How Do You Get Back Into Cycling After A Break? | Ask GCN Anything

How Do You Get Back Into Cycling After A Break? | Ask GCN Anything

– Welcome back to
another Ask GCN Anything. – This week, we’re talking about what’s the best warm
up to do before a race? What’s better to train on, a turbo or out on the road? And a really interesting question. How much fitness do you
lose when you stop training? – Ooh, I can tell you the
answer to that already. It’s a lot. Anyway, if you want to
get your question in, leave it in the comments box down below. Use the hashtag #torqueback and to be with the chance of winning a free three-month subscription to Zwift, use the hashtag #askgcntraining. Don’t forget, you can also drop that into any of our social media platforms. (pulsating) – Who’s up fist then, Chris? – Forbzy2. “GCN, I need help. “Can you please tell me the ideal warmup “for an under 19 rider for
a 100 kilometer road race “with the elevation gain of 1,800 meters? “The start should be relatively fast, “heading straight into a
steep KOM five kilometers in.” Ooh.
– Ooh. Good question. I think I would spend around 20 minutes on the rollers before a road race. It’s 100 kilometers long, so it’s not like a short track race, where you want to be
really, really warmed up. So almost a 10 minute,
15 minute ride, spin. Get a good RPM up so raise
your heart rate a little bit and just get nice and warm. That’s what I would do anyway. – Yep and in fact, there’s
a really cool video that we have on the channel. We’re gonna pop it on the
screen now that you can do. Follow that for around 15 to 20 minutes and that’ll get you really well warmed up. – Yeah, but don’t be
afraid to go hard because– – It’s important to go hard. – It’s important to get all
your system ready and awake so then you’re not getting dropped in that first five K. – If you’re using a power meter, 120 plus of your FTP. That’s what this is roughly.
(breathing heavily) Nearly there, everyone. 10 seconds. (whooshing) – And the winner of this week’s three-month free subscription
from Zwift is, Chris? – WegrennLOL, who has set a personal goal of trying to crack 20
minutes up their local climb. They’ve managed 22 minutes before but they want to know what
training they need to do to crack that magical 20 minute barrier. The gradient’s 7% for 5.7 kilometers but there is a maximum grade in the 14%. – Ooh.
– Which is kinda steep. – Sounds hard. And it sounds like this is
a really big goal for you and it looks like you’ve
really thought about it. Now this is an uphill
TT, so there’s two areas in where you want to maximize
to help your performance. And it’s already done
on what’s per kilogram so we want to either decrease our weight or increase our power. – Yeah and dropping two kilograms would definitely make a
difference to your time but without seeing you, we don’t know that you’ve
actually got two kilos to lose. – Well, exactly. – You could be pretty close
to your optimum weight already so with that in mind,
what you wanna focus on is how you’re gonna train for this climb. – Yep and to do so,
we’ve actually sent off this question to Zwift
and they’ve come back with two key sessions to help you. – They have indeed so
they analyzed the effort and basically over a 20 minute effort, you’re gonna be building
really high levels of lactate in your body and to prepare for that, you wanna do that in training as well. So what they recommend is actually doing a high, above-threshold effort before settling right back down into some soft threshold work to basically teach you how to hang on after those steep gradients of that climb. – Yeah and using your data you’ve provided in your question, we’ve been able to provide
you with some target power for your intervals. – Yup, we have. – Based on your 20
minute effort, 280 watts, we can estimate that your FTP
is around 260 to 270 watts. An example session would,
well, look like this. Three minutes at 330
watts followed immediately by ten minutes at 250 to 270 watts. Aim to complete three of
these in one training session with full recovery between each interval. – And the next session
that you wanna look at is increasing your VO2 max power so this would be doing intervals of three to eight minutes
at what is basically a max intensity for that duration. If you’re working for eight minutes, then you want to eight minutes recovery so the recovery period always
matches the workload period. And you want to look to
