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  1. Buy a can or 2 of fresh frogger spray it on all your equipment and the inside of your bag zip up the bag and leave it over night with all your equipment in it then in the morning put your equipment in the washer I do this every season and it honestly works the reason is the bacteria in your sweat grows till finally everything smells fresh frogger kills all the bacteria(source of the smell) and the washer gets rid of any dirt or grime and the stink in the equipment

  2. i use an authentic ccm white oilers ryan smyth jersey for my pickup games (because they require u bring a white or a dark jersey and its my only white jersey), what r tips for washing it? if i keep playing in the white jersey will it ruin it?

  3. I used Boot Bananas for my skates. But they don't sell them in Czech Republic. I just put gloves and shin pads in the washing machine as I got a weird rash on one part of one finger – which I presume is stinky-glove related.

  4. Jeremy or anyone else I could really use some help please! Back in May my fiance's cat pissed all over my bag with equipment in it and I've done everything I can think of to get the smell out and nothing has worked. I've tried the following: 1) anti bacterial spray 2) vinegar (bad idea learned the hard way) 3) hot water and soap 4) lots of fabreez 5) local sports store for ozone/uv treatment 6) pet deodorizer (best results so far but still some smell).
    I'll try using washing machine now I now it won't wreck my equipment but any and all advice to help with the situation is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  5. hang up yer stuff after training. I use a simple clothes rack and a plastic bucket for my skates. when i wash my gear i use liquid detergent for gentle garments (like woolite or similar) on a warm cyckle. I've used white vinegar in the pre-wash sometimes. this gets done 2x/year as i play year rund. Good luck!

  6. Jeremy, every time I wash my equipment in the washing machine, my pads are left with tears and damage. I have the same brand of washing machine as you. Any tips in preventing this?

  7. i put my shoulder pads in the washing machine (not a top loader) and i left it came back an hour later and at-least 7 chips of plastic like big pieces of plastic came off

  8. The cheap liter of vodka. Take your gear out when you get home, get a cheap dollar spray bottle from your local retailer, and spray it down till it's slightly wet to the touch. Hang it and let it dry. It never stinks!

  9. Omg when he talks about the jocks when he says "don't forget about your Stanley cups" i died 😂😂 Jeremy your hilarious man, that would be cool if i had you as coach, why are you not in the NHL

  10. If you do put your gear in the washing machine, make sure all the straps are down or they will get stretched out.

  11. To Clean my Helmet I take off the Basket and give the helmet a quick soak in some warm water with baby shampoo. Then give it a rinse and let it dry. The Baby Shampoo ensures that any residue left over wont burn your eyes next time you sweat up.Not sure if that helps anyone but it works great for me and my son.

  12. Thanks for the video! I'm now 18. I've been playing hockey all my life and my equipment stinks if I open my bag, the stink goes across the house! My dad hates the stink more than anything and if the stink goes across the house he grounds me for a week! Is that unfair?

  13. I use a duffle bag, it's way smaller so I have to stack everything neatly and my skates are in a separate bag whenever I get home from practice I take my sweaty gear out of the bag (elbow pads, shin pads and gloves)

  14. This helped a lot!!After a hockey game or practice my hands and bag smells really really bad!My dad smell it and his face was so so so funny it was almost like 😵I have to wash my hands about 5 times after hockey to stop the smell!And also I have to spray a disinfectant in my bag after a tournament because there was mould in my helmet

  15. Thanks jeremy I watched this video a long time ago and I've always kept it in mind so when I wash my gear I know wat to do

  16. Top load washers have the agitator thing in the center which has hard edges and tears into shin guards and elbow pads plastic. If you can't find a laundromat and have to use a top load washer, include towels in the load, preferably wrapped around the gear.

  17. Hey Jeremy! I love your videos thank you for helping me out and many others. I really appreciate it alright keep up the good work

  18. lol, people that got scared of that scorpion… I come from Arizona, they are everywhere, it's normal for them to pop up haha.

