How To Rodeo Team Rope : Catch the Head with a Rodeo Loop

How To Rodeo Team Rope : Catch the Head with a Rodeo Loop

This is Randall Powell with Expert Village
and in this clip, I am going to show you how to throw a loop, a head loop. To make your
head loop just like I instructed in the previous clip, you start out with your loop regular
and just kind of whirl it around there and when you run out of room, take another coil.
Your head loop is going to be quite a bit smaller so you want to shorten it up and then
you swing your rope from right to left. When you swing over, you want to be able to kiss
your hand swinging your rope. So I just swing it and pretend you can kiss your hand and
that is going to keep your loop open. That is the most important thing is having an open
loop when you are roping. So when you are practicing at home, just practice coming around
with your hand and kissing your hand every time whenever you are coming around. That
really over does it quite a bit but the principal is keeping your loop really opened. Whenever
you are throwing a head loop, you come out of the box whenever your horse’s shoulder
is parallel to the steers hip, you will be on the left side of the steer. You start swinging
your rope as you are riding up to the steer and then as your head horse gets right to
the steer where his shoulder is parallel with the steers hip, you deliver your loop. Swinging
the head rope, you are swinging out here in front and kind of pulling it towards your
target and when you get to your delivery point, you just release and point your finger at
at the steers right horn and this will send your rope around your right to left motion
will naturally send the rope around the steers horns. So when you deliver, it is very important
to really enthuse the follow through of the rope there as you are coming to the horns
there. So you swing your rope out here in the front, aim right at your target and then
right at your delivery you throw right at the base of that right horn and like I said,
the right to left flow of the loop will just naturally kind of zing it around the horns
there and that is how you throw a head loop.

11 Comments on “How To Rodeo Team Rope : Catch the Head with a Rodeo Loop”

  1. I am okay roper and thats it, but I try and have fun doing it. Why don't you guys keep your trash talk for the nascar hicks and just perform to what ever level you desire or are capable of.

  2. This guy is a beginner himself!!! Your hand SHOULD NEVER break over that far in front of your face… You will have NO tip speed….

  3. people, if ya want to learn to rope…find a clinic with a pro… A beginner 'like this guy' shouldn't be giving lessons.. Perfect practice, makes for perfect roping… and this ain't perfect practice! 🙂

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