How to Play Indoor Soccer : The Walls & Nets in Indoor Soccer

In this clip we are going to talk about the
wall. Now the wall is what truly separates
indoor soccer from outdoor soccer. Now the
wall plays many different roles in the game.
It definitely accelerates the game, makes
it faster and quicker. Beyond that, the wall
is also like kind of your seventh man out
there on the field. It’s always there to pass
to you or pass away from someone else. You
can also use it to shield people or use it
to keep people off of you. The wall only goes
so high. And after the wall, we have netting
that goes from all around the side and on
top. This is to keep the ball on the field
or in the field of play for the duration of
the game. But if the ball does hit the net,
the other team is awarded the ball; either
on the side where the ball went out of bounds
on a goal kick or a corner kick. Or if it
hits the ceiling there are designated spots
on the red lines that the other team gets
to place the ball and receive a free kick
if it hits the ceiling.

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