Honeymoon Surprises in Dream Catcher Resort Munnar Vlog #364

Today we are going to show you a best place for honey mooners.
We are in one of them. Its Dream Catcher Plantation Resort
He has already done a video of this before. I have still not seen it. He is still angry with me for that.
But he has brought me and come again because they have introduced many new things.
Lets check them out.
Thats it. So lets see the differnt things here in Dream Catcher Resort through this video
Welcome to Tech Travel Eat. This is Sujith and Swetha. See the tree house behind me.
Its so beautiful. The front is full of tea garden, mountain, a small bridge. A lovely ambience.
This is where we are going to stay today and its very near to the pool. You get to see the Chokramudi mountain from here.
So lets start exploring the tree house starting from the tree house.
The tree house is what we are going to see first. The house is built connected to trees
Its completely done in wooden structure. They have used glass here. Place to sit, relax and have tea.
You can enjoy the outside view sitting here. This is another tree house here.
Our tree house is 104 and I think ours is the one bulit at the highest here.
If you look around the tree house, you see cardamom plants from here.
This side you see the resorts main building. The other side has Chokramudi. You can see the whole mountain
We are on another mountain. This is the exterior of our tree house.
Now lets check out the interior. Lets go and see the room.
This is something that I didnt expect.
Shouldnt I give my wife some surprises?
It was a nice surprise.
They have decorated the bed with rose flowers They have made I Love You on the bed
I didnt expect all this. Nice.
We have just checked in. Now let us just freshen up and then shall go and explore the attractions of the resort.
We shall show you all around. There are lots of activities here. In a resort like this you have to stay minimum 2 days.
Only then you can enjoy the resort.
My personal suggestion is that when you are coming to a resort, its to relax. If you go for sight seeing and comeback to sleep,
You will be tired and wont be able to enjoy the beauty of the resort. When you are at a resort, stay there
Thats what a resort means. We will be going to see Neelakurunji tomorrow. Shall see those in the video.
Today we shall explore the resort after freshening up.
We had a bath and are fresh now. We are going to explore our resort.
The climate is awesome here. Its getting colder now. Its drizzling too
Its nice when it drizzles slightly. Come lets go
Lets go that side. This is another cottage. This is 401.
We are living in that tree house. This one down here is a cottage. There are more tree houses here.
These are cottages that have up and down. Shwetha this is orange.
I saw that. Isnt it beautiful?
Shwetha is now mad taking photos and posting in Instagram
Both of us are there in Instagram. If you want you can follow us. I shall post our links in the description box.
That tree house looks awesome but its occupied.
All the views are so beautiful. The beauty there will be more lovely. It looks like its going to rain.
If it would rain now, it would be awesome. Its getting darker now.
The specailty of Munnar is that you can visit here anytime. The climate here is almost cool or cold always
Even if the day time is hot, nights are very cold. Shwetha is smelling tea leaves. It wont smell.
The leaves wont have any smell. You have to work on it and then powder it to know the smell
The tree house here gets the view of oranges and tea garden.
Another tree house seen down there, will have another beautiful view.
That tree house is big and will has a different view. It will feel its in the middle of the forest.
But the views are different. One will be the plantaion view and the other open view
Lets go upto there and come back. Last time when I came I stayed in this tree house. Thats stands on two trees
Its a real tree house. They have cut some branches and made the rest.
Shwetha you have oranges on this. They are still raw.
Its drizzling. Shwetha is going through the tea garden to get something. Whats it Shwetha?
I am going to touch the orange and see. Some oranges may look green but they would be ripe inside
Thats why I thought of touching and seeing them. Look at these bunch of oranges together. Come this side.
Dont shake them
They are all raw. Only this one is a bit soft. It has come off.
Nobody has seen it. Its green but smells good. Lets open and see
Its raw. No, its ripe inside.
Lets have and see. Thats what I said, some may look green but would be ripe inside.
It smells so good. Usually I dont eat much of fruits. I dont like it much
My father always says I dont like good things
My father will be happy when he sees this. Thats true. Wow! This is an awesome orange.
Eat and see.
Its very sweet. I am a person who cant bear anything sour. Let me taste it now
Yes. Its sweet. I am a person who doesnt eat anything sour. It begins to ache for me when I eat anything sour
This is very sweet. Though its green in colour its awesome. When I came here 8 months back,
The tree was loaded with ripe oranges. I had plucked many and taken them home too. We plucked many and it was tasty too
Anyways all those who come here can experience this. Moreover its calm and quite too.
If you are coming remember what I said before, if you are staying in a resort, stay just there and enjoy everything there for atleast 2-3 days
You have lots to see and walk around here. Its natures beauty. No words to express .
All are saying Shwetha is very fat. Am I also not fat? Its only fat to be seen, the heart is very small.
Her mind is very good and pure. Dont just look at the fat and judge people. I like fat people.
Fat people should also live. Thin people should also live. Who said only thin people are pretty. Theres no point saying that.
There are many people who put bad comments on this. But we take everything positive.
