– Toilet paper war! – Oww! (laughing) – [Mom] Oh my gosh. Grand slam. She’s down. She’s knocked out. – If I didn’t have a headache
before, I definitely do now. – Hiyah! – [Mom] Oh my gosh! – That hurt. – [Mom] Dang. – Hiyah! – Wanna see how heavy it was? – [Mom] It was way heavy. It totally knocked her over. – Hi, guys. Welcome back to… – [All] That YouTub3 Family! – Today we’re going to be
making a toilet paper fort! – In our house. So we went shopping the other day and we bought a lot of toilet paper. So we have to clear out this living room! – It was very awkward to
buy a ton of toilet paper because people were giving us weird looks like, why do you need
so much toilet paper? We bought a ton, so here are the clips. – [Audrey] Alright so we are at the store and we are trying to get some toilet paper so that we can make our fort. And we got this huge cart right here, but we don’t know if it’s big enough. It might not be big enough. – We would need 277 packs. – [Audrey] Oh! We’re taking the whole store with us. – It would be $5000 in toilet paper. – [Audrey] $5000? – Yeah, that’s not happening. – [Audrey] Oh, how ’bout we, oh my gosh. – Cause we like to go for the nice stuff. – [Audrey] Yeah, we go for the quilted. Not the cheap, one ply. Well, here’s our first one. 999 more to go. Go, Mom, go! I’ll just record. (playful piano music) So many. I think this is 16 packs of toilet paper. – 500 rolls. – [Audrey] We’ve definitely
made a dent in the toilet paper. This company is gonna be pretty happy. – So should we try this? – [Audrey] Let’s try it
and see what this does. Let’s test the stability. Toilet paper queen! I feel like the princess and the pea. Wee! (laughs) Yay! (playful piano music) – [Audrey] It’s all in the car. Wow, we’ve got so many weird starers. Alright, we’re back from shopping! Let’s clear this room. – [Mom] Okay, so we need
to slide back the couches and move the coffee tables. (Audrey and Jordan grunt) – Come on, Audrey, use our muscles. (Audrey and Jordan grunt and laugh) – [Mom] Wow. – Oww! – [Mom] They’re doing very good. Do one of you want to tap out? – I’ll hold the camera. – Wait, what? – [Audrey] Jordan has more muscles. – Jordan does have more muscles. – [Audrey] Okay, that was mean, Mom. You can’t say that. – She used to have more muscles when she did gymnastics and dance and gym. – Yeah, this is little. – Oh, our floor’s got
feathers and wrappers. – [Audrey] Here is underneath the couch. It’s beautiful and it’s on our way. – Here, I’ll give you a tour. Here’s a nice outlet.
– [Mom] You’re laying in dirt! – Ahh! – [Mom] It’s in your hair! – Get it off. Get it off. – [Audrey] That’s nasty for a germaphobe. – Get it off. Get it off. Get it off. – [Audrey] Do you feel like
we’re in New York again? – Yeah, it’s really loud! – [Audrey] I’m really
liking this tripod, though. – And Dad is truly not here. He really– – People keep thinking
that he’s just kidding. ‘Cause on the 3 am video he’s gone and– – He was not in our 3
am Hello Neighbor video because he really is on a business trip. So what happened is we all went to a toy– – Insider. – Yeah, a toy fair in New York City and we decided to make it a vacation. We stayed there for a week. Met up with friends. And then Dad had to go on a business trip. He flies and goes on
business trips all the time. Well, his just happened
to go on the same day we flew home, well, we kind of scheduled it that way. That we would fly home
and he would just leave directly for his business trip. So he is still gone. He usually goes for a week. He won’t be back till this weekend. So we filmed that Hello
Neighbor right after we got back from New York City, and Dad is not here. He really is not. He was not the guy that took Mom. He was too short. – How did you get back? – Yeah, how did I get back? I went missing. – Conspiracy theories,