complete around 20 minutes of this total workload in one session. – Yeah and your target
power for these intervals should be around 280 to 320 watts. So yeah, have a go at those. Let us know how you get on and use those three months free Zwift to really hone down on
those performance details. We’ve got a question in from Alex S. “I’m coming back to
cycling at the age of 50, “after 25 years off the bike. “I want a smart trainer for the winter “and was wondering how to
approach training plans. “Will I need to add in extra recovery time “or should a couple of rest
days a week be enough?” – Well, Alex, 25 years
off, that’s a long rest. – Yeah, that is a long rest. – You’re probably not gonna’ve been experiencing too much fresh form. You’ll just be needing to
rebuild your fitness indeed. So a couple of days off
a week is a good start. Two or three actually for your age is gonna be more beneficial
because as we get older, it does take us longer
to recover from efforts but don’t jump straight
in with the intensity. Do a longer ride at the
weekend if you get the chance and then sprinkle some harder rides, just two a week, two harder
rides a week, in on top of that and you’ll find that actually, your fitness comes back
to you quite quickly, depending on how much you rode before, We recently discovered
an article that said you lose it until you reuse it. So all those fitness gains you made before will be much more accessible than had you never done
any fitness in the past. Good luck with your rediscovery of cycling and we hope you enjoy it. – Yeah, for sure. – Dennis 4523. “I’ve been sick for one month
and I haven’t cycled at all. “How much fitness have I lost “and when can I get back to normal?” – Great question, Dennis, and it’s something that I
actually got really interested in because, well, we’re going
through the same thing. We haven’t been riding properly for a good few months now, haven’t we? So we’ve also been going through what you’re going through
now but ultimately, there’s three components to fitness. You’ve got your muscular strength, you’ve got your muscular endurance, and you’ve got your
cardiovascular endurance so that’s your lungs, heart, and your circulatory system basically. But the first few days off the bike, you will see your
fitness start to decline. But this is no bad thing
because ultimately, this will give you time
to rest and recover and your muscles to repair. So if you’ve gone into that three days with a really hard session
then you have three days off, you can actually come out
with that with better fitness. And this is where tapering
becomes really useful. – Yep, but after that, the
news is slightly worse. Around two weeks, you’ll
expect to see a decline in your VO2 max, 4-20%
is widely recognized as the sort of decline
that you can expect to see, which isn’t great, to be honest. And then once you stretch
out towards a month, it’s really not good news at all because your body’s efficiency, your ability to transport
oxygen around your body, that’s gonna take a real hit. Your biomechanical changes
are gonna start to kick in, meaning it’ll be harder to
maintain that lean, light weight that you’re used to
having as a bike rider. And then also muscle mass
will have taken a hit. – (inhaling sharply) Sorry, Chris. You did have big legs before and they are getting smaller. – New shorts then.
– Yep. – And to answer the second
part of your question, it’s not great news again because actually to rebuild fitness takes three times as long
roughly as it does to lose it so you’ve got a bit of
a journey ahead of you. But you will, after the
first couple of weeks, really start to notice big gains because those first two weeks, your body makes very quick adaptations to get back towards where you were and then after that,
you’ll see smaller steps but you will feel better. – Yeah so to help you out, why don’t you check out this video for five ways to get back into cycling? And good luck with the journey ahead. And group rides can be so much fun also. Get out with your mates, have
a joke, and just enjoy it. After all, cycling is good fun. – Yeah and if you feel like
racing them up a climb, why not do that as well? – Race you up. I can’t get in, ahh! Right, Chris. Tell us who’s next ’cause,
well, I can’t read out that. – Anonomosomous. – Oh, nice! “I’m a sprinter and I
struggle with long climbs, “often getting dropped on my club run. “I’m working on my cardio