But I think you shouldnt say like that. Everybody has their own beauty. Beauty lies in you.
Its not what you see outside, the thin or fat. Isnt it? Yes.
If you want eat it fast, its going to get over. I want just one. You can have them. I have more.
Enough. I dont want. ‘
Please do not pluck flowers and fruits are written all around. Shwetha did pluck it, it just came into her hands
Its starting to rain slightly. Lets move to our room fast or we will get wet.
Come here. Dont get wet
Its been long since I stood in the rains
You will fall ill.
Its raining heavily. Dont say you didnt see rains in Munnar. See this.
Have you noticed something? The tree house is shaking when we walk. It is. I am feeling a bit scared too.
Even in the winds, its shaking a bit. Anyways after all its a tree house.
A tree house should be built this way without spoiling a tree
Tree house has all the basic eminities a person needs. Only 2 people and a small child is allowed to stay in a treehouse.
Or maybe 2 adults. If you have more people you may have to take a multiple tree house
All the resorts and tree houses have the same rule. Thats because tree houses are very delicate.
Anyways let us enjoy the rain for a while. We shall take some videos too.
This is the first time I am experiencing something like this.
Look at this, the mist has begun to cover the place. Wow! We are not able to see the places we saw before
Though our shoot is getting delayed due to the rains, but we are experiencing the best part of it.
Did you hear a sound between our dialogues. That was lightning and thunder
You have everything here. All living beings sounds too.
This is really good. The mist is coving all the places now. Its beautiful
This is a specialty of dream catcher. We have asked for a variety thing to drink when its cold. Its on its way
Here it comes. I see something else in it. I had ordered only 2 ice tea.
There is banana roast in it.
Then we have a special cake for you by us.
Oh its a part of the honeymoon package. Wow!
You have a filling inside the bananas
Thank you.
Who is going to eat this? Say that and go
We wont the whole thing
Awesome! Happy birthday to you..Happy honeymoon to us!
All these are totally unexpected. Its a surprise for me too by the hotel. Like how I gave the bed flowers surprise to Shwetha, hotel people gave us a cake surprise
Actually when you book saying honeymoon booking, they will do all the specialties for you.
They will charge you extra for all but its worth the feel We got this when we were enjoying the rains and mist
All that we had ordered was only the drink. We thought of drinking ice tea in the cold and thats when all this came
Anyway, lets cut the cake. So happy honeymoon to us. We are going to cut the cake.
Its awesome. Nice cake.
So because of the rain we could not go around the resort much. We shall show you all in the morning.
Its now that the rain has stopped. We were editing our old videos. Now we are going to have dinner.
They have arranged a candle light dinner. Thats also a surprise for Shwetha. Didnt tell her it would be candle light dinner
So lets go and on the way I shall show you the night looks of the resort. Its beautiful
Its filled with mist here and the sounds of living things. You feel really good. Let me call Shwetha now.
Shwetha. Shall we go for dinner? Are you ready/ Then come lets go.
We are going to have dinner. See how beautiful it is at night. The lights near the pool looks awesome,.
The mist is seen clearly from here. Look at this. We couldnt get in the pool this time.
We thought of getting into the pool but couldnt unfortunately because of the rains and cold.
If its day time, we can think of it and enjoy. Thats the main building down there. The restaurant is there
This is the pool area. Its newly constructed. Just 2 months old. It wasnt there when I came 8 months back
Now they have an awesome pool here. Look at it when its foggy.
Cant see anything. The mist is covering everything.
Because of the light we can see or else we would be lost. These are the budget rooms that start from 2500/-
It starts from 2500/- when you book online. If you book directly it may be more expensive.
This bridge is fun here. You can scare those who are scared. Its the restaurant that you see up there
Below are rooms. Right below at the side is the reception and thats the parking area.
Here its full of tea gardens and orange trees.
You have another surprise again. The food is buffet but I have arranged a candle light dinner for u.
Nice. When did you do all these? I didnt even know. All thats planned. Shouldnt a bloggers wife be surprised by a blooger?
See thats it. Oh Wow! Didnt need this much. Isnt all this a fun.
How is this? Its nice
They have made it awesome. So many candles and has rose petals too
They have made a nice ambience.
When we came for dinner to the restaurant they have again surprised us with a cake
Thank you so much. They want both of us to cut it
Now lets have dinner and come. Moreover its a candle light dinner, so we have to speak something romantic. Isnt is Shwetha?
So we are cutting the camera. Shall be back after dinner.
How was the dinner?
Very nice.
Thank you
So guys we are done with our dinner. How was the dinner? Awesome!
We had a candle light dinner. Today we got 3 surprises. The rose bed.
A cake, candle light dinner with again a cake. That was a big surprise
So we had 3-4 surprises today. Nothing is over. We have lots to see around here. We havent even covered half yet
Because we havent seen anything from the resort. We have to enjoy the pool, rest of the tree houses etc
Lots of rooms, activities. There is an awesome polaris ride too. So stay tuned. We have reached in front of our tree house
We will see you tomorrow morning.

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