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Summer: Sporcle
This is Lily Iatridis of Fortuigence with
a fun writing activity for you to do with
your children.
Now, wordplay helps develop your spelling,
it helps increase your vocabulary and it just
helps you get a little bit more fluent with
your words, especially when you’re composing
long sentences and so on. This particular
writing tip has to do with a spelling activity
in an online game that requires being able
to spell words correctly within short periods
of time. This site that has these games is
called Sporcle. It’s spelled S-p-o-r-c-l-e
dot com.
On this Sporcle site are games, timed games
that are in all manner of areas. It could
be about geography, history, science, literature.
There are also a lot of silly trivia games
like lists of Brad Pitt movies. But when you
go on to the Sporcle site, just scroll down
past the trivia part. They’ll have the top-trending
games at the very top of the page. Scroll
down past the Brad Pitt movie list and there
you’ll see all of the games that have been
played millions of times.
What you’re required to do, once you choose
a game to play, is write down and correctly
spell the names of whatever it is you’re being
quizzed on in order to win. You don’t get
credit unless it’s spelled correctly, it doesn’t
help you out with that. Also, on the geography
ones, they have a map posted. As you get an
answer right, the name appears across that
particular country or city on the map they
have there, so your kids would also learn
geography at the same time. It’s a lot of
fun. In my family we all play Sporcle against
each other and we have a great time doing
Please come visit us at our YouTube Channel
named Fortuigence where we have lots of tips
and activities to help you help your kids
become better writers.

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