and I’ve lost weight “but I’ve been warned by a former pro “that I could lose my sprinting ability “if I focus too much on climbing “and I’m not sure what
to do for the best.” – Well, Anon, to answer simply, to an extreme, they’re not actually wrong. If you purely focus on
trying to lose weight and you don’t do anything
to maintain your sprint, then, yeah, you will lose
your ability to sprint over 5-20 seconds. But by incorporating one
dedicated sprint session once a week or so, you’re not actually gonna
lose that much at all. But what I think you really want to do, instead of focusing
purely on losing weight, is address what aspect
of your fitness it is that you actually feel is lacking and causing you to get dropped. Is it your aerobic capacity? Is it your VO2 power? Once you work that out, then
try and improve your power over those durations and
that will help create you as a better, more well-rounded cyclist and you’ll be able to perform better. So focusing on losing weight, you’re just gonna lose power
ultimately is often the case. But focus on increasing power and it will benefit you uphill, on the flat, and in your sprint. – Makes sense. From one sprinter to another. So yeah, hope those tips help you. Who’s next, Chris – Next is Ishan Naithani with “is riding on a turbo trainer “better than riding on the road? “Which of the two
enhance your performance? “Pros and cons, please.” – Right, great question. To be honest, they’re so different. It’s really hard to compare. They’re really good at
doing the short efforts and the more kind of
specific training sessions is more easily done on the turbo because you can set certain powers and you don’t have the wear there, you don’t have downhill,
you don’t have traffic, this, that, and the other. But then on the road, you can go and do a four, five, six hour ride and not get as bored as you would if you did that on the turbo. So they’re two very different things. I wouldn’t say one’s better than the other because they’re so different, although– – Depends on what you wanna do. Do you want to get good at Zwift racing or do you want to get
good at cycling outside? If you want to get good
at riding a bike outside, then you wanna focus on
the technical aspect, you know, the downhills. – Yeah, I think we’ll both say it’s probably best to
ride on the raod, eh? – Yeah but–
– But the turbo benefits that. – Exactly so you want to mix them up so that you get good at both. – Yeah. So I hope that helps in a weird way. – AndySingh58 up next with “do you think it’s
advisable to try cyclocross “when I have heel spurs? “I gave up running to take up cycling “and cyclocross has some running sections. “Would my bone spurs prevent
me from taking up cyclocross?” – Now I think cyclocross
will be fine for you. It’s during the winter, where
the ground’s a lot softer, and if you choose a course that
hasn’t got a lot of running, then I reckon you’ll be okay but do take it very carefully. Don’t obviously jump
into it and if it’s sore, then definitely stop. – At a recreational level,
then absolutely, why not? You don’t have to jump
off you bike and run when you just go out and
ride your cross bike for fun. – Yeah, so go out and do it and then just take it slowly I guess. But do check out this video where Emma tried to do cyclocross. Actually, she succeeded. She actually did really well, I thought. – Well she got off and ran with the bike. – Yes, she’s a good
runner as well, isn’t she? – Now, the next biggest
difference, I think, between road and off-road
is that off-road, you’re gonna be dealing with bumps and potentially a lot of them. There is, as you might imagine, a technique for dealing with them and the quicker you learn
it, the faster you will go. – Next question from Denning76. “I’ve got to be off the
bike for three weeks “on doctor’s orders. “What on earth am I supposed
to do with the free time?” Good question and I’m sorry to hear that. But I would just spend
the time chilling out with a cup of coffee watching GCN videos, especially that Red Hook Crit video ’cause I mean it’s just a really,
really good one, isn’t it? Really good, really good. – If I hear one more thing
about the Red Hook Crit. – Man, it’s a great video. – It’s a great video but
you’ve been going on about it every single day. I reckon the most views come from you. – Yeah, probably. Right, next question is from who, Chris? – Balfourism.
(James scoffing) “Hi GCN, love the show. “I’m a complete beginner
