very much so
– scrimmage is a 45 bad snap kromm dives
on it back at the 33 yard line
so Norco sputtering a bit here holding
penalty and then a bad snap and big-time
negative yardage back to the 33-yard
third and 21 y indie game is the 46 of
King Rhino scrimmages the 33 of the
Crom is back has time now sets up a
screen and that is caught my Lions Lions
left sideline near the first down marker
he is short of the first down by less
than a or fourth down and less than a
yard near the 46 now the spot has it
fourth in inches I’ll tell you what I
don’t know if that was a favorable spot
and he looked like you’d go right over
that line but northen inches pistol
alignment Chaidez first down in more
left side into the open field with
blockers at the 20 accelerating and
taking it in Fernando China second
touchdown rushing here in the first half
from 46 yards out 34 6 Norco I’ll tell
you what just watching him run he
plagues hit patient runner runs behind
his offensive lineman found his hole man
off of number 55 there was a brilliant
run by cyrez and they’ve had some good
running backs at Norco a guy named Toby
Gerhart is one of those I think most
people at home remember him and play no
outstanding players Stanford and one on
him good NFL career
point after for the Cougars is good 35 6
Norco at 6:28 2nd quarter in talking to
King head coach Pat McCarthy before the
game I asked him independent of the
result what are you looking for how are
you defining success tonight and he said
was I just want to see our guys compete
and here is where you check to see if
guys are staying competitive for 48
minutes yeah and knowing coach McCarthy
and knowing how his coaching style he
does get his guys they play hard from
start to finish you know they haven’t
won many games they’ve had a lot of
transfers I think I think the total was
over the last couple years was about 30
players they said so when you lose that
kind of guys within your program to go
in other schools and still compete that
is something to be happy with if you’re
a head coach even if you don’t win those
ballgames but we make it close you can
win or you can lose but you’re gonna do
it with the weight your players play and
that’s hard Cougars kick it away I’m not
a the inga foe drops it at the 4 yard
line remember he had a 98-yard return
for a touchdown last time he’s to the 10
giving ground trying to cut a field and
this time is up to the 12 yard line so
approximately 1/8 yard return this time
and King takes over inside their own 15
trailing thirty-five to six 617 second
quarter we have a score update from our
other Riverside game of the week
Norco I’m sorry nor do Vista and Ramona
nor do this up 14-7 at half
so king
as their own 12th
around the quarterback talking to
gardener man in motion fake it to him
confusion on the exchange and buried
back at the six yard line his Noah Brown
and a flag comes in late after the play
Ashton Herbert the sack
it’s just very confused like he said on
that play and well it looked like Brown
wanted a handoff to one side of his
pivot yes and the ball the would-be ball
carrier was on the other side
as we look at the junior cheerleaders
down here working out oh yeah
now it is tackled cancer together
campaign from our pink theme tonight
some pink socks in view on the sidelines
matching the pink aesthetic of the
junior spirit squad line of scrimmage
the 4 yard line
second down lying again is the 22 and
play is gonna get minimal or no yardage
right back to the 5 yard line and you
and I are kind of band geeks we enjoyed
looking at all the high school bands
loved it
well it’s great love the marching band
King has a fabulous band but also what I
mentioned about King is they have more
cheerleaders than any school I have ever
seen in my life yeah that’s a big big
spirit squad I coached cure for a couple
years believe it or not and my squad
never looked I had about 12 girls on my
team you and you were the Spirit Squad
I was the cheer coat oh I didn’t know
house for the new years Wow but you
didn’t get this kind of turnout not this
kind I was going to competition but I
did it all
John Rainey I did it all I’d actually
didn’t know this you did not know that I
mean I have questions because again I’ve
been very privileged as there’s a time
out on the field
you and I have our second quarter I’ve
been privileged to be around high school
and college athletics all hold on yeah
it’s all sports to a degree but you know
sometimes the stunts yes I I get a
little bit like well you have the Flyers
oh I’m telling you I the reason I got
the job I have so many questions I got
my wife and I we work in order this and
the principal came up to us said you
know when you get the call the
principal’s office
you got to go so I get called any age I
was the basketball coach at the time she
said I need you to do something else and
it was the beginning of football season
I said what I got dudes was
you are now our cheer coach you and your
wife are gonna be the jerk Oh disaster
so I didn’t know anything about cheer
but I went to the library and I read
everything I could sure I called every
cheer coach I could and I went to
competitions it was the most fun I ever
had it was great very physically
demanding sport dangerous sports yeah I
was doing both I was coaching basketball
the cheer coach was going to football
games if I was where the cheerleaders
writing the triple post yeah swing fast
nearside that’s complete cutting inside
and knocked down after a game to the 8
yard line is Donovan Brady but the one
thing I did do is I I said I’ve made all
the cheerleaders ride the bus with the
basketball team because they wouldn’t go
to the games but hey if I was the cheer
coach they were on that bus I didn’t let
him talk to my ball players everybody
the game I got a ball game I got the
cheerleaders there was great Gavin
bloomed all has to punt in front here
for King the line of scrimmage is the 8
yard line so there’s enough room for the
standard 15 yard formation here on the
punt but not much more margin for error
plum doll
has a good snap the kick is if not
blocked shanked to the near side at the
6 yard line
and is a negative 2 yard nope it was
deflected I think it was or if he just
had to avoid the rush however running
into the kicker has been called so
they’ll get another opportunity will the
Wolves to punt
once again there were three white shirts
right on the punter Gavin
that’s your bum dog you can’t be happy
when you look around and see all of
those if you’re trying to plan out of
your endzone indication roughing the
kicker would be an automatic first down
that’s right so yeah so let’s see now
that’s a five-yard penalty line of
scrimmage is at the 14 yard line fourth
and nine WOM doll standing just behind
his own goal
flags down lay is blown dead
well Norco is back-to-back fouls here
