HSBC Sport | The Most Unbelievable Story In Rugby – Sevens From Heaven

HSBC Sport | The Most Unbelievable Story In Rugby – Sevens From Heaven

I don’t want to write my name on sand where the wind comes and blows it away. I want to write my name on stone I am an ardent Fiji fan. Win or lose I will always go for Fiji. Fiji is the best in the world of Sevens. Rugby Sevens means a lot of different things to the people of Fiji. It’s part of our blood here in Fiji. The flair that they have now it’s inborn and you go round to villages you see them just running round wild. Every man woman and child they all know everything about the team because they follow it so fanatically because it’s their team New Zealand considers rugby as second to religion. In Fiji, it is Sevens that is number one. They start from the from the small children when they start growing up in school. They play with coconut and bottles. That’s what is in their nature really. And they always watch rugby sevens a lot It’s like the Jamaican sprinters it’s one of those stories where you have this team from the islands and and the spiritual mythical creation really of these boys that can do amazing things against teams that are more developed have more money have more backup have more things in every category except that ability and that that heart and that nation behind them I think lots of other teams can say that they’re you know they’re doing it for their countries but this is actually the case here you know it’s hard to quantify but everybody on the island is behind this team and yeah it’s so unique For me the simple life is the beautiful life and that transfers onto the field so my leadership is a simple style it’s simple leadership and it’s the obvious it’s getting the best out of people to get the best out of them on the pitch it’s teamship it’s loyalty You don’t need a software program for or a sports scientist telling you what they should be eating or drinking you know you can do all that simply and we’ve proven that as a team that having a simple framework having simple leadership having simple practices can get you to the very top of the game and can keep you there and can actually push the boundaries on how this game is being played. I am sure the wishes of the people the heart of the people are with the boys out there on the field making them strong In my prayers every day is for the Lord to look after these boys These boys come from perhaps some of the lowest start points you know in life and they reach some of the highest points in sporting terms for them and it’s an amazing journey for all of them and also the nation. That fear can’t let anyone down people are all watching at home everybody’s watching everyone you’ve ever met around Fiji and rugby, that you’ve worked with, lived with they are all there they might not be there on the pitch they’re there watching that moment for you and you don’t get up everybody sees it you don’t make that pass you don’t give it that energy everybody sees it When we go out there and we just do our thing I think it’s gonna be beautiful It’s really just a humbling experience when you look back at the way you grew up as a kid and the way you wanted to follow your idols but now you get to live it and it’s just the same sensation but there is more enjoyment out of it because you’re really living and playing the moment Fijians they just play this complete opposite style of rugby that really no one in the world plays. I say to lots of people that like I feel like I didn’t know my true belonging until I came here to Fiji I don’t know if I got all of the Fijian flair in my genetics but it’s certainly a part of me and to be in this environment around the most talented players in the world is it’s just incredible. The way we play you know through chaos comes order we play a chaotic game but for us that’s an ordered game you know we know what we’re doing we are so unpredictable to our teams that it makes us you know a very very tough opponent a hard enemy to fight. In terms of size and power we’ve got into spades in terms of this technical aspects of the game the lineout you know we’ve got a foot to a man across the board so you know we need to utilize that and we also want quick ball so we can play high-tempo rugby you know I think if we play to our best attributes one of those is our height there’s no reason why we can’t win clean lineout ball every time and also with physically more powerful than other teams. We never hit you where you’d expect and we surprise and we evade. You know we’re this this group that will come in and launch attacks from all over the place and never settle down you’ll be chasing shadows when we’re on form and if something happens on the field that that’s unpredictable we’ll react quicker It’s what they’re used to it’s how we play and it provides a very successful platform to play the game Things like the cyclone knitted the boys even tighter. You get knocked down maybe more times than you can count but you know to get back up it’s really a testament to you know what kind of person you are To see the reaction of people with their houses destroyed you know nothing left and still they have their TV on and they’re still cheering and you know that rugby is something else to the people of Fiji You know I’ve never had a group of players that have laughed as much and they’re happy they’re probably the poorest group of players I’ve ever coached as well yet they’re certainly the happiest and I think in rugby terms that’s meant they really resilient they’re robust they’re very grateful for what they’ve got they’re incredibly excited about this trip to Rio for them this is this is beyond excitement. I can hand on heart now say that the team that we’re taking to Rio might not win a gold medal but we’re not going to get tripped up by something that we didn’t do or dropping values we did earlier on in the season or in our preparation that will come back at us in Rio we’ve got a side that understand what’s required of them this is our chance to really show people that have never seen Fijian rugby played before exactly what everybody’s on about why we’re so different and none of us want to lose that opportunity we want to just show Fijian sevens and Fijian rugby and therefore the island of Fiji at it’s very best So we’re on the dunes they’re unbelievable sand dunes but they’re also pretty lung seering for the boys it’s hard to recreate unless you are here