How to Become a Pinball Wizard : How to Pass Ball in a Pinball Machine

Hi I’m Leo Daniels, world champion video game
and pinball player, here with Expert Village.
Now for this segment we’re going to talk about
flippers and control. Because the main thing
you want to do is control the game. You want
to learn how to manipulate the ball, and you
want to look at the layout on the machine
like we talked about earlier. Some machines
have just the basic two flippers down at the
bottom. Other machines have more flippers.
They’ll have flippers in the upper levels.
Sometimes they’ll have them in a separate
section. Just look over the machine; learn
where your flippers are, and 90 percent of
the time it’s going to be a left button for
all the left flippers, not matter where they’re
located. Right button for the right flippers.
We’re going to talk about holding the ball,
aiming the ball for the targets, and I’m going
to show you how to do the different, various
shots. Now also, first thing you want to do
when you first start playing pinball, is do
not flip both flippers at the same time. That
makes you look like a novice, and it makes
you miss a lot of shots. In order to play
pinball, the basic thing to do, is if the
ball is coming down the left side towards
the left flipper, just hit that left flipper.
If it’s coming down the right side, hit the
right flipper. The only time it’s acceptable
to press both buttons at the same time, and
to make both of the flippers flip, is if the
ball is coming directly down the middle, and
you want to kind of nudge the machine a bit
and flip both flippers. And that’s the only
time it’s acceptable. Other than that, let
button for the left flipper. Right button
for the right flipper. You want to try to
keep the ball alive for as long as possible,
scoring as many points as possible, and we’re
going to go in to that when I show you the
different shots with the flippers.
Hi I’m Leo Daniels, world champion video game
and pinball player, here with Expert Village.
Now we’ve talked earlier about flipper techniques
such as drop, catch and hold and the drop,
catch and shoot. Now we’re going to talk about
passing. A couple of techniques for that.
There’s the dead flipper pass, and there’s
a flipper pass when you pass it from right
to left, or vice versa. From left to right
and I’m also going to show you the possible
death save. It’s kind of hard to do, but it
can be pulled off. Basically what you want
to do, for the pass. First you have to do
the drop and catch. I’ve caught the ball now
in the right flipper, and I pass the ball
from the right flipper to the left. That was
perfect. Now I’ve passed the ball from the
right to the left, and you can do the same
thing. There’s two different ways you can
pass the ball. You can do it by either catching
the ball and barely flipping the ball so it
passes over to the other side. Or you can
backhand it up and let it go off the end and
to the right flipper. Or vice versa. The dead
flipper pass, basically what you’d want to
do, is with the ball coming down the left
side, you wouldn’t want to flip the left flipper.
You actually let the ball bounce off of the
flipper over to the right side. Same thing
if you want to do it the other way; let the
ball bounce off the right side, over to the
left side without flipping the flipper. That’s
what’s known as the dead flipper pass. Now
for the death save, it’s hard to do, but it
can be pulled off. On most machines, when
the ball is coming straight down the middle,
what you want to do is flip the flipper up,
and bounce it off the back of the board back
here where the ball drains. That’s known as
a death save. If you can pull it off, that’s
how it happens. The ball drains, bounces back
up to the play, it comes back into play. Now
if that happens, even in tournament, that
is legal. As long as it bounces back in to
play. Like I said, it takes, death save is
something kind of hard to do for a novice,
but once you play for awhile and get the feel
of the machine. Just knowing when to nudge
the machine at the right time, bounce it up,
get it back to the flipper, get the ball back
in to play, and use that death save to your

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