when it comes to cycling. “I’m interested in getting
into it to lose weight “and eventually go on group rides, “find a club, and do some racing maybe. “If the main goal is losing weight and myself being unhealthy,
how should I start? – Right, well weight loss is all about basically running a calorie deficit. So the more fitness you’re doing and the less calories you’re putting in, ultimately you’re gonna lose weight but I would start off quite gently. So just go in and ride for fun, enjoy it, and as you start to get
a little bit fitter, then you can start maybe
cutting down on the calories and going out for a little longer and you’ll soon find that
you’ll get fit enough to ride with your friends
out on the club rides. – Don’t get disheartened if
you get a little bit tired at the start because when
you’re out on a calorie deficit, it can feel quite tiring, can’t it? And your muscles will
feel a little bit drained and it’s just not as much fun. Stick with it. Get through those initial few months and you’ll feel much better. – Yeah. – Right, next up we
have (singing) rrditch. – “The Fuji Hill Climb
just opened for entry. “GCN should send some presenters. “24K long, 1,300 meters of elevation.” Chris, you up for it? – Yeah, I’m gonna be free. You? – No, I’m not gonna do it, mate. Lou Bryan David. “I ride a three kilometer climb “with an elevation of 170-200 feet. “I’m not really sure about the elevation, “but it’s somewhere there.” “And an average of 5%. “Should I grind or should I spin?” – Well I personally would say spin but what do you do? – I’d go for the middle ground, I think. I’d go for a really, I
don’t like riding up hill. I’d go for a really uncomfortable kind of stand up and churn and then sit down and try and pedal. Don’t do what I do. – Sounds good though. But if you want to know what the pros do, spin or grind, then check
out that video there. – Ah, well. – Uh. – Uh, uh. (exhales) – Excuse me? – Next question comes in from who, Chris? – This is Alan. Alan says “long time
watcher, first time writer. “I’m pretty new to the
sport and I’m trying to push “my average power
approximation up on Strava “but as I’m seeing my figures
rise almost every ride, “I’m having calf muscle twinges and pains, “which can last three days later. (sharply inhaling) “What
can I do to avoid this “without slowing down my training?” – Right, it’s all about body maintenance so stretching is a really
key part of your training and don’t forget it. It’s really easily done. When you’re training, the
last thing you wanna do is spend 10-20 minutes
stretching but really do help. Well, really do put it into your training because it really will
help, that’s what I meant. – Yeah and if it is your
calves that are twinging, then there’s another thing you could try and that would be to move your cleats back underneath your foot a little bit further because then your calves
tend to work less hard and then just make sure the
alignment’s correct as well. – Yeah, it’s funny when you
talk about body maintenance because Dan is really working on his and there’s actually a
video of him trying yoga that I would recommend you watch. – Let’s go. Come on to your hands and knees, Dan. – I’ll do away with this cushion. – Cushion isn’t needed now for a while. (laughing) – There you go. Not even strong enough to throw a cushion. – Right, Chris, before we finish, we actually had a good daily yesterday. – We did, the sun was out. – The sun was out and we got mail. – Ooh.
– Yep. All the way from Australia
in Beldon, Western Australia. We got this from Cameron Bywater and, well, it’s actually
a handwritten letter and it’s come in from a 12 year old who’s loving the show and
he loves riding his bike and he’s also done some
cool stuff for charity. – He has. It says here that he’s raised $750 dollars for motor neuron disease, which is a huge achievement, Cameron. Well done. – Yeah, so keep up with that and we here at GCN are really behind you. If you did like this show, then remember to get
involved on next week’s show using the hastag – #torqueback (in unison) and to be within chance of winning a free three-month subscription to Zwift, use the hashtag #askgcntraining. – Yeah, so make sure you put them in the comments section below. Right, Chris, what video
should they be watching next? – I think you should check out Jon Canning’s cheap bike
to super bike down there. – Yeah and don’t forget,
if you did enjoy this show then to give it a big thumbs up.

