IN/OUT Tennis Line Judge Hands on Review

IN/OUT Tennis Line Judge Hands on Review

I never broadcasted before so I count on you Carl okay this is an in/out device and it promises to get set up in a minute and to show you whether your ball is in or out and to record video and stats I mean the promise is amazing look setting it up was matter easy we’re on a tennis court here and it’s yeah but when we come to the problem at hand this great promise has one bug that its calibration basically to calibrate it requires to find the lines on the court and for that we need to click on the fine port right so one-minute set up buddy we click on find the court and nope and actually it took us did it find it no did not find the course yes the right side the right and yeah the right side cameras going crazy so we restarted because as you could see the camera was bugging out bug is an important word here there are a lot of bugs in this device it says beta everywhere so one of the important things is these cameras have a range you can see my hand is already being picked up so we’re trying to stay behind the device if it had a remote control would be easier but we’re gonna hit fine cord you can see it’s perfectly aligned it’s very stable it’s a very standard hard cord no court found so there’s right side there’s left side and you can see the red lines are its best guess at where the lines are it’s some kind of abstract art from a toddler it’s not tennis court all right we’re going to detach this and we’re going to move it to the other side in case the problem is the wind the Sun excuse me backward itself so we go to line call okay and it’s it’s taking pictures of both sides and then it’s trying to identify the lines no cord found so where the lines look like are they care of me okay let’s try again oh hey all right yeah so you did see it before yeah so apparently we’re expecting to see some dots okay tennis players jump in [Music] in hey the thing is it’s really accurate yep but how close was it in real time okay though that’s an obese out like no one would challenge that no reading but it was out right yeah no reading that’s out was it out it set out this is your only challenge here okay let’s see I actually can catch the light and yeah was it out it called it out okay and cold it out okay if you want to know it was in so far sidelines are rather more difficult you miss good when you miss it the baby you don’t need this his Huck is actually good at playing close to the line but oh yeah that’s good that’s good yeah what’s good oh good

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  1. Hi , what kind of stats does this give?
    And if playing a match does it follow the stats for a player even when they change sides? Thanks

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