King now were forcing before and a
half-blind again is the 22 in between
the 22 and the 23 line of scrimmage is
in between the 17 of the 18 happiest guy
the field right now some golf
wobbling snapback to bloom doll and an
end over end low kick bouncing towards
midfield but taking a king roll it
scooped up at the 45-yard line trying to
break free and finally spinning in
breaking free for a moment he is Ricky
Morrison but he’s through doesn’t there
a marker is down back at the 48 yard
line of Norco 403 second quarter 35 six
more co-leading at King high school they
called a block in the back
in fact you and I will have to talk
about my high chair coaching days let’s
see it’s a high school teacher you have
to do everything that the principal
tells you
I’ve goes to everything I’ve coached
softball I am now currently I don’t know
if I told you this may be head boys
volleyball coach where the door boys
have a libero or is that just they do
they do I had to order uniform size I
could a true sportsman Jeff going at the
end of this at the end of the school
year I am going it would be a spring
sport good back school is 58 years old
we’ve never had a boys volleyball spring
sports you know that okay oh yeah first
in ten from winds up pumps rolls left
for the Cougars looks downfield cuts
back to the right side racing laterally
towards midfield looking for a block
maneuvers down to the 30-yard line on
the near sideline Kyle crumb with two
markers back near the 40 yard line of
North from making a dash to the three
tip of the cap to referee Ron Wade who
is demonstrative beyond just the
Orthodox indication to the penalty Ron
knows he’s on TV Iran given me that
giving us the head slap he had a an
extra indication had never seen before
chop block or abrupt yeah
that’s Ron wait for you Ron will be
watching this game tonight at eleven
o’clock and it’s fantastic Kenny retro
actively tu up that would make my night
o me out of the booth on a scrimmage
back to the 24-yard line herself first
down for Norco at their own 24 line to
gain as the 47 it’s 23 yards first and
quick throw left side and that is
complete for the Cougars on the far
sideline game across the 30-yard line up
to approximately the 32 gray the
reception or Norco so a chunky yardage
picked up their second down at the 32
line again the 47 Seguin and 15 pistol
alignment flags down and maybe too much
action in the neutral zone procedure
penalty against Norco yeah coach
Chastain you can’t be too happy I mean
you can be happy to the score but you
cannot be happy with where they play
they cost themselves a lot of penalties
tonight and against great teams and that
is the level that they always want to be
at like I said 34 straight playoff
appearances you can’t make mental errors
second down galloping straight ahead is
krama flag is down to the end of the
carry to the 38 yard line
without the penalty being assessed this
would be third and now I came down right
at the end I didn’t see the foul 3:05
here in the second quarter first call a
lot of college in high school football
games I’ve noticed a lot more flag is it
at render as it just the luck of the
draw the games I’ve been to might be the
luck of the draw
I will say over the last 10 years
certain unnecessary roughness targeting
fouls of that nature like on that big
reversal of field run from Crum earlier
here’s another carry near side Crum
darting through to tacklers flung down
at the 37 yard line
ball tackle from chase Shackleford nine
and a half yard carry from Crum second
down and one like on those beat reverses
reversal of field runs you’ll get guys
with blindside blocks yeah I just get
completely blown up that has been almost
thoroughly eliminated from the game
there are no more defenseless hits that
go on cold as Crum rolls out to his left
and short incomplete near the 30 again
the intended receiver there was Grant
gray 31 at the to 31 March second
quarter so I think they’ve eliminated or
come very close to eliminating a lot of
the defenseless of the hits on
defenseless players and for a long time
there seemed to be an increase of flags
in establishing that new standard yes
but actually this year even on that play
you see guys careful not to destroy guys
yeah we’re so that that has taken root
within the game so I think it just might
be your good luck
on the right side a marker is down and
tumbling to the 20-yard line is liens
but let’s see about the flag of the 38
yard line 224 second quarter 35 6 New
York Oh King may not be able right now
to take advantage of these or this piece
from work Oh given to the Gulf in the
school yes
but at some point mental errors like
this will cost any football team maybe
not in this game but it will cost and
and we were talking to coach Chastain
before the game and he said hey I would
have loved to gone seven and oh come on
in playing centennial but he said they
weren’t ready and that’s that’s the
market teams great teams don’t make
mental mistakes good teams can can win
games and not be prepared I think coach
Chastain wants to shore up this
penalties third and 11 line of scrimmage
the 48 line to gain the 37 from Norco
tight trips on the boundary side the
near side slot to the field side the far
side four-man front for King on the
defense bobbled snap Crum pulls it out
of the air goes straight ahead ambles to
the 35 picks up the first down and falls
forward towards the 32 yard line
tackle made by Brodie manager you could
almost go Wildcat with him he’s so
smooth great runner there
under 2-minutes now ten to thirty three
more good trying to paint an exclamation
point on what has been a really dominant
first half at King Crum turns his
shoulders throws rolling left it is
bobbled and not held by the wolf
incompletion stops the clock at 1:40
second down and ten Norco at the King 33
temperature holding in the middle upper
60s right now just a hint of a breeze
lovely conditions it finally feels like
we worked again with three weeks ago on
the 13th of September I lost 35 pounds
give to the up man and a big gainer
inside the 20 yard line for Norco
that’s Kalani Callay he won a the
refreshment on the dive to the 20-yard
line between the ashes they bring in a
freshman quick snap again kala a 1a
uh-oh outside left to the 10 towards the
pylon skidding out of bounds at the 2
yard line first and goal touchdown
saving tackle by Robert sonic first and
goal Norco at the two of King minute 21
remaining second quarter
Kalani Coletti 1a ax5 650-pound
freshman running back this time it goes
back to the senior chata is this
inference that the freshmen do the dirty
work and yet give it to the senior
freshman he’ll get his carries 41 to six
Norka 116 second quarter
and again tempo the pace of the offense
picking up for the Cougars even as they
keep it on the ground yeah they’ve done