  19. ooh so it's ok to wash the hockey jerseys with a washing machine ? i was told that it was prohobitted as it could rip off the polyester so i wash my jersey manually and without detergent but bath soap and shampoo as they contain softer liquid than detergent which detergent can melt the polyester

  20. Hockey players with stinky mitts…check out www.drenchit.ca.  a new product made in Canada! soak your gloves with it then throw all your stuff in the washing machine.  Seriously works wonders. Kills bacteria and keeps it clean and smell free for about 6-8 weeks.

  21. Hello welcome to the comments section, here you will find
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  22. If your season is over, take your gear and throw it all into the freezer. I know it sounds stupid but this way, theres no way bacteria is going to build, because of the freezing temperature. After that you take it out, dry it and store it away. I am doing this since i started playing and never had a problem with stinky gear. You can do this after every game so you wont have to wash it a lot.

  23. People… very simple: DON'T BE LIKE JEREMY

    Air your stuff out and hang it… off the ground. And if you're adventuresome, throw the stuff in a washer (not one with an agitator though dummies) with a couple cups of vinegar after the season ends. Really that simple.

  24. How do you clean the dirt and grime off the back of goalie pads? (Never mind the stink!). Fronts are easy to clean.

  25. Thank you i saw a female spraying something in her gear as soon as she took it off and i understand why i havent smelled stank like that since wrestling in high school. So thanks for the vid because i was going to theow in the dryer but you help me to understand why i shouldn't. Thank you

  26. Spray anti-bacterial spray after every use and hang to dry. Use your bag only to transport gear to and from the rink.
    That’s it! I’ve never had to do anything else. I do take it every year or two to a Sports cleaner.
    Never through your gear in the washer machine (jerseys/socks, etc are fine). I’m not worried about the gear, you’ll do damage to the washer machine. They aren’t designed for this stuff.

  27. I mix up a spray bottle with 50% rubbing alcohol and 50% water and spray my equipment off about once every 3 games and lay it out to dry after every game. No smell at all.

  28. J, ever heard of mirazyme cleaner? it's ideal for hockey gear, wetsuits, and other related manky gear. uses enzymes to eat the bacteria. check it out.

  29. Please stop the madness. I can't tell you how many people think they should not wash their equipment. The smell that penetrates through their bags leave stink for weeks to come whenever they put it down. These players are so smelly. I wash my sons basics every week and his equipment every other month. Please wash your stuff. Just don't dry it. I have been doing it for years and it never ruins his equipment.

  30. I live in Canada…
    I found a big black spider the size of a plate in my bag…
    I brought it to a spider place and it's not native to here…

  31. I had a snake come outta my goalie bag a few months ago, that was fun. Just a lil 2 foot garter snake though, no biggie.

  32. Tip: walmart towards end of hunting season. The spray hunters use to mask scent works great. It's a bacteria killer that's odorless. Laundry detergent too. It goes on sale for dirt cheap.

  33. I like to add a cup or two of white vinagar straight into the washing machine to help kill any bacteria I find it works great. Also good for mildew smelling towels

  34. About to wash my son's stuff….how long does it take for the gloves and pads etc to air dry? It's 9 at night and he has a hockey skate lesson tomorrow night at 5 (wondering if it will be dry by then).

  35. After every game and practice I wipe my gear down with baby wipes and spray with an all natural antibacterial spray, and let it air out for the week. Once a month I give my gear a bath. Just fill the tub up with hot water, throw some Tide in there and give a good soak for about two hours, rise it off, lay it out to dry.

  36. Stank hockey gear is problematic, but I’d sleep in a bed made from my goalie gear before I’d put that heavy scent stuff on it. My dad sprayed my gear with Febreeze and I was miserable until it wore off! I guess it’s not scent perse, but sweet or “heavy” smells just make me pukey.

  37. After every game I hang my gear on a tree in my furnace room. I also spray it down with Lysol or febreeze etc. I then have a fan that oscillates. Every third game I was all my gear except skates and helmet. There are guys in my dressing room who stink. I play three times a week. Tip- put your shins lads in your socks and tie them off so they stay in. Otherwise your Velcro starts will get messed up.

  38. Hey just a quick question my hockey stick is really sticky and I was just wondering if you can put glass cleaner on it to get rid of the stickyness

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