How to Play Indoor Soccer : How Long Does an Indoor Soccer Match Last?

In this clip we are going to talk about the
duration of the game. The game starts out
with your team showing up and you guys get
a nice little five minute warm-up, stretch
out, get ready and then you play two twenty-five
minute halves with another five minute interval
break in between halves. A lot of indoor facilities
like to work in an hour to hour and fifteen
minute schedule per game. It kind of keeps
things going. The reason why it’s so structured
in the fact that 25 minutes, 5 minutes, 25
minutes and 5 minutes in between, add that
up and it’s one hour. It gives you some flexibility
if you decide to go over the 15 minutes, whether
a team is here on time or not, but they usually
like to get things started right when the
time of the game is scheduled and they usually
like to end it right when the time of the
game is scheduled. There is a running clock
the whole time. They don’t stop the clock
like they do in indoor, after goals or after
red cards or anything like that. It’s a running
clock the whole time and it usually lasts
about an hour of duration with warm-up, two
halves and a half-time.

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