How to Use a Fitness Disc : Gliding Snow Angel Workout on a Fitness Disc

This movement is called the snow angel. Sit
at the edge of your mat with your knees bent, grab the gliding discs, open your palms and
then gently lower yourself back. We are going to get full range of motion in the shoulder
by pressing down on the gliders, bringing my arms overhead and then pushing down through
the gliders and bringing the arms to the side, exhaling here so again because I am pushing
down through the surface I am using the lats to pull myself down here so it becomes a back
exercise then I can add more components to my exercise so when the arms come down I am
going to lift my chin and add an abdominal curl and inhale and exhale and lift, progressing
the exercise making it a little bit more intense, I can lift one leg and relax down, exhale,
curl up and lift and push and lift and progressing it to the next level both legs are going to
come up off the floor into a V sit so again a pilates exercise or a yoga V sit, relax
down, inhale, exhale and lift and one more time and that is our snow angel.

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