I mean that’s what he said he wanted he
said he wanted a tempo often see and
Garson Irvin for the point after
Schuyler through the hold for the
good snap spotters down kick is up kick
is good
42 Norco in firm control at King with a
minute 16 to go before the intermission
Norco alright so here’s a score right
there nor to this to 14-7 so undefeated
Ramona at five and OH nor this coming in
at four and one order this is only lost
that’s a battle of Jeff go right there
that is my alma mater versus employer oh
yeah I always have to say employer
because you know they pay the bills
right but I do love a ram hi horns up
baby horns um do you disclose when you
work those games you have to disclose
yeah yeah journalistic ethics if I’ve
taught you anything it’s that note yeah
you were my first guy I ever I work to
the pet butts of game stuff the true
gamesmanship oh yeah I’ve kept an eye on
you like Yoda from afar yeah you left me
you and I were happy we had a good thing
going gotta buy this weekend you’re
gonna come back work some you see
Versailles games in a short kick off
brainy working his way up the hash mark
to the 33-yard line Donovan Brady moving
to strum King with first intent of the
rule 33 68 seconds remaining in the
second to 216 dorka King will get the
ball to start the second half
around the quarterback has gardener
behind him in the pistol as the deed man
offset I with the up man angling to the
left of the quarterback Noah Brown
three-man front for Norco slot on the
left side low snap bit of a rough
handoff and Gardner does well to hang on
to that one yard carry straight ahead
that ball was on the carpet or near it
second and nine
he had a timeout on the field high
school football I can’t take those
timeouts with you after halftime and if
you’re Norco and want to try to get
another score in we’re gonna use them
all we also have another updated score
Hillcrest 35 Roopa Valley six Hill press
the defending River Valley League
champions as they openly play as they
will battle next week on Riverside TV
you know King is Owen five but if you
look at their scores six nothing loss at
Temescal Canyon to open the season very
competitive loss de grado of Temecula
here in the second week of the season 18
2 6 3 points at home here to Paulie
these are competitive efforts it has not
been one-sided and you should not draw a
conclusion about it always being
one-sided from the O and 5 mark that’s
true any need a plate better football
they really have he played a lot better
than we’ve seen in the past but
McCarthy’s changed it up quite a bit
second and nine Gardner trying to get
outside cannot he has thrown down for a
loss could not get around
50 seconds remaining in the period
third down and 11 and another timeout
taken by Norco preserving clock reading
42 to 6
now you called the game the Hawaii
Nevada game I did and everybody watched
it and the highlights was there a
torrential rainstorm snow there was snow
the true story you know I went for a jog
at about noon that day 60 degrees in
sunny out
I had my shirt off it was snowing at 3
o’clock that had to be a different day I
bet you felt deep where people dressed
for the occasion
they wear you know they talk about
Nevada Grich in Northern Nevada and it’s
true and people did endure the snow the
54 to 3 hawaii decision was a tougher
pill to swallow passed long left side
under thrown an incomplete the near
sideline looking for a Devin Meza but
the pass incomplete under thrown clock
stops 44 seconds remaining here in the
second quarter fourth and 11 and Norco
now is one timeout remaining the clock
stopped at 44 seconds in a punting
situation for King and to borrow a
hockey phrase were under the NHL season
here that’s right Cougars making another
shot on goal here before the end of the
half here so and Marko I’m sure would
love to get another shot and trying to
store the football here right before
Gavin Lum doll is the punter in red for
it’s now
good kick
fumbled at the 35 by Morrison
norco retains possession 35 seconds
second quarter 42 6
– scrimmage at the 36 yard line 64 yards
away one timeout left the way they have
played offense in the first half it’s
possible it could happen we saw it in
the opening play of the game and we
haven’t seen Shane darlings were here in
the second quarter prom is the
quarterback he’s back with time slides
to the left now he runs towards the
sideline scoots out of bounds at the 40
yard line 4 yard quarterback keeper
around left in 29 seconds remaining in
the period
second down and six
tight drips on the right side slot to
the left sagging in six to forty one
timeout left for Crum and the Cougars he
looks long he goes medium depth and it’s
completing the left side line to the
40-yard line
staggering inside the 40-yard line
adam ounces rules first intended the 34
yard line of King for Norka wolf looks
like he got a little hurt on that play
he’s gonna run off the field hobble off
the field I should say 23 seconds
remaining in the period
42 6 Norco attempting to gild the lily
in a brilliant first half from down the
seam cata the 10 yard line battling
inside the 5 and plunging into the end
zone touchdown Cougars
34 yards touchdown strike to Phil
Espinoza from Kyle Crum 48 to 6 with 13
seconds to go in the second quarter
t-80 is up and good 49 to 6 Norco why
they are they can put the ball in the
end zone that is for sure and they do it
quickly as we’ve seen so 13 seconds
remaining second quarter and right now
for King you’d have to think just get to
the locker room and regroup try to reset
and think about the next 24 minutes as
its own individual proposition Nikki
you’re not gonna get the win here
tonight but you can get you can’t wait
better yeah you can’t get better you can
play hard and you just can’t give up and
that’s one thing that Coach talked about
prior to the games don’t give up play
the upside for King is they’ll have a
kick return opportunity here and that’s
how they got there one touchdown tonight
on a 98-yard returned by oh not a the
Inga foul earlier in the half that made
it a 21 to 6 game but since then 28
unanswered from the visiting Cougars
this is a low kick that is sneered by
one of the up man of the 24 yard line
for King Matthew Tyndall sophomore hauls
it into the 24 yard line 9 seconds for
King and we’ll see what coach Pat
McCarthy elects to do with one snap
meeting but he gets with you yeah two
timeouts for King
first in ten of the 24
no brown
as his team come to the line Norco with
a three man defensive front nine seconds
two timeouts remaining for King but
probably not enough time to burn both
around the quarterback in the pistol
hands it off– running hard on the right
side of the 31 yard line six or seven
yard carry for Gardner and that’s the
end of the first half Cougars with a
tsunami of offense through the first 24