yourself but the flood of lactate to your legs is just phenomenal I mean it just swamps your whole body and you know in Sevens you get that as well but not to how quickly it suddenly turns over up here so your legs get strong fast up here. Obviously the base work we’ve done in the last four weeks has really helped them to recover quicker from the reps that we doing at the hills so yeah they do well but as I said it’s a painful experience The guys are extremely fit you know they can run all day and the repeat speed is unbelievable. There’s nowhere to hide you have to get the job done you do as a team and it’s been a key part of our success over the last couple of years is coming up here. You know when we do the sand dunes and some of the boys look like they’re just running up a hill you know it doesn’t even effect them the sand. Many fijian teams have come up here in the past and it’s just staggeringly tough and it’s staggeringly beautiful. My aim was to play in the Olympics it’s now or never so I’m trying my best to get into the team because I don’t know maybe the next Olympic I won’t be here so this is my only chance so I want to make sure I’ll be in the team and play. For us to be given this chance to represent our country is a good opportunity to fly our flag high on the world stage My Mum and Dad will have tears flowing from their eyes when they see me walking out on the Olympic stage It’s just a major achievement and they’ll be speechless you know for somebody from my family to even be in the Olympics Give your best. Your best is all we need. Whether you come up on top or you come out right of the bottom your best is always what we require Never dreamt of it. Never thought that I’d be an Olympian but yeah I’ll be really thankful to the Lord for the journey he’s taken me through My family will be proud of me because I remember my dad said everyday even like last year after the World Cup he said World Cup is over I want you to be in the Rio squad I said don’t worry If that’s God’s will for me. Then I’ll work hard don’t worry It’s just gripped hold of this nation and it’s always done that and Hong Kong I guess proved the pivot the high in the past and now we’ve got the Olympic Games and that supersedes everything. The saying that was said way back in the seventies by Graham Eden give the ball to a Fijian on an open prairie it’s hard to contain them Yeah we’ll expect teams to try different things against us and we’ll be prepared for it. Every time we go out there we go out there to win and that’s what people I think back us up on because they know we can do that bring home the glory and just put this little dot of an island up there in the world stage They’re going to win and when they win and they come back they’ll be a big celebration in Fiji. There’s definitely something about our journey that’s got fate involved Yeah I got a feeling we’ll be lucky in Rio Good lovely, lovely, ooh I like that one that’s good Billy boy. It’s been three years hard work that we’ve got to this point now and now we’ve obviously got the small matter of six games it’s ridiculous isn’t it doing all this hard work we working all of us are working our asses off and doing what we can it’s for six games of Sevens rugby but I hear they’re all pretty important So we’ve got to do our thing. There are gonna be no what ifs tonight. No what ifs mataka So pick your shirt up put it on with pride and let’s go and put in performance. When we came up to line up in the tunnel it was something else for me. It’s like I was just happy inside like you know something inside I couldn’t keep down They were almost in this trance this higher plane when they’re like that no one can touch them like. It’s like it just made me want to laugh and I don’t know what it was but you know it was just something else inside of me I just wanted to smile and I saw the boys and they were smiling and when the Great Britain side walked in you know we looked at them and said oh yeah they are they were so focused they were right ready for the final but when I looked at us it was like you know we were going for a training run or something because people were just relaxed. It’s ok just smile lets just go in and enjoy it and it was just something I’ll never experience again you know I think going back to all this stuff we do together I think it does suddenly get us into this zone where we just function above everyone else. A Fijian team when they are relaxed smiling when they are enjoying themselves then the team they’re facing had better not read that as a sign of weakness because that’s when the Fijian boys are really on point. You could see it it was ridiculous you know Semi Kunatani was going through brick walls so was Leone they were staying on their feet they were controlling things and that was just about getting everything right ready for that last game. If you’re gonna win a gold medal you’ve got to have your best at the last and we did that Soon as we got into Fiji I was like yes now I know that we won just because of the reaction of the people To see people in your homeland so prideful of what we’ve done and how happy everybody was and you know the celebrations going on it really just dawned on us how big it is you know and what it meant to the people of Fiji The spin-off of me is the youth generation seeing Fijians lifting titles on a global level winning gold medals at the Olympics and going well why can’t I go and get that degree and become a doctor why can’t I start up that company why can’t I fulfill my dreams. I see it in this creative youth in Fiji they have a drive this next generation and and hopefully this will be another thing that will push people forward on the island to achieve greatness. For me when I look at that medal personally you know I look at the journey God has taken me through my ups and through my downs and then while I’ll have it with me for the rest of my life and I hope God gives me children that I can share it with them and probably I have grandchildren and that medal will be around and then even if I’m gone that medal will be around with my family just to remind them that a part of their family member won gold in the Olympics and to inspire future Kolinisau generations that are coming up that you know they too can do it and for them to know that they come from a great sporting family and I hope I can be remembered that way and that medal should be remembered that way too and it’s with a family

