How to make a Best paper airplane glider for distance – paper planes that FLY FAR

What’s up pilots? My name is Mahir Cave and today is Thursday which means I will show you how to make a paper airplane Today’s paper airplane is called Bossk. This plane is easy to make and flies far. Take a sheet of paper. Set the video quality to HD. and try to follow. If you’re new to my channel – subscribe. I upload one video on every Thursday. Also read the tips in the description. Am I folding too fast? You can set the speed to 0.5 if you’re on desktop. So many people are like – uhm Mahir your paper planes are too difficult for me. Can you make an easy paper airplane? And yeah – I can. and when I do … Well, I ask you – how is my paper aeroplane? Comment that down below. But first – turn your paper. Make sure it is similar to the other side. This can be challenging and looks easier than it is. Open and turn your paper again. Fold it down. Turn your paper and push both sides back to where they were before. You do NOT have to do this step. However this enhances the flight performance and facilitates the wing fold. Take a small piece of tape and apply it here to hold the paper together. Now you might say Mahir what’s going on – I do not have a ruler. Okay – Relax. Just estimate. Mark this point for the wing fold. While folding the wings make sure that this line – stays exactly over this corner. if you made it right – it will look like this. We are almost at the end but there are a couple of things we have to consider. Your paper plane should have this red highlighted form when you look at it from behind. This part has to stay down. Notice the position of my thumb – that is how to hold it. Straighten the nose – after it hit a heavy target. Like a wall or my triceps. Please give this video a thumbs up ♥ 🙂 Subscribe for more paper airplanes that fly far

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