How to make a BEST Paper Airplane Glider – cool origami paper airplanes that FLY FAR . Martin

How to make a BEST Paper Airplane Glider – cool origami paper airplanes that FLY FAR . Martin

Let’s enjoy this beautiful flight for a second. Or maybe ten seconds. Alright guys. I had so many requests doing a better tutorial for this paper airplane. and as always fold your piece of paper
into half and fold it precisely because both sides should always be similar and
if this video is going too fast for you please pause it and if you need to this channel I would
love if you subscribe because every first day I am uploading a tutorial like
this and you won’t miss it if you stay subscribe these steps are very important so take
your time and fold it precisely and please don’t rush because in the end
your paper airplane won’t fly the way it does like show to you in the beginning
and then it’s just not worth it so basically what you do now is you fold
this line to the other line so both lines match and create another triangle then you unfold your paper and turn it and now you see these points you fold
the paper so the lines match and of course if you fold it precisely
just as I did you can now fold your paper like this you now turn your paper and fold the bottom
part up to this line we have to fold it several times because
we will cut it later you you fool this part to the central line
and repeat it with the other side and guys make sure you follow me on social
media like Facebook and Instagram I post music and bunch of interesting stuff
that I like and of course my paper airplanes and who knows what’s coming in
the future so notice part 2 the center line the papers getting really thick here so
make sure you fold it precise I’m pretty tired can you hear that it’s probably because I haven’t slept
for like I don’t know 20 hours basically the same fall like we did do you have any other requests what
paper airplanes that I already published should a rework and publish next time
tell me so now we are going for the cutting part so make sure to fold it several times
more and then we cut just like this and cut carefully now we are folding the tail and it’s pretty simple you do you like this tutorial more than the
older one I hope because it has a lot better quality and you can watch it in
4k that’s the best YouTube can offer you you by the way I am working on another play
that has a tail so be curious about it and what you do here is you’ve Club it
again in half it’s pretty simple if you are careful so
that’s that’s it for the tail part or it isn’t sorry we should fold it to this centerline you all right now we are done now take the other part and now you fold
it like this it’s not that easy for the first time it can get a little annoying
but I’m sure you will make it you fold it together so this part exceeds a
little bit and then you can fold it down good luck with that yes move the paper so your paper
airplane can fly very good in the end waves preventer you folded back at the line that I just
created with my finger so we are coming to an end all that’s left are the wings and
destabilizes and when we fold the wings we don’t fold it straight it’s getting a
little higher just like this and make sure to fold it like this because
otherwise it won’t fly like you have seen in the beginning you now that we faulty stabilizers we have
to check that they are parallel to the centerline and you can fold it like six
or six and a half centimeters just as you wish you that’s pretty much it you can use this
part as a paper airplane without detail it flies pretty nice but that’s not why
we’re here you can try it it looks a lot better with this tail

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  1. took 2 hours to make,
    then i through it and it landed ontop of my house, a bird got it and i never saw it again..
    fuck this..

  2. You did inspire me with your airplanes but can you do it more detailed becuse some times i need to watch 10 times so i do it right. Do more videos! #MahirPlaneClub

  3. Sorry did u saw that 1 comment :fuck you russian bitch.
    it was my brother on my YT acc.
    so i say sorry because i let my brother on my acc and he is raging on everyting

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  5. Not easy? Start with Level 1 β†’
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    πŸ™ Thank you for folding my paper planes.
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