minutes and the Riverside TV game of the
week right now in halftime Norco 49 King
six will be back stay with
Riverside’s 3-1-1 app allows you to
submit service requests like graffiti
code violations potholes and more you
can also check on any requests you’ve
made hey your Riverside public utilities
bill and keep up to date with City news
let’s get started and see how it works
open the app to see the four icons at
the bottom where you can select what you
want to do the first button is the new
request button tap it and select service
request type from the list earlier we
took a photo of some graffiti so we’ll
scroll through the list of choices and
select graffiti removal then tap the
icon to attach the photo you can also
submit without a photo but will need to
provide additional details once you’ve
attached the photo we’ll write in the
description box what we want done and
tap the send request once the city
receives it you’ll see a prompt saying
service request submitted successfully
press ok and you can submit another
request if you like next select the
second icon to check the status of your
request here you can monitor all the
requests you’ve made including ones that
are closed if you click on the show
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line menu icon that kind of looks like a
but not really you can filter to show
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requests now let’s pay a bill tap the
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see how easy Riverside’s 3-1-1 app is
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at Riverside CA gov forward slash apps
it’s designed for those that are overage
check one two check check check
set the levels check check set the
levels check one it’s free to
participate and individuals are signed
up with tutors to help them through the
process to become a learner you need to
be 18 years of age or older
seek to improve your reading and writing
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give back and help improve the lives of
some of our residents that want to
participate in this program you know
what the steps are so easy to get
involved I think it comes first from a
desire to want to help somebody else in
a skill that you have I love to read and
I love to engage in conversation with
people so I’m just sharing something
that I’m comfortable with and that’s
really all it is they do help you
provide you with material and with with
advice as to how to proceed something
because every learner will be different
so every tutor is going to have a
different theme and I think it works
I am able to speak and write with more
confidence I would recommend people to
comment please don’t wait I enjoyed this
program I liked it it’s just incredible
to think what this program is doing for
the members of our community the
Riverside Fire Department’s has a proud
history of serving our community for
over 130 years that spirit of service
continues as we move forward into the
future thanks to the voter approved
measures e funding the Riverside Fire
Department has been able to purchase
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services public education and safety
programs measures II and the Riverside
Fire Department your tax dollars at work
the 2019 stemple Academy will take place
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you visit Riverside Public Utilities
comm the Riverside fire department’s has
a proud history of serving our community
for over 130 years that spirit of
service continues as we move forward
into the future thanks to the voter
approved measure Z funding the Riverside
Fire Department has been able to
purchase various new fire apparatus to
better serve the community 17 new fire
vehicles in total and several are
already in service the list includes
eight fire engines 3 tiller trucks one
straight truck one brush truck welcome
back to king high school the Riverside
TV game of the week it is
Norco leading at King high school forty
nine to six as we get set for the start
of the second half
Jeff Gorham and John Raimi with you
Norco with a dominating performance in
the first half the first snap from
scrimmage at 77 yard touchdown strike
from Shane Illingworth
to marquise Ashley and the Cougars
haven’t really looked back Jeff no I’ll
tell you what it’s been the first that
first quarter that first strike that we
saw from ellingsworths we didn’t see him
play in the second quarter it was all
the young guy Kyle Crum the sophomore he
was phenomenally showed some Lakes and
he did exactly what coach Jets Chastain
said they don’t they didn’t lose a beat
when he came into the ball game
well fans it’s the month of October and
that means one thing
Halloween Saturday October 26th get the
kids in costume head down to a white
park in downtown Riverside for Halloween
fest between 2 and 10 p.m. there’s a
costume contest for both kids and
grownups a haunted trail kids zone with
crafts and games Halloween vendors and a
food and beer garden Halloween fest
tickets $10 for grown-ups free for kids
14 and under Saturday October 26 2 to 10
p.m. white park in downtown Riverside
for more information 9 5 174 3111 9 5
174 31 11 or visit Riverside Halloween
fest dot Riverside Halloween fest calm
they have a grown-up costume competition
what are you gonna going that was I was
gonna go with you baka no no no I’m
gonna be the world’s tallest Jon Snow
I’m gonna be from Game of Thrones oughta
be well I got a wig normally probably
about 5 foot 5 so it’s an irony place
yeah I like irony in a Halloween themed
6/8 Jon Snow well my wife is going to be
the the blonde girl you know about the
dragon and yet Daenerys in there yeah
she’s gonna be another one and then
Betsy I’m gonna I want my kids to go cuz
last year I brought you know little Luke
who has two curly is hair in the world
laughter iikes and I’m probably gonna
get in trouble for this but I dressed my
son up like Richard Simmons because the
haircut perfect so I gave him a little
dolphin shorts and high socks this year
like I mentioned earlier he is going to
be Sunday championship Sunday Tiger or
the red golf shirt so I do have a
secondary costume that I will wear on
Halloween when we walk around the kids I
have a caddy outfit with woods on the
back that’s good so we’re gonna walk the
neighborhood so they will you to think
I’m Tiger Woods caddy or a guy that left
the mental asylum
dressed in C white jumpsuit
Riverside Halloween fest that’s gonna be
great I’m telling you
white Park and other one of those
legendary parks downtown yeah I’ll be
there if there’s food like you said
there’s food food and beer food and beer
wonderful thing
food bear costumes cash for anything
nine bucks hey I’m a city employee maybe
maybe they’ll give me a deal you know I
have the voice that’s right I get to do
