Hockey Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Hockey Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Dude, perfect. [CHIME DINGS] Banger! Let’s go! So panda is going
to sit in the chair. You rip one from here. Goes off the ramp, hits
the bottle on his head. This is great. I love this. [CHEERING] [LAUGHTER] Time for the Win a Car Shot
from the far blue line. Here we go. [CHIME DINGS] Decided to bring this one
outside, through the woods, over the river,
across the mountains. How does that go? To grandmother’s house. Which way you going? Gary, what is this called? I’m Ty’s supervisor, so
that’s why I’m always here. The Long Hockey Shot. Long Hockey Shot, named by Gar. Here we go. [CHIME DINGS] [CHEERING] Oh, nice. Wow. Ladies and gentlemen,
here we are, back again five years later. Have we started
making better choices? Yes. Don’t lie to us, though. [LAUGHTER] I don’t know if you
remember, Jamie. In the last interview
that we did, I took a little heat from you. And we got your socks
and sandals combo. [LAUGHTER] And I want to know if you
recognize this man right here. OK. You know that guy? Yeah, I know that guy. What’s he wearing? It looks like socks. With? Sandals. You inspired me. [LAUGHTER] Good ol’ friendly
dueling tree competition. Jamie is green. Ty’s white. Not me Ty. I don’t want to
embarrass Jamie out here. I’m confident. You’re confident
you’re going to win? I’m in my area. Then look at the people and tell
them that you’re going to win. Chubbs has got this one. OK. Who’s Chubbs? [LAUGHTER] You just told the world
your name is Chubbs. Three, two, one, go. What’s up, guys? Ty here. Whoa. Huh? You’re supposed to be– what are you doing? I just figured I’d be in
front of the camera today. Guys, Timmy has
been looking forward to this video for 10 years. It’s true! He got up at 4:30 this morning. I did! (SHOUTING) Welcome
to the video, Timmy! Yeah! to fire [CHIME DINGS] You’re texting with your buds. What is your go-to emoji? It’s like the little
dude and he’s going no. [BUZZER] You gotta say no to
the boys all the time. Like, let’s fly in this week. Let’s live with you here. It’s like, no. I’ve never in my life sent the
emoji of the guy doing this. I’d probably go thumbs up. Thumbs up? I’m game for everything. So you’re shutting
everything down. Jamie’s just like– Oh! [CHIME DINGS] [CHEERING] Oh, I gave him one there. You did. I get by with a little
help from my friends. You’ve seen the Michigan. But how about the
Michigan Between the Legs? Yeah, Timmy! This is Codes here
at the skate park. This is the No Lookin’ Saucy. [CHIME DINGS] Let’s go! Yep! It’s time for a Splashy Bucket. This is the Up and Over. Here we go. [CHIME DINGS] Yes, baby! Oh! This is the 7-10 Split. [CHIME DINGS] [CHEERING] Yes! Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the next shot. We got our Pepper Popper. Flips the bottle. While that’s going on,
I’m down at the other end. Pft, pft. We got to hit both, hopefully. [CHIME DINGS] Yeah! Let’s go! I got three. I got three total. Boy, the celebration was more
exhausting than the shot, to be honest with you. How about a little
Around the World? [CHIME DINGS] Let’s go! There’s a few skills lacking
in my overall hockey game. I think today we
work on stopping. We’ve got the cups. Walk me through what a
good stop looks like. It’s all about how
high the snow goes. I know. That’s what I want. Let me see what you got. Oh! That was amazing. Oh! That was a lot of spray. I think he might just
toe pick the way through. He’s going to stop,
but the snow’s not even going to come
close to the cups. [BUZZER] I’m just not meant
to be a stopper. You’re all speed. I’m all speed, and
I’m an enforcer. That’s what I do. Oh! This is Two For the Show. Here we go. Let’s get it. Oh! There it is. [CHIME DINGS] Let’s end this with a
little friendly competition. We’re drawing on me. Best tat wins. Here’s my interests. Hunting, fishing, all
sports, Jesus, and candy. I’m going to put clouds
in the background. [LAUGHTER] What do you got there? What is that? Is that a Hershey Kiss? Yes. [LAUGHTER] If you know what it
is, that’s great. Two Hershey Kisses. Two hockey sticks? Yep. With a cross. And the cross. That ties everything together. Yeah. God, hockey, and candy. What else do you need? I think I lost. Oh, jeez. All right. You like movies,
you like fishing. There’s your little rod,
a couple of fishies. And you like to golf. OK. Tiger! [LAUGHTER] Am I shouting at him,
trying to get his attention? No, like, your own ball. You’re like, Tiger! Like the confidence thing
that I yell as I play. Yes. Yeah, Jamie took that one away. [CHIME DINGS] Well done, Jamie. About to slap the
Big Bowl Upper 90. Here we go. [CHIME DINGS] Let’s go! Bang! This is the full deck. [RECORD SCREECHES] What is it? Upper Deck. [LAUGHTER] [BEEP] This is the Upper Deck. [LAUGHTER] Why do you always wait? I didn’t know. [BEEP] This is the Upper
Deck Full Sender. There we go. Go home, baby. [CHIME DINGS] [CHEERING] [CHIME DINGS] What’s up, guys? Thanks for watching. If you’re not already a
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  1. Happy New Year er’body!!
    FOR REAL thank you for watching. We love y’all.
    2020 vids are gonna be 🔥
    2 NEW 📺 series — can’t wait

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  3. Ping pong trick shots 5? Please you all do very well that those and I find a lot of satisfaction in watching trick shots like those

  4. Have a great day dp squad! Still fell sad for coby because he didn't get the car in overtime😅
    Happy new year boys!!

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