It’s Not All Work | Angelina’s, Morgan’s and Yile’s lives beyond the gym | All Around | Ep. 7

It’s Not All Work | Angelina’s, Morgan’s and Yile’s lives beyond the gym | All Around | Ep. 7

I decided I needed a holiday to fully relax,
before the Olympic year. This was the first time
I have had such a long break. It was my first time
on a snowboard. My coach was like,
“it is too dangerous!” I don’t think
there’s anything bad in trying something new. It’s interesting,
snowboarding actually helped me stay in shape
during those two weeks. When I came back from holidays, my coaches saw in my face
how relaxed I was. It feels good to return
to the gym feeling strong and well rested. You want to do things you
haven’t been doing for a while. Gymnastics is
so linked together, that the smallest jam
can derail everything. That was too easy. Too easy! That is because
you didn’t do it correctly. Too much rolling. You’ve got to go all in now. Go all in for the all-around. Every day I’m thinking
that in six months, I’ll need to be at my best. I demand that from myself. Goodbye, happy new year. We’re living
in a good atmosphere. I have lived here
for two years. My teammates are my friends. I feel like we are a family.
We spend every day together, like sisters. Because we’ve been
living together, and our parents aren’t here, our coaches
are like our parents. My recovery is going
much better than before. Now I’m feeling much better, and my confidence
has improved a lot. Chen Yile is not
a child anymore, she is a mature
adult and athlete. I’ve been working with her
for so long, I can say that she’s
more than a gymnast, she’s an artist. I started designing my leotards
about a year ago. I have always been interested
in design. This is my mental break
from the gym. Can I have a look
at the latex brand please? I completely switch off
from training. I’m so immersed in the project. It’s totally different
from sport. Please can I get eight meters
of material for 1500 rubles? I even remember
telling my mum that I wanted to be a designer,
not a gymnast. I wanted to create
something of my own. These ones
are my favorite leotards from my latest collection. I’m focusing on
designing leotards for younger girls. I have already designed
around 300 leotards. Inspiration comes when I’m in the mood
to create something. I don’t like it when there is
too much of everything. There is beauty in the detail. I think that style is
a reflection of personality. 1, 2, 3… 1, 2, 3… The good thing about gymnastics is that it makes me feel
part of a team. We are taking an active break. The coach understands
and helps us. If I’m stressed,
it’s good to know how to calm myself down. Yes, we are winning,
keep going! Give it to her. This is the secret of training,
I shouldn’t tell you that. Gymnastics teaches me teamwork, makes me more disciplined
and gives me more confidence. First place. It also increases
our sense of patriotism. I have an idea Coach Qiao, to prove their noses
touch the ground we should put some chalk down. Yes, yes, yes! Comrades! No white nose, no point! The joy of everyone
makes me happy.

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  1. It’s good to see them relax and get their minds off of what is coming up. The next months are going to be so intense. Good luck to the three young ladies!

  2. This series is soooooo cool.Getting to see these amazing talented young ladies on and perhaps especially off the training cycle……..the sneak peeks into their personal lives……so precious……so very very cool……can't thank you all enough…..everyone involved in making this series happen……..great work……awesomely endearing concept.

  3. The IOC has less than three months to decide if the 2020 Tokyo games will be cancelled because of the worldwide threat of Clovis- 19. Soo hoping they are held and that everyone is safe. Think of all the intense hard work that goes into an Olympic athlete. 🙏🏻🤞

  4. Геля красотка, удачи в сезоне, а на Олимпиаде медалей, тебе и команде, вы можете!

  5. I love Chow (like as a coach) he always seems so happy and supportive! I'm loving all these training clips and the leotard design part

  6. Wow, the next months will be so interesting, they are upgrading so much and a lot of other gymnasts outside the series as well

  7. I love the all-around series! These girls are all so inspiring and I’m a way they motivate me in my goals (even though they’re completely unrelated to sports). Their dedication even through struggles is amazing. I’m surprised this doesn’t have more views.

  8. I love these types of vignettes. It does let us see the true personality of the athletes. I especially like the Chinese clips because it breaks the western stereotypes of the super serious and tough coach and training regiments. I have known Chinese coaches and athletes and they have changed their methods to incorporate fun into the training.

  9. They're KILLING IT. I hope itll still come, the Olympics, with the illnesses. They're going to rock it this yesr.

  10. Morgan got her braces off. She must be so happy. One less thing to worry about. And I bet her birth mom and obviously her mom are beyond proud of her!!!

  11. To Held olympic with the any problems or except of corona virus would in dangerous so what i meant to was that i'm hoping all player who currently preparing olympic will be fine however…

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