the long night of arts and innovation
that Fernandez and I decided all right
this is like must this appointment
television oh yeah I’m telling you when
you are you’ll be up in Nevada or
wherever you’re gonna be your own
I want youto be here when he’s selling
no long night and Riverside it’s on
that’s this coming Thursday huh 5:00 to
10:00 it goes from 5:00 to 11:00 but
we’ll be on the air for five to ten and
I expect you to be tuning in I can make
that I’m flying up on Friday I didn’t
need to come out and hang out with me
and we can walk I’m gonna beat like sit
man on the streets but I’m gonna be
Huell Howser Riverside I’m gonna walk
one of my favorite broadcasters I love
you loud means house riesen spent a lot
of time in Riverside know you if he
would spend a lot of time he used to be
in a knitting club in the brachot arcade
here locally with your mom knew he’ll
Howser knew him really well this is
gonna be a great second hello it’s gonna
be awesome
forty nine to six and the Cougars of the
lead will kick off the visiting norco
side with the white jerseys royal blue
helmets and pants silver numerals on the
white jerseys trimmed in royal blue the
home team King red jerseys red helmets
white numerals white pants it’s after
Labor Day no one should wear right there
is that right what about doesn’t count
maybe on all she doesn’t count in
Southern California was 85 degrees today
I were some white linen pants last week
good he gave me gave me grief who people
people what do they says it past Labor
Day I don’t care
bobbles on the 5-yard line but the Inga
foul as it touched down returned in 98
yards on the kickoff from earlier brings
this one out to the 40 yard line about
35 yard kickoff return or not dating the
Inga foe who has had a wonderful night
returning the football and that has been
the biggest weapon for King offensively
in this one first and 10 for the Wolves
at their own 40-yard line
Noah Brown has been the quarterback
let’s see if he remains the quarterback
or if there’s a change coming here with
Jaden coffer the junior wearing number
12 headed out there so coffered 5 9
junior quarterback takes over for Noah
Brown the senior quarterback change for
King offset I coffer throws a wobbler
that is intercepted at the 41 yard line
Steven Quadra leaping into the air to
intercept for the Cougars I’ll tell you
what that that team Norco can sure turn
it quickly so a turnover on the first
snap of the second half and we have no
Shane Illingworth you’re going with the
young fella
Kyle crumb crumb very capable after
taking over for Illingworth who was a
little bit banged up so he’s getting
some rest
Crom in the pistol from hands it off
here goes Lions left side 30 flag down
Lions outside 20 to the 10 cuts back
inside takes it across let’s see about
the marker but Aras Lions has been
dazzling in the open field tonight
we jumped inside and out broke a few
plays I believe it’s probably gonna come
back here marker at the 40-yard line but
that’s really kind of been the Achilles
heel for noir COEs they’ve had big plays
that have been brought back by penalties
and that’s one thing that I’m sure coach
is not happy about Ron Wade offsetting
personal fouls
so first in ten back at the 41-yard line
offsetting personal foul no touchdown
with a lead of greater than 40 points
here in the early third quarter Norco 49
and Kings six there is a running clock
Lions going outside left again he’s got
a first down and more to the sideline
flag down to the 20-yard line Lions
almost a complete replay of his
touchdown scamper from the last snap
wiped out by penalty he takes it inside
the 10 here but a marker is down at the
19 yard line it happened later in the
development of the play this penalty
compared to last and a hold on Norco
see old smokey robinson foul you really
got a hold on me let’s see if we can get
another long run out of this one well
chain Yanks got a reset because the line
of scrimmage is beyond where they are
set up its first and negative two now
the chain gang one chain gang is yanking
on the other chain Wow we might get Sam
Cooke and Smokey Robinson worked into
this one sorry Hey people are gonna
think I’m that’s ok I think people even
think I’m a different age than I am I
just like old R&D in so shit you I love
to see the chain gang come out just
because I can sing the song for you
that’s right
person 10 to the 29 yard line for Norco
oh I’ve done it Lions again stepping out
of tackles and barreling inside the
20-yard line a 10 yard carry there may
be an 11 yard carry to the 18 yard line
first in 10 Norco at the 18 yard line of
king eight-minute mark third quarter 49
to 6 Norco king goes on the road they
play a big eight game next week at
Roosevelt year’s Lions following his
blockers into the end zone touchdown
Norco 55 to 6 Lions taking it in Lions
finding the endzone for the second time
55 to 6 Norco and the place-kicking unit
is on so for king they have to go on the
road in league two Rosabelle for Norco
they open leak play with three games on
the road at King tonight at Santiago
next week in at Centennial the following
that is a guantlet yes it is talk about
Centennial whose perennially
nationally-ranked conversion is good is
fifty six to six Norco 7:46 third
quarter but as you say for Norco they
have not played perfectly however they
are dominating nevertheless despite some
yeah and they will need to play they
will need to sharpen it up I believe on
the road and I think coach Chastain will
be the first to agree with us yeah I say
what Santiago much improved this year
and Centennial who is always down that
those are two tough road gates and then
they got Roosevelt at home and finish up
with Corona so it doesn’t look like
their 34th straight playoff appearances
are in jeopardy they’ve got a great team
34 consecutive years 34 a lot of years
34 older than I am
well maybe nothing we had 34 years and
there was a year that was skipped
between that so it would have been 40
plus years only one year they didn’t
make it so they last didn’t make it at
1985 here’s an onside attempt or a short
kick on the near side it’s taken to the
40-yard line and spun out of bounds on
the other side use the up man for King
Devin Meza so King has it back 7:25
third quarter 56 to 6 Norco so fall of
1985 yes that’s the start of the second
Reagan term yes that’s a long time you
know what there was always a I I can
tell you some funny narco stories and
winter growing up it’s a one town one
school mm-hmm so they get the support of
the entire town you look at the fans on
that side it’s a packed house right for
the most part I’ll let you call this and
I got something really funny to do
misdirection handoff and coming through
the middle is Dustin up the near side
hash he’s got eight yards second and two
at the 47 yard line for King North was