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  1. I love watching Fiji play rugby their risk for reward style get frowned down upon so much but it keeps Fiji up in the win column.

  2. Thank you Team Fiji for the whirlwind performance! Thank you as well to the other teams Great Britain, South Africa, NZ, AUS, USA and so forth, for those tough competitions and grueling matches that brought out the best in 7s rugby. #noquKALOU #noquVanua

  3. Honestly the fantastic thing about rugby is the way it brings both people and teams together. When you see a fellow team player with a battalion of very big man on his arse more often than not, I find, the main concern is not scoring, but rather protecting your fellow player. ''that's my man out there, and I'm not going to let a single one of these bastards lay a hand on him''.

  4. Talofa Lava Fiji, Am happy to see you take the Olympic gold and consistently feature in the 7's circuit. Congratulations to your beautiful country and I'm sure you'll stay up there for a very long time

  5. yo juego rugby desde hace ya 3 años cada dia quiero mejorar mas para llegar a la selecion de mi pais Venezuela y mi equipo es Guigante de Mesuca en Petare Love el RUGBY deseas llegar a la selecion exitoooooooo

  6. When it comes to naming the most technologically advance country that produces great QUANTITY of rugby players that possess all the necessary technical skill sets needed in modern rugby, New Zealand will get the overwhelming vote. But when it comes to naming which country that lacks infrastructure, yet is still able to produce great QUALITY of rugby players that possess unique raw talent and creativity, Fiji, on the other hand, will get the overwhelming vote. I like to compare Fiji’s creative rugby culture to Florence, Italy, during the Renaissance Age, and our sevens rugby players before like Serevi and now guys like Jerry Tuwai, to great artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Dante and many other painters, poets, and sculptures that had an incredible natural talents, and would “wow!” the crowd in amazement when they express their God given artistic work with such grace and beauty like this Fijian rugby players in the rugby field; So, for those of you who think that the Fijian Sevens team that won in Rio are warriors? Think again. They’re artists wearing rugby boots.

  7. Thanks for the commitment, and eventual winning of the world sevens in rio. The world will at last know of the existence off the Pacific people. The Melanesian, Polynesians, and the Micronesian and that will open more doors to the island people through sport as a way of life. seven fan-PNG

  8. A game of chaos where they know whats happening. Chasing shadows. Sometimes the fijian style of play cracks me up because their opponents are left stunned.

  9. If New Zealand took 7s seriously they would dominate.New Zealands top 100-200 players dont even play 7s and our 7s team is made from scraps,the best of the rest.Could you imagine if New Zealand chose All Blacks or super rugby players?When New Zealand could choose anyone we dominated 7s even during the 90s against the best ever fijian 7s side we won most of the time which proves my point.Well done though Fiji,im just pissed off at the NZRU for not taking 7s serious.

  10. This is a win for Pacific Island Rugby, and rugby loving fanatics as a whole.
    Good job Fiji Rugby for the awakening!.

  11. i love fiji. but kenya first. i am proud of you two, brothers from another country..wakanda foever. you play just like us, tough and no long passes. thats a tough game.

  12. Wow so touched. I really think fiji is a absolutely brilliant team, they have so much spirit they are just great.

  13. I remember when cyclone Winston hit us hard there was no hope of recovering from the trauma my people went through.

    winds that shook fear in the hearts of my people
    tears streamed when the roof was ripped off
    our mind heard death was knocking on our doors.

    Olympic gold brought tears of joy in our hearts
    happiness even though there was no roof
    clear mind no matter what death was saying
    seeing my elders to be crying joyful tears streaming down their cheeks is just out of this world

    Our Fiji 7s team was more than just a rugby team


    thank you boys
    win or lose u
    Do your best 😊

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