Indoor Skydiving in Dubai – iFly Dubai

(piano music) – Dubai is one big adventure playground and today I’m gonna get to do something I’ve wanted to do for years. I’m gonna fly. Now that I’m all suited up, it’s time to learn how to do this. – [Voiceover] Welcome to IFLY. – So I gotta keep my chin up, I gotta keep my legs straight, my arms up like this and smile. – [Instructor] That’s great. Awesome. – Let’s do it. Let’s take a quick look at this tunnel. So the wind comes up from the bottom way up to the top and then circulates back down through. Alright we are locked and loaded. (inspirational music) I was literally just floating and I could feel the
air pushing on my face. This is totally no experience necessary. I’ve never done anything like this but the instructor helped me move my hands in certain ways so that I stayed afloat and now I’m gonna do it a second time but they’re gonna turn up the air so I can go a little higher. (inspirational music) What an unbelievable experience that is. To come to Dubai and be
able to go indoor skydiving, that feeling of zero gravity, of flying up, flying down. Absolutely must do this
when you come to Dubai.

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