always had to China often to the
defensive linemen and it’s called horse
town USA well yeah I’ve played country
music I’m telling you so there’s a lot
of horses cows so as a kid agrarian vibe
it very much as a kid we would always
say on Thursday nights it would leave
out a cow and the offense and defensive
lineman would come take that cow from
various people would donate these cows
and they got so large from eating the
cows in Norco that it what they would
they would give a cow to the to the line
and in the middle of the night that the
cows would disappear
the Norco families would donate a cow
once a week during football season and
we always said that was what happened is
that they were always so big and strong
is because they would go eat this cow
Thursday night before the game
as a journalist I have questions Donovan
Brady as a jet sweep and a first down
for her King High School near midfield
extraordinary claims require
extraordinary evidence foremost it was
always the question is who’s donating
but see it’s it’s it’s such a tight-knit
community arm a lot of people eat steak
in this world not everybody’s good at
football No so that’s my first question
I’ve had a fair amount of steak in my
life I’ve missed the playoffs one more
than once the last 34 years and you
weren’t they weren’t your town wasn’t
giving up cows to the offense and
defensive line of narco Raider rather
Gardner dances outside across the 50
yard line to the 47 where he is met by
the Norco defense after a gain of five
on the play to the 46 yard line I of
course an urban playing safety right now
making that tackle River and of course
the kicker also listed as a wide
receiver but playing safety right now it
appears for Norco 56 to 6 moving clock
for a 35 third quarter double wing here
for King on second and five reverse
coming to the near side end-around
stepping out of tackles to the 40 yard
line goes Donovan Brady so Brady’s got a
first down for King they started the
Jets we’ve been around far side came
back with the reverse to the near side
you know Jeff a lot of people miss
identify and end around as a reverse
they do I first time you go around the
end it isn’t end around yes it is only
when the ball changes direction that it
becomes old so they revert towards the
reverse and then a double reverse is
when they go back to the initial end
around side motion from that wing left
out to the right side the man in motion
is Dustin here is coffer clinging to the
right side he has nearly a first down
and a flag comes in late Dustin with the
reception for King
so Jaden confer to Drake Dustin nine and
a half yard completion but a marker and
roll wait for the indication it may be
an illegal use of the hands the illegal
block on King so that near first down
reception is wiped out now are you a fan
of Triple A just kidding what are you a
fan of trick plays
of course now what was the last time you
saw a good one run Hawaii ran a fake
kneel down at the I saw that yeah I set
up a field goal for the inhabitant of
Adelaide we saw that that getting too
rough on I saw a flea-flicker earlier
this year I have yet to see the Statue
of Liberty the Statue of Liberty’s one I
have not seen since high school grade
school flag football there you go tight
trips left jet sweep coming to the near
side hit in the backfield is Brady he
tumbles for to the 41 yard line coming
up from the secondary to make the hit
was Seth who sell for Norco Donovan
Brady on the jet sweep to the near side
singing down and ten and a half from the
41 yard line line to gain is a 30 56 6
Norco journey clock to 10 third quarter
King and red going right to left North
to South snap to copper he’s back with
time steps up now running pumps gonna
keep skid spins his wheels and clambers
to the 39 yard line gain of about two on
the play third down and nine so coffer
with a little bit of space to try to
make things happen he’s completed a pass
he’s scrambled a bit
third down and eight eight and a half
line to gain is the 30-yard line for
King trips on the right side coffer
fakes a handoff guns a slant over the
middle it’s in and out of the hands the
intended receiver a flag is down late
third down eight and a half becoming
fourth down eight and a half after the
incompletion let’s see about the
infraction personal foul
we did not get an indication as to which
side is guilty the foul although King is
back it up so it appears they read that
clad wolves who would win in a fight a
wolf or a cougar don’t know don’t know
did you see Mike Leach breaking that
down all the pac-12 I did that was
pretty good I send that to you know but
I’m really quite good
if you haven’t fans Google Washington
State head coach Mike Leach in a press
conference doing a hypothetical scout on
which mascot would be the toughest to
defeat in a physical altercation and he
starts off with well some devils we got
to understand what kind of mystical
power what we got to define what a Sun
Devil and he just goes down the list
from there he talked about Buffalo’s
being tough he talked about Bo talking
about the Utah Utes you depends if they
have a weapon yeah like it was very good
it was very good he said also you said
the Trojan doesn’t authorities in
horseback it’s quite it’s a sublime
that’s the end of the third quarter here
at King high school the Riverside TV
game of the week Norco on the road in
charge fifty six to six over the Wolves
here at King high school speaking of the
wolves and the King colours at the red
jerseys I had the privilege of going the
Nova homeland Arizona Bowl this past
December the game that University of
Nevada wanted overtime against Arkansas
State and Arkansas State is the Red
Wolves nice was an all lupine matchup
fine but as I see the King red jerseys
they are the Red Wolf so there is there
must be some kinship or a potential
kinship between Arkansas State maybe the
Wolves maybe they were Sister Cities
well I mister school Arkansas State
plays a good hard-nosed ran a football I
just point that out for the faithful who
may not have known that I I actually in
my years of covering college athletics I
did not know the Arkansas State mascot
was the Red Wolves until preparing for
that volume
you know a lot of schools Jeff as you
know well are to the fourth quarter
fourth down and hunt formation where the
King wolves Norco leading fifty six to
six with one man deep of the 19 yard
line it has been Ricky Morris in deep to
receive so far on punt returns for the
Cougars good snap and a high wobbling
kick bounces at the 30 takes a lateral
bounce all the white jerseys scatter and
the Wolves down it at the 27 yard line
so Norco takes over at their own 27 with
a 56 to 6 lead here early in the fourth
quarter Chuck warm John Ramey with you
pleasant good evening to you wherever
you may be joining us I picture
everybody watching us on a giant screen