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  45. #torqueback #askgcntraining hey ive bein training hard on raising my FTP for the last year (gone from 139 to 272 and lost 10-12 kg) now ive sign up for a race series for non licens raceres. what kinde of session do i need to do (on zwift ore the road) to be ready for the surges ther is in a race??

    thanks for your inside

  46. #askgcntraining Im 62kg rider and I have a pretty decent FTP in term of w/kg which help me to climb pretty well. Race are mostly flat in my area and i do struggle a bit with speed and following the big guys on the flat. Any tips ? Thanks

  47. #torqueback Hello GCN. Just found your channel. My primary sport is running, but I'm looking to start to cross-train with cycling because I've gotten my knee injured 3 times in the last year for a total of 120 days off the roads/trails. Also the thrill of going downhill on a bike can't be beat. How many miles/km a week would you reccomend me to ride and how much climbing? If it helps to decide: my typical pre-injury week mileage is around 50 miles a week (record 65) and my longest run of the week is normally 13.1 miles (record 22.22) with 1000 feet of elevation gain and 1 day of rest a week.

  48. #torquback Hey guys, as a recreational rider in an area with pretty hilly terrain (Mountain View, CA), do you think it would make sense to have rim brake carbon wheels? A lot of people seem to be wary about rim failure under hard braking and the overall poor braking of carbon rims. For reference, the climate is dry and sunny for about 300 days a year, and I'm 5'9 and 136 lbs 🙂

  49. After taking around a 6 month break..Ive now gotten back on my bike,,,,realised how much I enjoy riding,,,aim is to ride 3 times during the week and one in the weekend with my 11 year old

  50. My non-cycling friends always ask me why road bikes have such hard saddles, and I'm struggling to give a good answer. If it needs to be hard to give the right support, then why do we have soft chamois in our bib-shorts? Why not just have more padding in the saddle? Does a softer saddle lead to less power transfer? #torqueback

  51. #TORQUEBACK. GCN I NEED YOUR HELP!!! I have been training consistently from from October. My ftp has been risen from 210 watt to 290. Two months before my first race (7/April) I got sick and couldn't ride my bike for a month. Today I did my first training and could barely hold 270 for five minutes. My psychology is the worst it had been since a long time ago, as I feel like months of work are gone and I don't know if I will be in good condition for the race.

  52. #AskGCNTraining
    I love Your work!
    Hi! I'm a sprinter type (max. 1823w), but I'm afraid mass sprint. So my goal is to make a break away in last 5 or 10 km before finish with little group. What could be the best training sessions in zwift to do that and maintain my sprint legs to the end? I am training indoor 3-4 times a week for 1h-1,5h, FTP is 374w. races are about 60 km.

  53. Hi, At only 40 yrs old I have had ulnar nerve problems after a lot of training last year. I was riding 60miles routinely and did my first century in September which I loved. I now have a max of 90 minutes before my elbows are killing me and my hands are numb. I've bought a smaller road bike (Scott Solace 10), What else can I do? Thanks. #askgcntraining #torqueback

  54. #torqueback #askgcntraining Hey guys, I seem to get some reasonable(ish) sprint power out on the watt bike (around 1500w) but can only seem to get just over 1000w out on the road, any ideas why this might be?

  55. Everybody is going for tubeless wheels but do you have tips for fixing a flat with tubular wheels by the road? superglue? #AskGCNanything

  56. Hi guys, love the show.
    I tend to find staying with the group on flatter and windier parts of races more difficult than the hills.
    Do you have any suggestions for Zwift training sessions that will help with longer sustained power efforts on fast, flat sections.
    Thanks for the help!

    #AskGCNTraining #torqueback

  57. Hi there guys, Im still relatively new to cycling and im trying to improve my speed on a downhill strava segement with an average gradient of -5% in my area but i would like to know what you think is a good speed,currently riding a 26 inch mountain bicycle with 26×1.95 front wheel and a 26×2.125 heavy duty rear wheel, i managed 64.5 km/h with some less favourable wind conditions last night and felt pretty good about it but think i could improve

  58. GCN I don’t have a power meeting but Strava estimates my average power on rides. How accurate is that ? And my smart trainer gives me some power which looks similar but I don’t know if they can be trusted…. any comments or thoughts ?
    Great content keep it up.

  59. I am an amputee cyclist who just got my first power meter. My power balance means I currently get about 15-17% from the prosthetic side. My current (winter) FTP is 167. What is a realistic goal to try to hit this summer? 36 yr old male, approx 68kg.

  60. #AskGCNTraining – How would you advise using a smart trainer and Zwift to assess what cadence is most efficient for me? Specifically looking at steady pace of around 80% FTP. Should I just set up a custom workout and then at a fixed power, slowly ramp up cadence and see how HR varies ? Thanks!

  61. "You lose it until you reuse it" should be my motto. When I turned 48 some 12 years ago, I challenged myself to be able to ride on all the mountain climbs in my Los Angeles based region. I couldn't stand watching the TdF riders having all that fun to themselves! I also lived dab smack in the middle of one of So Cal's revered climbing regions, the Santa Monica Mountains (Malibu region), where I saw increasing numbers of cyclists riding up and down those routes, mocking my preferred flat beach routes. Buying a (then) new bike with a wide range of gearing, I jumped right in, with every ride outside my front door a significant challenge, equal in gradient to anything the pros faced, but half the duration (2k feet climbs as opposed to 4k feet).

