Indoor Laser Tag. How to play? Briefing video

welcome to our laser tag arena before applying to the action please watch this video on how to use our Laney pro game set and learn safety guidelines game kit of every player consists of the blaster firing safe infrared beams and the West with sensors to register opponent hits the foregrip had a second hand sensor built in it means that the blesser will not fire unless you hold it with both of your hands if you’re on out of ammo during the combat just press the reload button on the left side of the blaster to load ammunition each West has additional fastenings you may use them to let the blaster to the west journey game or it pours for more convenience there are four defeat zones and every game get the belly the shoulders the back and the blaster Heaton anetha zones will score you a certain number of points a sound signal from the blesser and vibration of its own hits by the opponent will alert you each time you are wanted when killed by an opponent your blazer will alert you by sound signal while your West will start vibrating and the west light will go off an especially important aspect of the later game is safety precautions during game please do not try to grab to push or to hit your opponent in close-range shootouts please keep your distance to avoid collisions when you’re close to your opponent do not stretch how’s your arm holding the blesser towards your anniversary firstly it won’t shoot anyway secondly you may injure your opponent so keep your blazer with your both hands only you can move twice all over the arena but do not run try to avoid running into the woods or color corners watch your steps and be aware of your surroundings I hope my game tips will be helpful and you can always ask your Arian administrator for more details good luck and may the best win

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