TV yep you know there’s a lot of sports
happening the baseball playoff for games
today awesome and of course in this
digital age you can kind of multitask
and follow different games via different
platforms so perhaps summer watching
this and following Twitter for another
game here’s an end-around coming to the
near side for Norco and some open field
to the 40-yard line up the near sideline
tumbling out of bounds
is Jacob Rosendahl he’s got it to the 39
yard line of King first and 10 flag down
though at the 41 and a hold against the
Cougars brings it back and that has been
their Achilles heel tonight has been
that holding on big runs
if you objectively assess the Norco
apart from penalties it’s been perfect
guess but you can’t discount the
penalties and penalty save had some big
plays tonight and all of brought back
line of scrimmage at the 31 yard line
for Norco in the pistol flag down looked
like a illegal procedure is the running
back started towards the line before the
snap you could not make forward motion
towards the line of scrimmage unless it
is Canadian rules Jeff and Canadian
family this is this game it’s not being
played under Canadian rules that’s an
illegal motion do you know why I don’t
it’s not Canadian rules because the
field because we’re not Canada well baby
I mean that could be part of it but the
the end zones are not 20 yards they’re
not free no they only do three downs
they’re they do three hands and the
fields wider yeah
and Doug Flutie and Warren Moon first
and 11 motion to the right side and the
play is blown dead for Norco Tyler speak
is in at quarterback he’s the third
quarterback of the evening so you’ve got
some 2nd and 3rd string guys in there
and there just might be some wrinkles to
iron out here in the fourth quarter
there’s 56 to 6 affair false start
against the Cougars you know it’s funny
when you look at Canadian rules football
Australian rules football and rugby
league and rugby union and American
gridiron football and soccer they all
have a common ancestor that is not
clearly defined through the mists of
history here is a fine running play up
the right side and first down yardage
across the 40-yard line
Jacob Rosendahl sophomores scampering up
the right side norco moves the chains
first in 10 of the 42 contrast at the
basketball we have a creation moment we
know the guy
Naismith dr. Naismith a Canadian yes we
have the documents yes right it’s almost
like Genesis whereas the football games
kind of evolved out of the misses of
history I always like to compare and
contrast those two sports as the scrum
moves to the 50-yard line right back in
the 17th century there was you know a
town football game played on the town
green yes and from that comes soccer all
the different rules of football Canadian
Australian rugby American gridiron are
you a rugby fan I’ve seen rugby union in
person at Eden Park in Auckland New
Zealand 15 guys against 15 guys and it’s
really impressive I saw the All Blacks
and well I’ve never seen that in person
I did that that’s something else second
down and to speak zips it to the right
side and that’s complete for Norco and a
first down he’s got counter Thomas
hauling in on the far sideline and the
Cougars are moving it leaning 56 to 6 7
13 on a turning clock in the fourth
quarter yeah I was on the South Island
in at Otago University Christchurch
where’s know it’s in Dunedin Oh didn’t
even yeah fyords yeah the fjords that’s
right play ball a bit I forgot about
handoff here for Norco to the 35 yard
I still have my old black sweater that I
will wear it occasion each and may on
the carry
2nd down and 7 at the 35 yard and I did
you see them do the haka a free game yes
I did dance ceremony awesome pretty
incredible yes I’ve never seen it in
person though I haven’t spend as much
time in New Zealand as you have you had
a job there I’ve just been there clear
have I had five nine Christ hurts why
don’t you mention that a beautiful
beautiful town tackle for loss at the
40-yard line the handoff going to Cody
Tarver but the red shirts blowing it up
back to the 40-yard line
logan Hancock leading the charge there
six-minute mark fourth quarter 56 to 6
Norco also batten ball sports right like
cricket and baseball and rounders those
also have like a common evolutionary
ancestor that may emerge out of the
mists of history yeah you know unlike
basketball which has that creationist
moment which I just love to think about
the differences they third and nine
Rowland left
speak throws on the move-in completed
the 29 yard line
he was looking for Rosendahl coming to
the near sideline fourth down well we
were talking to Norco head coach Chuck
Chastain he’s a history teacher he’s not
a football coach and I’m a history
enthusiast you’ve worked enough with me
to know that now yes you are and you are
too and you’re a man of letters as well
I am a man of letters
forget Chuck Chastain you know he’s
growing up his nickname I almost do it
I’m gonna throw it out there right now
till we say it dog bite
I’m sorry dog bite dog bite yeah you got
bit by a dog once and his fingers it was
before a game fourth and eight speak
goes long right sign incomplete around
the 10-yard line a flag is down
Connor Thomas was the target and on the
coverage for King was Devon Meza if I
recall the story he was bitten by a dog
the day before the game or the day of or
the day before a big football game and
they had to sew him up and so he his
fingers were he had stitches and he
still wanted to play but the stitches
popped open and so he was bleeding so
there’s like Jim Ottawa yeah he’s great
it was a clamp Ronnie Lott oh yeah
Ronnie Lott yeah so he had his fingers
he’s bleeding and apparently this is it
Chuck Chastain go ahead yo and his dad’s
a tough guy family’s Tuffy we saw him
before he tough guy and I right I
wouldn’t know so no and and it was I
remember he said that he was somebody’s
young how did you get hurt and he was
yelling dog bite first down handoff and
a tackle for a gain of about three on
the handoff going to Ethan a second down
it lasted for a really long time a
really long time
and I think it might have died down
until you brought it back on a beverage
side telling I thought it back on
Riverside till this night
did it over the radio game of the week
I’ve done it many times so hopefully
anybody that sees coach Dana coaches
Yelp dog by that great ball comes out in
the backfield of the 23 yard line and
King is recovered King with Mikey Luna
taking it away for the Wolves 320 fourth
quarter 56 to 6 Norco and King with
their second fumble recovery and I’ll
tell you what thanks plus one of the
turnover Department remember Norco has
the interception but to fumble
recoveries for the Wolves yes if you’re
a student of coast Chastain and you want
to get some extra credit just say mr.