    After decades of mostly flat riding (recreational, for health), what I noticed when heading uphill for a minimum of 20 minutes at a time, was just how unfit I was for that challenge. Heart, lungs and legs were woefully under-developed. I stuck with the plan week after week (3 times per week, longer ride on weekends) and began noticing improvement. What was most noticeable those first few months was the near constant dull pain in my legs, specifically the knee, hip and groin ligaments. Whether on or off the bike, the pain was there. I wondered if it would ever go away, and then it did. I was essentially building up those muscle groups and ligaments that had never been used before.

    Once past that first 3-4 months, the improvements came fast. More and more challenges (specific climbs) were checked off the list, and riding became a joy. I had become one of those roadies who taunted me the year before. Then after 5 years of delirious fun, including riding with the local categorized racers on training rides, plus joining the group rides along Tour Of California starts and finishes, I had to move out of the SM mountains, to a part of town that isn't as inspiring for riding, or easy to get to any challenging climb routes. At the same time, my bike was stolen. I was half angry and half depressed. So much so that I didn't ride again for 5 years!

    It wasn't until a friend gave me his unused 1986 steel frame bike in desperate need of restoration that I began to ride again. I managed to refit the bike with modern braking, gearing and shifting. On that first ride I decided to take on a challenging route that years ago I would have gone up without much effort. This time was much different. I was laughably out of riding shape! Not that I wasn't doing anything physical during those 5 years. In fact, I walked an hour daily, and had taken up swimming in the ocean once a week with friends, all of it just enough to keep from becoming a blimp, or having a heart attack walking up a set of stairs.

    When I got back on a riding schedule (few times a week, longer challenging ride on weekends), I was surprised to notice there wasn't any lingering dull pain in my legs that I had experienced when I first took on climbing nearly 12 years ago. After 5 years, even at my age, re-acquiring a base level of biking fitness wasn't as painful, and didn't take as long as I thought. Make it challenging, force your body to adapt to what you expect of it is the key.

  62. #torqueback #ASKGCNTraining hi gcn does using a flat tyre on a turbo trainer damage the rim many thanks.

  63. #torqueback How did the ex professional cyclists at gcn get into professional cycling? And what would one have to do if they were intent on entering that field?

  64. All my mates are into golf none of them cycle, they want me to play golf but it's sooooooo dull and boring. I have to time trial every ride 😐

  65. #tourqueback Hello from Colorado. I have a VO2 question: does training at higher altitudes influence your VO2 max potential? If so would your VO2 max increase if you then returned to sea level? Love the videos and keep up the great work!!

  66. #AskGCNTraining I've just signed up for the Tour De Yorkshire Sportive, my first ever sportive ride. What type of training should I be doing to improve my endurance, in the 8 weeks running up to the event! Am I better putting in longer, easier sessions on the road/turbo, or will shorter interval sessions be more beneficial?

  67. Just got a power meter. Now what? What tests or training do you recommend for newb to power meter? Got a century charity ride in early june so anything that would compliment that is a plus. Thanks keep up the great work. #torqueback #askgcntraining

  68. #AskGCNTraining. First of all, lots of congrats with your shows, I'm a huge fan of the GCN show and the GCNTech shows as well. As I 've started cycling in 2011 I'm getting more and more passionate about cycling (mostly race bike). Last year a bought my first indoor trainer and as I discovered this gave my condition a great boost, I upgraded to a smart trainer and Zwift. As Zwift is full of training plans, I just want to know how to use it correctly. I don't have any special goals, just want to have a decent all round (with a slight preference for climbing) bike condition. As I discovered by your videos SST workouts are suitable, but I also want to have some change and how about 1h training sessions, will they be enough for any gains? How do I discover for myself to be overtrained and how to avoid and even how to recover from it? Please note, I 'm getting 42 years of age and isn't it stupid to think I 'll be able to improve at cycling anyway? I 'm not aiming for any competition goals, but just to be able to ride along with good riders in sportives and granfondos… Best regards and ride on… Kevin

  69. Dear #TorqueBack, as a US cyclistI was surprised to learn that the UK roads are marked in miles per hour. I'm wondering if the GCN team sets their bike computers to kph or mph..

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