“I’m going to try something REALLY bad!” | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user lou.adasme

“I’m going to try something REALLY bad!” | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user lou.adasme

Let me try and play
somebody from Chile.
I think we have a lot of users from
Chile here at chess24… which is great.
Okay, I’m going to try
something really bad
which I lost to once region
junior team championship…
who knows? Maybe it was 2001.
Was an unpleasant loss that’s for sure.
Obviously there are good lines
for white to play here,
not going to mention
all of them but yeah.
It’s generally not recommended
to play this way as black.
Now I am happy. He could have
gone queen a4 immediately
if he wanted to trade queens but
now I just get a massive…
some leads in developments
and I think I got to continue in
the same vein, playing for tricks.
Now that he very sensibly prevented…
prevented… why can’t I come up
with a couple of words today?
What are you doing sir?
This is not okay.
I’m just getting everything I want now.
Could’ve taken f2 but that felt a
little crude so what I was going to say
is that b3 square now he’s played
a3 around the knight, knight to b4.
This is even worse. He’s just losing
material so he’s got to go bishop d1 now
in order to not lose the house.
Yeah this doesn’t work at all.
He’s not having his best day.
Now he’s a full rook down.
There’s no going back
from that, sorry to say.
And the knight is not even
close to getting trapped.
Bishop d1 I get back via d3 and
bishop f1, I have knight b3.
Otherwise, I just take his bishop.
So I’m afraid that’s game over.
Sorry for my less than…
what should I say?
Less than subtle plan. That’s
the way it is sometimes.

41 Comments on ““I’m going to try something REALLY bad!” | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user lou.adasme”

  1. Unreal, plays a “ questionable” opening but still crushes a 2500+ play with ease. He is a monster with a million eyes.

  2. I love when he plays for tricks. Its amusing when he plays tricks on 2500 rated players come on that's insane.

  3. Your opponent is rated 2505.
    Me: Yikes! Maybe he'll make an error and I can draw.
    Magnus: I think I'll play a really bad move from 18 years ago where I lost, and see what happens.

  4. His ability to remember games he has played is insane. "I remember playing this in 2001" – 18 years ago.

  5. I think the opponent get nervous when he realized who he picked up in chess. A 2500 rated player should usually play way better than this. Even I saw the forkes and I am a beginner at 950…

  6. MC is wasting his time [and talent] with Banter Blitz. Let him play Leela in a 12 game match and all the world will be agog.

  7. Chess24 ratings are a couple hundred points higher than chess.com and lichess.org, but still White should have played much better than this. As Magnus said, the guy was just having a bad day.

  8. What you guys don’t understand is that 2500 on chess24 is nowhere near 2500 FIDE or USCF. I had my chess24 rating up to 2531, and my USCF stays around 2000. By the way, chess24’s mobile app is absolute garbage. I downloaded it after watching a few of these, but it has so many problems that according to the reviews have been going on for over 4 years and they clearly have no intention of fixing them so, yeah Magnus wasn’t enough to keep me playing on that site.

  9. what a beautiful chess poetry, very grateful for these chess24 details, I will always be premium 🙂

  10. Funny like how every other gm who streams or puts vids on YouTube has always better video Quality than you. I mean come on you earn more than anyone else by playing chess. Spend some bucks in buying a legitimate set up

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