How Long Should I Jump Rope To Lose Weight (Plus Stamina Workout At Home Options!)

How Long Should I Jump Rope To Lose Weight (Plus Stamina Workout At Home Options!)

I often hear new jumpers ask how long
should I jump rope so in this video I’m going to share with you my
recommendations and I’m gonna give you two workouts that are great for getting
you started let’s do this you have two choices either one is fine and in fact I
would actually start with one and then once you’re feeling ready move into the
other one let’s go over the two options option one this is a great option
especially for people that are brand-new to jump rope or if you just haven’t done
it forever and you’re looking to get in it and build the proper foundation set a
timer for 10 to 15 minutes and just practice jumping no, you don’t have to
jump for the entire time. In fact, all you’re gonna be doing is practicing, have
fun with it and rest as needed. This takes away the whole structure of
thinking about how you’re gonna do a workout and just allows you to focus on
what’s important and that’s developing good form and technique that is hugely
important with jump rope because it’s gonna help you progress faster down the
line. The purpose of the timer is to limit your amount of practice this is
because when you’re first starting out and you’re starting to make headway with
new personal bests and consecutive jumps you get excited. At least I did, and it
becomes addicting so all of a sudden you look up it’s been 30 minutes an hour of
practice and when you’re brand new overuse injuries can settle in such as
shin splints, foot pain or ankle pain and I want you to be able to avoid this so
by setting a timer it limits you to that specific time just as you’re starting
out and then you’re gonna be able to gradually increase that as you go. Start
out with 2 to 3 practice sessions per week at the 10 to 15 minute range,
evaluate how that’s going for you and then you can gradually increase from
there. That brings us to option 2. Once you’re
comfortable with your form and technique now you can start throwing in some
workouts. Personally I enjoy Tabata and circuit workouts because they’re easy to
change the length to meet your personal level. Here are 2 workout options that
you can try out. I also have a blog post linked below where you can download each
of these workouts for easy access I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did
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  1. What's the worst over use injury you've faced in fitness? Mine was a frustrating foot tendinitis that I dealt with for 1.5 years! Join the private Facebook group:

  2. I hear people asking this question ALL THE TIME! Great video topic! Can't wait to share this with others!

  3. Nice video man! thanks for sharing the workout… I like to do freestyles more so I always go for 1 min. of different combos instead of 20 seconds and then take mabe 30-40 seconds of rest and go again… btw… you have amazing form man… this is what I'm lacking right now… although i can do some tricks and i don't trip up that much, after recording myself i see my hands are quite asymmetrical… when i jump, it doesn't feel like my hands are asymmetric and i jump comfortably but it looks asymmetric in the recordings… i don't know how to correct that…😩

  4. Hey yo! Thanks for letting people know the importance of starting slow to avoid overuse injuries! I loved these tips Kyle! 😃

  5. Glad you talked about not having jump roped forever I got PF after hiking in NZ everyday for 4 weeks but want to get into jump roping when I'm healed

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