type them down below. – [Audrey] We welcome all conspirathists. – Someone else was that guy. It was not Dad. – [Audrey] It was Jake. (Mom and Jordan laugh) – No! – Secrets! – Don’t reveal our secrets! – [Audrey] What? You didn’t hear anything. – I didn’t hear anything. What are you talking about? Muscles. That was so random. (Mom yells) – [Audrey] That’s all we got, guys. Two packs. It was so embarrassing
to buy these two packs. – I’m so embarrassed. – More toilet paper! – I need to get some too. – [Mom] Do you guys want to build a fort? – [Jake] Yes. – [Mom] Okay, so what we
have to do first, guys, is we have to get this toilet
paper out of the plastic and we need to separate them all. – [Jordan] I’m ready! – [Mom] Let’s go! – Ahhh! – Wait, look! Hey, double barrier! – [Mom] Yeah, that’s the good stuff. That’s how you know it’s good paper. – It means that’s a good brand, but extra work for us. – [Mom] Yeah, but it’s the good stuff. – What? Really? Each item sold separately. – Look, I feel like I’m surfing. – Toilet paper! – I love the toilet paper. – [Mom] Have you guys
got your year’s supply of toilet paper? – We just did! – Oww! Hey! – Oh, sorry! Oh, wait. What does this… (Jordan coughs) – Toilet paper snow angel! – Woo-ooo! – Oh my gosh. Look at… – [Ty] It’s the toilet
paper, get to the bottom. – This is my snow angel. Oh, you guys ruined it! – [Mom] Oh, that’s a good snow angel. – It looked like a snow angel. – [Mom] The best part about building this toilet paper fort is the destruction. – Yeah! – So after we build this
big fort and destroy it, we’re going to make some other forts and you’ll see trash wars in real life on the boys’ channel, Jake and Ty. So be sure to watch for
that video on their channel. It’s gonna be funny. – This is a ton of toilet paper. We’re gonna have a house
full of toilet paper soon. Voters, to the polls right now. Do you think we have enough toilet paper or are we gonna run short? – [Mom] Okay, so they got
all of the toilet paper out of the packaging. Look at that mound! Whoa. – Logan’s joined in on the fun. He’s just chilling in the toilet paper. It’s like all up in the air and it’s like (gags). – [Mom] It is. The dust from the toilet
paper is all over the air. You can see it. – [Audrey] It’s in my lungs. – [Mom] Yeah, surprisingly
it emits a lot of dust. Okay, you guys, are you
ready to build a fort? Let’s get building! – Let’s do it! (upbeat music) – [Mom] So good. Look at that wall. Perfection. – {Ty] Until now. – [Audrey] No, Ty, don’t. (Ty laughs ominously) – [Mom] Okay, here’s an
update on their progress. And their getting through the pile. That’s a pretty big fort. (Jordan screams) – [Mom] Oh, it’s like dominoes. K, so redoing part of the wall. – [Jake] It looks so good! (upbeat music) – [Jake] Ah! It’s falling! – No! – [Mom] Ohhhhh! – [Jake] I told you before. – I guess you can make it a heart shape. Let’s make it a heart shape. – [Jordan] Make it a heart? – Yeah, look. You need to make it dip in. – [Jordan] Okay. Revise. (upbeat music) – Guys, guys, guys! – [Mom] Oh, you’re gonna knock it down! (Mom screams) – This is our last wall. – It’s the wind from the fan. – [Mom] Sure it is! – A great start! – Alright, so this is getting pretty hard. The fort has fallen down several times. – [Audrey] Yeah. – And they’ve had to
remodify it a few times. So we’re trying again. – [Mom] I think they’re going
for heart-shaped this time. – [Jordan] Yeah, we’re
gonna try a heart shape. – [Mom] Like a big heart shape. Okay, so here’s an update on our tower, that they’re almost knocking down. – Every time you turn on the camera something bad goes– – [Jordan] Help save it! – [Mom] Don’t knock it down. And as you can see it’s
a heart-shaped fort. Pretty cool. – [Aubrey] Try to squish them. – Ah! – [Mom] Oh, goodness. – [Audrey] Don’t let go, Jake. – [Jake] Fly. – [Audrey] Is it centered? – [Jordan] Ah! They’re trying to fix the fort. It’s a heart. It’s a cool heart shape. Fix it, Mom. Fix it. (Jordan gasps) Oh, Audrey! – [Mom] Are you serious? We got this one fixed. – [Jordan] Our wall! (Jake laughs – [Mom] Alright, so they are
