How to Play Badminton : Short Backhand in Badminton

How to Play Badminton : Short Backhand in Badminton

Welcome back to Now what
we are going to do is learn the proper way doing a short serve backhand. First off we
are going to do learn how to do the stance. We need to make sure the right foot will step
forward. Since I’m right handed, that is my gripper hand. Like we always start we ever
your racket is the right foot is there. So for left handers it would be the other way,
which is left foot forward racket forward. Now we need to make sure once we step forward
our weight, our shift of weight needs to go forward also. Some of the players is what
they do is push back, go sideways, and go the other way, which makes them in a bad position.
They would not have control of the bird. We need to make sure that our thumb is in the
high grip, and in the back hand position were the thumb is flat in the head of the racket.
We need to remember the thumb is very important to the throw in doing a shorthand serve. We
need the thumb action. We do not need the arm action in doing the serve. All we need
is thumb action and a little bit of a wrist action. On serving we need to make sure also
that the head of the racket should not be higher then the waist line. If you go higher
than the waist line, the tendency would be a foul or you would not have control of the
bird. In the racket the racket head should not be higher then your wrist. Need to be
diagonal and lower half of the head slower in your waist line. You got to make sure you
are holding the bird with your index finger and your thumb this way. It should not be
this way with the whole hand. Just the index finger and the thumb pinching the feathers
of the bird. You got to make sure that the target needs to be in the sweet spot, which
is the center target of the racket. The bird should not be here, or should it be here,
or should it be here need to be in the sweet spot. As you notice, I’m only moving my thumb
and my wrist.

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  1. They've actually changed the rules for serving.
    Now, the racquet must be pointing in a downwards direction (yes, that means that it can be at an angle of 0.1 degrees downwards). This means that your wrist doesn't need to be higher than the whole of the racquet head.
    Also, the racquet should be lower than your lowest rib.
    Of course, if you watch pros play, they actually often play foul serves that hardly get called by the service umpires.

  2. it'd been better if it sed serve on the title rather than backhand. n plus doenst most people use that serve. n they all call it serve not backhand serve.

  3. If your coach sucks don't worry… in your local club the experienced players will help you with techniques. Just ask.

    This clip is good – he has a nice action to his serve – more push than hit is the way to think about the short serve.

  4. lol… whatever feels more comfortable xP

    looks like i've been doing the improper foot position for my short serves xD oops

  5. rusey u chat shit the top of the racquet head needs to be lower than than waist or bottom rib i also play county badminton and i am coached by the england coach in one2one sessions. his wrist is a little bit funny though

  6. 1.hold your breath .
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    6.if u didnt lose air ur a great kisser!

  7. he would not be standing so close to the line if it wasnt doubles and besides u always want to keep the center of gravity of ur body forward because u move faster that way and are ready for defense and going back to the middle

  8. @KaeraUehara

    I am grateful to this guy for sharing some good insights about playing badminton. He is a graet guy.

  9. I can't comment on how well he play during an actual game, but his contact point for short serve is incorrect. The correct contact point is suppose to be above the "sweet spot" and more towards the top of the racquet

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