dog bake Oh professor dog but I don’t
want to I don’t mean to do this because
mr. chesty does coach US history that’s
you know it’s important subject it is
car for the quarterback hands it off for
King straight ahead on the running play
up across the 27 yard line
Gordon ER with the carry
second down call at six
so Norco stays on the road the internet
Santiago next week on the 11th King
heads out on the road there at Roosevelt
on the 11th big play up to the 50-yard
line running hard is Brady first intend
for the Wolves
two minutes precisely remaining in
regulation for King the score is
lopsided and not in the direction they
would prefer however two takeaways good
kick return game there have been moments
on offense where they have shown big
play explosiveness it’s not as though
coach McCarthy is without some weapons
they just need to string together some
consistency as that ball is nearly
intercepted there’s a flag down the ball
was bad and out of the 35 yard line the
markers at the 41 yard line and we’ve
seen him score a lot lately they put up
28 17 28 the first two weeks it was a
bit of an anomaly but their offense is
getting going and I’ll tell you what I
think they have a shot to win a couple
games in a big big eight this year
game clock hits one minute so as this
penalty is sorted out the illegal man
downfield clock has waived off for 54
seconds remaining ineligible and man
downfield is the call
and there is a timeout on the field now
they reset the game clock to one minute
and 16 seconds
well Jeff I think if the schedules break
right you and I will get to do at least
one more game maybe – I can’t wait as I
will have another open weekend in early
November and that might be playoff time
or right near it and then also towards
the maybe the next week hag is at San
Diego State that means it’s a pretty
close community Friday night to Saturday
you could stay at my house I might that
would be awesome just know that John
Ramey will spend the night at my house
we’re gonna sit in my hot tub and we’re
gonna talk about football and also I we
need to hear a lot more about your
tenure as a spirit squad oh I feel
another thing I want to know and I’m
glad we’re getting to this before the
end of the broadcast the Spirit Squad
cheer boxes yes seems to be an area of
extreme focus more in a moment second
and ten in midfield coffret guns it out
left side on it’s incomplete for Drake
Dustin there’s a whole history behind
that spirit boxes now if you are at any
height high school or no college they
have spirit boxes I’m often focused on
the game at college football games but
the spirit boxes with the name and the
decoration oh it goes huge deal because
they get to use them for their entire
time there they’re so rude intents are
you interrupts you Jeff there’s a long
pass to the right sideline and it’s all
dinh by brady inside the 30-yard line
King as a first down at the 27 yard line
of norco 33 seconds remaining on the
game Clark and they call timeout see and
and you got to think of it this way it’s
a lot like wearing a Letterman’s jacket
you know that’s your that’s your box and
that’s your you put your little whatever
you like in life if you like the
whatever bands you like sometimes on the
back side they’ll hug or good quote or
funny pictures yeah these big deal
alright correctly identified that yes
you have I’ve always kind of I’ve been
curious about what goes into it specific
some teams will have many like stickers
on it looks like King knows more
traditional more of a uniform das script
in blue with red trim on the white yeah
I said one of the largest cure couldn’t
go AMA zip over 30 in that spirits at
least at least they might have 40 and I
imagine they probably have song leaders
they probably have a drill team they
probably have all kinds of stuff
color guard was impressive with the band
at halftime a badly carried the band at
half today we’re going over stuff on the
field like boxes they run on boxes 33
seconds to go in regulation first in ten
king at the Norco 2750 point lead for
the Cougars quarterback ambling around
and Kaufer trying to keep his feet now
he’s slung down to the 30-yard line
Jaden copper trying to make something
happen and timeout clock is stopped with
18 seconds king burning their second
timeout of the second half trying to go
for a score here because youngsters that
are in the game King does not have an
offensive touchdown tonight on night day
mingi fo had a 98-yard kickoff return of
the first half for the only score of the
evening for the wolf so the
psychological uplift is still in play
here for King if they can score in the
final 18 seconds of regulation something
to build on for next week at Roosevelt
you know a couple games next week we got
Arlington and Paloma Valley and we have
noir de vista Hillcrest as the
doubleheader continues next week after
the sack it’s second down and call it 13
of the 31 line again as the 18 we have
an RCC game next week as well
coffer is back coffers stands in the
pocket lofts at right side towards the
goal line up for grabs Brady can’t hold
it at the five yard line tough chance
there for Brady on the near sideline
third and 12 upcoming but the running
clock with the 50 point advantage means
that’s the final play of regulation
Norco an impressive fashion opens big 8
league play winning at King by a final
of 56 to 6 the conventional wisdom
coming into this one Jeff Gorham was
that Norco had the momentum and the
firepower and it was on display for all
48 minutes tonight
yeah they lost last week to a very good
wrench every team and I think they
wanted to kind of fix that loss and it
came at the expense of King tonight
Norco scored in the first snap and it
was really no doubt as they built a lead
of 49 to 6 at halftime and close it out
with a 56 to six victories at King high
school on the Riverside TV game of the
week thanks to our outstanding crew
thanks to Scott Brosius and all the
folks at Riverside TV for Jeff Gorham
it’s John Raimi such a pleasure to be
back with you thanks for being with us
on this Friday night so long from king
high school

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