almost done with the fort. They only have that much toilet paper. – [Jordan] Yeah, we’ve
actually used a lot of it. We need to build this up like that. – I really want to uppercut the fort and then it go (makes explosion sound). – [Mom] No! – [Jake] Did you know someone built a fort out of cups? Plastic cups? – [Aubrey] We could do that next. We could have a fort building series? – Do you want that guys? Do you want a fort-building series? Comment down below,
’cause we’ve already done a balloon fort and now we’re doing a giant toilet paper fort. So if you want more
forts, comment down below. – [Mom] A little bit of toilet paper left. (playful piano music) – [Mom] They’re almost done,
almost out of toilet paper. – [Jordan] Audrey, grab that side! Grab it! Grab it! The end! The end! The end! – This end? – It’s so wobbly. – [Jake] Collapse! – [Jordan] Mom’s gonna fix the entrance, ’cause look how jagged it is. This is my entrance right here. See how it’s all perfect. But something happened to
that entrance right there. It’s crazy. But look what it looks like inside. I’m inside a giant toilet paper fort. Wait, it’s not even a fort–
(Audrey screams) – [Audrey] Really, Mom? Are you kidding me? – I was just sitting in the fort. Mom! Now we’ve got a huge hole! – [Mom] Alright, so we
got all that toilet paper that was there, gone. Jordan’s just building
up the rest of the wall that crumbled. – [Jordan] At our feet! – [Mom] And then we’ll be done, guys! – [Audrey] Yay. – [Mom] Oh my goodness. – [Jake] I’m juggling, guys! – [Mom] Oh, we’re
getting so close to done. – Don’t breath. – [Mom] This looks like
those Valentine hearts that you weave patterns and you give away for Valentine’s Day, the little cards. – Yeah. – [Mom] It kind of looks like that. Like a weaved Valentine. It’s a Valentine. – Oh my goodness, we only
have four rolls left. – Wait, this is not centered. We have to make it so it’s all– – Get some toilet paper
rolls from the house. – Yeah, let me go downstairs
and grab some more toilet paper. I’ll be right back. – [Mom] We’re bringing
out the other stash. Wow! – [Audrey] Welcome to my house. – [Mom] Her heart fort. That’s awesome. Let’s take a tour around it. Okay, so you walk in, and you got one side of the heart and you got the other side of the heart. – [Jordan] I got more toilet paper. – Then you got me. – [Mom] Now let’s go outside. Take a– – [Jordan] I got some more toilet paper. – [Mom] You got the toilet paper? Okay, finish the stack. – [Jordan] Help, Audrey. – [Mom] Okay, so outside looks like that. – [Jordan] Wait, what? These are different. – [Mom] Looks pretty good. It’s a toilet paper fort. – [Jordan] We don’t have enough! I’ll be right back! – [Mom] Oh, she’s gotta go down again. – [Jordan] I’m checking
the other bathroom! – [Mom] Jordan’s going
to place the final two on the fort. And watch it fall. (Jordan yells) – [Mom] Woo-ooo! Yeah! – [Jordan] Got ’em! – [Mom] You guys did it! – [Jordan] We did it! – [Mom] Yeah, look at that! – [Jake] The entire wall is moving. – [Jordan] Woo-ooo! We have a heart shaped fort–
– [Jake] It’s moving! It’s moving! – [Mom] Look at this–
– No! No! – [Mom] No! Ahh! – What did you do? – [Mom] Jordan! (Jordan screams) – What did you do? – [Mom] Jordan! – [Jake] Why did you destroy it? – I touched the wall. – [Mom] Ahh! – [Mom] Okay, so another part of the wall fell down when they were
filming a musically. So we’re going to crash
the remainder of the wall. Okay, Jake, go ahead and destroy! (Jake yelling) – Yes! – Ha! Ha! That was fun. – [Mom] You guys got it. Alright, guys, thank you
so much for watching. That was pretty fun building this fort. Make sure you check out
Jake and Ty’s channel. They’re going to do a real life trash wars with some toilet paper forts. We’ll see you next time. – [All] Bye! – Ow! (upbeat music)

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